New Year’s Resolutions – In February?

There’s a new trend when it comes to new year resolutions… People are now holding off starting their resolutions until February! There are so many reasons for holding off until February… But is it really a good idea to hold off?

The Perfect Diet: How To Meet All Your Nutritional Needs And Throw Out Your Multivitamin

Are you wondering if you are getting enough nutrients every day? In this video I show you exactly how to track your vitamins and minerals each day, but I also show you the right source of nutrients for your body. And answer the question – does the perfect diet actually exist?

2 Minute Smoothie Powder Mix Recipe: Homemade Hunger Buster

Are you still hungry after drinking your smoothie? Take 2 minutes to make a batch of Smoothie Powder Mix Recipe to turn your smoothie into a meal in a glass, and never feel hungry again. This homemade hunger buster is an essential in every smoothie you make, especially if you want to lose weight.

Brighten Up Your Day With This FREE Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe Card

This weight loss smoothie is a complete meal and it will keep the hunger pangs and sugar cravings away all day!

And if you drink one serving for breakfast, another serving for lunch and a sensible healthy dinner, you will notice the weight falling off…

Is It Better To Join The Gym Or Change Your Diet To Lose Weight?

What helps you lose weight the fastest? Joining a gym or changing your diet? So many people rush to doing more exercise when they need to lose weight, but is this the answer?

6 Steps To Making Your Own Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes

I have been drinking my own healthy meal replacement shakes for years now.

And it’s still working. So what is it about meal replacement shakes that works so well for weight loss?

What Is BLOCKING You From Losing Weight? (VIDEO)

Have you been dieting most of your life, yet you’re still overweight?   You might have a weight loss blocker that you are unaware of.   I have a confession to make about The Leaf System in today’s video and I share how I overcame my own weight loss blocker in just the last few […]

Why You’re Terrified Of Losing Weight

Is there something stopping you from losing weight and allowing yourself to be healthy?

You might surprise yourself if you ponder on this question over the next few days.

What Message Is Your Body Sending You?

It’s time to listen to your body.

If your body is sending you a message, are you going to listen to it today?

“I Am No Longer Powerless Saying No To Sugary Food”

If I want to eat healthy, I have to make it myself, so a rest from meal preparation inevitably means eating unhealthy food where I live.

And eating too much refined sugar does lead to increased sugar cravings.