12 Health Transforming Benefits of Green Smoothies 

That will change your life!

Green smoothies have changed my life. 8 years on and I’m still drinking 1-2 complete meal green smoothies per day....

12 Health transforming benefits of Green smoothies 2

If you’re not sure why you need green smoothies in your life, I have 12 compelling reasons for you to drink smoothies including a little known effect that green smoothies have on the ageing process. (you are going to love this one)

Oh and by the way – in case you were wondering – green smoothies can be the most delicious thing you taste all day – you can actually make them taste like dessert!  Introducing at least one green smoothie to your day can totally transform your health.

Most people don’t get enough leafy greens, and drinking a green smoothie is a great way to get your greens without having to taste or chew them.

Benefits of Green Smoothies

As part of a healthy balanced diet you should get the following health benefits of green smoothies:

1) Weight loss. Increasing the number of fruit and vegetables you eat in a day gives you body an opportunity to shed excess fat and water weight built up from toxins stored in the body. I lost 56 pounds by drinking green smoothies.

2) Detox Your Body. Although your body naturally detoxes every day, when we eat too much processed foods this stops the body from detoxing naturally and it can lead to more serious health problems.  By starting your day with a green smoothie, the natural fibre eliminates the toxins and helps the body flush out all the built up toxins.  This gets your body working efficiently again. 

3) More energy. If you start the day with a green smoothie you will notice a massive increase in the amount of energy you have. The main reason I'm so passionate about green smoothies is that I recovered from chronic fatigue syndrome on a green smoothie diet! 

4) Mental clarity: Junk food, especially processed white flour and sugar can clog our minds making our brains feel cloudy. Drinking green smoothies will clear your body of stored toxins,  so you can think more easily.  Our brains are supposed to slow down as we age but I swear mine is speeding up. I feel sharper, and more on the ball than I've ever felt in my life.

5) Crave less junk: When you increase the amount of healthy foods in your diet and decrease the unhealthy foods you will naturally stop craving junk food and crave more of the same healthy food. I have eliminated all of my cravings and all I want to eat now is some fruit after a meal.

7) Improves skin. The amount of acne may reduce when you improve your diet by drinking more green smoothies. It worked for me. I used to have awful acne covering my whole face and now I very rarely get any spots. 

8) Lessens wrinkles: The increased fluids and power of natural foods in your diet will hydrate your skin and reduce your wrinkles making you look younger. Can you believe that since I started drinking green smoothies 8 years ago, people guess my age at 10 years younger than I actually am! This alone is one good reason for carrying on with my daily green smoothie habit for the rest of my life!

9) Reduce the risk of serious diseases: It is well known that one way of preventing cancer and heart disease is to increase the number of fruit and vegetables in your diet. The more green smoothies you drink, the lower your risk.

10) Improve your immunity to colds, flu and other bugs and feel generally amazing. After having a cold or the flu all winter long, I didn’t have a single bug for 3 years after introducing green smoothies to my diet.

11) Improve your digestion, detox and get your health off to a flying start today. My IBS totally cleared up after changing my diet. A green smoothie will be guaranteed to get everything moving in the morning.

12) Reduce other health complaints: Whatever health complaint you are suffering from, diet can have a dramatic effect on the severity of your symptoms. Try one green smoothie a day for the next week and notice the difference in your own health.

How Green Smoothies Changed My Life

12 Mind-Blowing Health Benefits Of Green Smoothies That Will Change Your Life

After I got married I got so fed up of being on a constant diet I decided to eat whatever I wanted…

But guess what happened?

I piled on 5 dress sizes in less than 6 months!

I was sick of yo yo dieting, and eating whatever I liked wasn’t the solution either.

And not only was I hating what I saw in the mirror, but I felt sick and my health was going downhill rapidly.

I tried all kinds of special diets to get my health back and shift the weight but nothing was working for me until I finally stumbled across something pretty special…

Green Smoothies!

The very first day I started drinking green smoothies I felt the energy returning to my body - and a surge of new life and hope that I’d never felt before.

After just 6 months I had lost 56 pounds and all of my health problems had completely gone!

I had gone from fat and unable to get out of bed to being the slimmest I’d ever been with the most energy I’d ever had in my life!

Green smoothies work so well for so many reasons. They:

  1. Replace processed foods that are causing weight gain and that sluggish feeling
  2. Are bursting with nutrients that give abundant energy
  3. Detox the body and help shed stubborn fat
12 Mind-Blowing Health Benefits Of Green Smoothies That Will Change Your Life

I have now been drinking green smoothies for over 8 years and I have learned a few things along the way, such as:

12 Mind-Blowing Health Benefits Of Green Smoothies That Will Change Your Life
  1. How to make every single green smoothie taste as delicious as dessert (so I actually looked forward to healthy eating)
  2. How to lose weight more quickly with no hunger or sugar cravings (and the scientific proof that green smoothies turbocharge weight loss)
  3. How to make 1-2 complete green smoothie meals (Green Thickies) in just 2 minutes a day (so I have more time for our family, friends and even some ‘me’ time)

So I decided to share everything I know in a web class which makes getting started with green smoothies easy.

How To Get Started With Green Smoothies...

No doubt you will have plenty of questions about how to get started with green smoothies?

I have put together a FREE green smoothie class to help you get started with green smoothies and answer all of your questions. 

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12 Mind-Blowing Health Benefits Of Green Smoothies That Will Change Your Life

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9 Gorgeous Green Smoothies
9 Gorgeous Green Smoothies
9 Gorgeous Green Smoothies
9 Gorgeous Green Smoothies
9 Gorgeous Green Smoothies

Adding a green smoothie to my diet every day was one of the single most important habits I have ever developed in my life.

Katherine Kyle
Founder of Green Thickies

P.S.: I really encourage you to join my FREE Green Smoothie Secrets web class to find out everything you need to know to change your life with green smoothies!

Have you got started with green smoothies yet?  What benefits have you noticed?  Please leave a comment below: