2 Ingredient Homemade Protein Powder Recipe (Vegan, Hemp, Natural)

2 Ingredient Homemade Protein Powder Recipe (Vegan, Hemp, Natural)

Although it seems like everyone on the planet is obsessed with protein powder, I wanted to dispel the myth that protein powder is good for you. Read my blog post to find out why protein powder is so bad for you, and why you need to switch to a homemade protein powder today.  (Takes seconds to make!)  I even made you a short video to show you exactly how to make your own protein powder using just 2 ingredients!

Once you switch to this homemade protein powder, you’re going to feel so much better, and watch as allergies melt away, not to mention your waistband shrinking!



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  1. Add all the ingredients into a very dry small blender of food processor. (I used this blender in my demonstration)
  2. Pulse until finely ground.
  3. Transfer into a mason jar. (Get yours here)
  4. Store in the fridge.
  5. Use 2 tablespoons per smoothie serving. (Get your measuring spoons here)
  6. Keep one tablespoon measuring spoon in the jar to use as an easy access scoop.


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