4th of July Drink: Red, White and blue, and still Green? Layered Smoothie Recipe

4th of July Drink: Red White and Blue and Still Green Smoothie

This 4th of July Drink is a very posh green thickie for special occasions. This colourful layered smoothie has the wow factor but still has the same amount of healthy greens, oats, nuts and fruit.



For the White Layer

For the Red Layer

For the Blue Layer



  1. Start by soaking the oatmeal and ground almonds in the milk while you make the other 2 layers.
  2. Take your frozen banana out of the freezer if you are using a frozen one rather than a fresh one.
    Blend all the ingredients for the red layer. This doesn’t have much water so add the water first and the raspberries a few at a time to see how much your blender can cope with. I used my vitamix and I still had to take it really slowly until it was all blended as this was very thick. Feel free to add more water but you want it to be as thick as possible or you might not be able to create layers. You might have to keep stopping and scraping down the sides.
  3. Pour the red layer into a glass or bowl and store it in the freezer while you finish the other 2 layers.
  4. Now do the same for the blue layer blending the spinach first then adding the vanilla and blueberries and blending very slowly a few at a time until it’s all as smooth as it will go.
  5. Pour the blue layer into a glass or bowl and store that in the freezer too.
  6. Now blend all the ingredients for the white layer, also very slowly. It should be nice and thick.
  7. Now get the red and blue layers out of the freezer and use a spoon to slowly add the red layer, followed by the white layer then the blue layer on top. If your smoothie is very thin you can try pouring the smoothie slowly from the spoon on to the side of the glass or over another upturned spoon so it stays on the top of the other layer rather than hitting it with such force that it goes too far below the existing liquid.
  8. It can be quite tricky but with practice you’ll get the hang of layered smoothies. This 4th July drink is a great place to start.


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