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My name is Katherine Kyle and I have two crazy but beautiful young children.  I run a business and I don't have time for spending hours slaving away in the kitchen.  

But at the same time I'm passionate about health and eating real clean food that will give me enough energy to keep after my kids.


I know you're probably just as busy as me which is why one of my passions is to help you make healthy food from scratch in a flash. ​  

I am also a real foodie who loves tasty food!

Apart from leading a busy life - I love to spend time in beautiful scenic locations, walking, camping, hiking or just sitting enjoying the view with my favourite people.

Basically I'm a sun lover who lives in beautiful Scotland (no we don't get much sun here) - so needless to say I spend as much time as I can in sunnier Spain.​

I have a heart for helping people all over the world, and my team and I work tirelessly to help you feel good about yourself again.​