Home based business opportunity

I have the best job in the world. I wake up full of energy, walk down the stairs, make a nutritious breakfast and then get to work changing lives – from the comfort of my own home.

But it wasn’t always this way. My life has transformed before my very eyes in just 6 months and I’m here to share this amazing message with you today to help you transform your life so you can improve your health, increase your wealth and find your purpose in life just like I have done.

  • Are you stuck in a job that you don’t like?
  • Are you struggling financially?
  • Are you feeling sick, overweight or lacking in energy?

I help people transform their lives. If you are interested in transforming your life – I will show you how.

What would you like to transform in your life?

So before I tell you about how this can benefit you. I am going to share my story with you.

My story

Before and After Young Living Katherine Kyle 2013 to 2014

My name is Katherine Kyle.  I have had a variety of jobs in my life ranging from IT support, Teaching, Fostering, Charity work in prisons, and running my own small business.  I have gone from looking after my kids full time and earning no income to earning a six figure salary in a thriving business that I built from home while my baby was sleeping. 

I share the message of this amazing product throughout the world in countries mainly in the US but also in the UK, various countries in Europe, Canada and Australia. 

Less than a year ago I was in a desperate situation. My health was so bad that I was struggling to look after my kids. Doctor’s couldn’t help me and I was so down that I just didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not like I wasn’t making an effort with my health. I was eating a completely unprocessed diet, I was taking a whole range of healthy supplements and I was constantly looking for ways to improve my health. I was pretty desperate and it was the most miserable time in my entire life. This had gone on for two years and I didn’t know what was wrong with me or how I was ever going to get better.   I had so little energy I could barely even stand and if I tried walking anywhere I felt like I would collapse, I couldn’t sleep more than 3 hours every night despite being so exhausted, I suffered from awful panic attacks and became pretty much housebound, my digestion was a mess, I stopped seeing my friends as I had nothing positive to say and I dreamed of just running away from it all.

All that changed when a friend in Canada told me about some health products that were working wonders in people’s lives. I was extremely reluctant to give them a try because  I was already spending a fortune on health products that weren’t working for me.

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Months went by and I noticed more of my friends in America were getting started with Young Living and they were also passionate about the amazing health benefits these products had to offer. So I decided – what did I have to lose, I had already hit rock bottom. I might as well give it a go.

I was so excited to get my kit as it felt like Christmas and I opened all the bottles up and started to use them and diffused the oils constantly in the diffuser that comes in the kit. After a week of consistent daily use I had turned a corner. I had 5 full night sleep that first week which for me was a miracle, my energy had improved, I was starting to feel like the dark cloud was finally lifting.

everyday oils

2014-05-19 06.00.30

Here’s a photo I posted on Facebook asking for exercise recommendations. I was so happy that I had the energy to exercise again.

After a couple of weeks of using the essential oils I got a month’s supply of Young Living’s amazing energy drink called Ningxia Red. I drank this daily for a month and after this time I was pretty much back to normal again. I could function normally again. I had my life back. I was absolutely over the moon. I could take care of my kids properly again, I could think straight, I even started going to the gym which amazed me.  

I was so blown away by the incredible transformation that had happened in my life, that I was determined to let the entire world know about these amazing products.

So that’s when I decided I was going to share and share and share this message and then teach others to share so I could reach more and more people. This is something everybody needs to know about.

In just 6 months of sharing this product, not only did my health continue to improve every single day to the point where I didn’t even recognize myself physically and emotionally, but I significantly increased my wealth and found my true purpose in life.

ningxia red packs a nutritional punch

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With my Young Living income we have been able to have luxurious trips abroad

With my Young Living income we have been able to have luxurious trips abroad

Since joining the company I have been so blessed financially. I’ve been able to take a luxurious trip to Greece for a week with my family, and while we were away we were able to have our bathroom refitted and whole house painted, we had saved enough for a deposit on a much larger house enabling us to finally have more space, I was able to buy a macbook when my laptop broke, place large orders for more products that helped me to recover my health, and give a lot of products away to help my friends and family, give more money to charity, hire a cleaner, a gardener and an accountant. I can now afford organic food for my family and whenever anything breaks I know I can afford to replace it straight away which takes away so much stress from our life.

I am also planning 2 or 3 more trips abroad next year and it’s such a lovely feeling to know I can afford to pay for these now. My financial goal for the future is to be mortgage free in a few years.

But the best thing about it is how I spend every day working my dream job. This doesn’t even feel like work for me because it’s something I would have done FREE even if I didn’t get paid for it. The fact I get paid so well for it is pretty amazing. I love that I don’t have to sit in traffic to get to work, and that I get to be my own boss. When I wanted to earn more money for our trip away I decide to work extra hard that month and give myself a promotion! I adore that I can work with friends and I can choose who I work with. This business is so flexible so it can fit around your current commitments and your kids. I get to meet my husband and go out to lunch, I go to the gym whenever I feel like taking a break from my work, I can see friends whenever I choose and take time off work whenever I choose. I also get to travel to exotic locations around the world.

That is the dream lifestyle you can build with young living.

Watch my video where I share how the Young Living business has transformed our lives. 

Is it easy to transform your life? I’m going to be honest with you. It might take some effort to start living the life of your dreams – but is it worth it? Absolutely! We can help you.

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The Young Living business model is product based

The young living business model works because the products work. Young Living essential oils are so powerful that you can notice the effect immediately.

They have a large range of products and we have a saying here in Young Living. When someone has a health problem we say ‘there’s an oil for that’ because it’s true. We all use reference books or apps that have over 700 health problems on there. All you do is look up your health problem and it tells you what oil to use – it’s simple.  People are saving a fortune on their doctors bills as they now have a healthy solution for their family’s health.  You don’t need to be an expert on essential oils.  All you do is show people how to look up their health problems in one of our guides and they are empowered to take care of their whole family the natural way.  We don’t pretend to be experts in essential oils – we simply share the message, and send people resources that will tell them everything they need to know. 

Uses for Young Living Essential Oils Everyday oils kit

order Young Living essential oils premium starter kit now

Why Young Living essential oils are world leaders

What makes young living better

Here is the thing that sets Young Living apart from all the other essential oils in the world, and this is going to surprise you.

You know when you go into a health food shop and you see all the bottles of essential oils – and they usually have a label on them that says 100% pure essential oil on them. Sounds great?

How much percentage of essential oil would you think is in that bottle? You would think there would be 100% wouldn’t you? That’s not the case.

Did you know that legally a bottle of essential oil only has to contain 5% of essential oil to label themselves as 100% pure. That’s crazy isn’t it! There is no law about what the other 95% of the bottle can contain and a lot of essential oils actually contain harmful synthetic ingredients. A lot of oils are also simply fragrance oils produced in a lab, and they don’t contain any beneficial properties at all.

Here’s what makes Young Living different. They have something called a Seed to seal process which means they are responsible for everything involved in the process of growing the plant to getting the oil into the bottle. There are five steps in this process including, seed, cultivation, distillation, testing and sealing the bottles. I will explain what happens at each stage.

First of all, only the seeds and plants with superior potential are selected to produce powerful and effective essential oils.

Then Young Living has rigorous checks on their farms to make sure their cultivation standards are being met. They are certain that the oils you are using on your family are the finest and the highest quality genuine therapeutic essential oils in the world without question.

With their cutting edge modern techniques, Young Living is recognized as an innovator in essential oils distillation. They use a gentle steam extraction technique for distilling the most effective essential oils.

Young Living never accepts cut, diluted or adulterated oils. This is what sets Young Living apart from everybody else. They test their oils right on location where the oils are being distilled. They use this information to determine the best time of year, best time of day and many other factors that they use to produce the richest quality of oil that can be extracted.

State of the art equipment is used to bottle and label your oils to make sure they arrive in perfect condition to your door. The oils only ever come into contact with your glass or stainless steel before it goes into the bottle.

Young Living will always be setting the highest standard that exists in the world. They are like the Apple of the essential oils world.

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Young Living has an extensive 500+ natural product range

Young Living don’t just make essential oils – they make the most amazing nutritional supplements and personal care products.

They have three main categories of products

  • Essential oils to create a natural medicine kit 
  • Ningxia Red and Nutritional products to give you energy and vitality
  • Thieves home and personal care products to rid your home of toxins

Get your premium kit here and choose from an essential oils, Ningxia or Thieves starter kit.  Make sure you choose wholesale member and purchase a starter kit. 

Therapeutic essential oils

New Young living premium starter kit

If you are interested in natural effective solutions to your families first aid, skin care, weight loss, physical and emotional needs then Young Living essential oils are perfect for you.  I have lost weight, improved my skin, gained confidence, and used the oils for many many different reasons for my whole family. I would never be without my oils now.   I love it when I hear stories about how these oils are transforming people’s lives. It is the greatest feeling in the entire world to be able to share products with people that are this powerful.

Nutrition and vitality

ningxia premium kit

If you are in need of an energy boost, if you’re tired and run down and have been struggling with your health for a long time the Ningxia and nutritional line will be great for you.  This is the product that made the biggest impact on my health and energy levels and completely supports my immune system all through the year. I hear amazing testimonies every day about how great people are feeling after drinking Ningxia Red for at least a month.   Ningxia Red works so well because it is the highest antioxidant food in the world by far. It is the like eating 100 oranges or 800 blueberries – something we couldn’t do but it’s so easy to drink Ningxia Red as it tastes lovely and is safe for the whole family.

Chemical free living

Young Living Thieves Premium Starter Essential Rewards ER Kit

If you would like to switch all of your toxic personal care and home cleaning products for natural safe and health promoting products – the Thieves line is the one to choose.  Since using these products all our hair and skin are in much better condition, soft and silky and I am confident that my home is cleaned with products that won’t harm my kids. The Thieves blend is a blend of herbs and spices that were used by thieves in the 15th century to protect them from the plague while they robbed victims. This stuff is so powerful that studies have shown that diffusing Thieves for just 12 minutes kills 99.9% of all airborne viruses. Wow!

Get your premium kit here and choose from an essential oils, Ningxia or Thieves starter kit.  Make sure you choose wholesale member and purchase a starter kit. 

Young Living products are small and portable so they are easy to take with you to work. They have travels sachets and roll ons available to make it even easier to use the products.

order Young Living essential oils premium starter kit now

How to earn money with Young Living

And because these products are in such high demand – that’s what creates this amazing business opportunity. A lot of people have to work longer hours to earn more money. That’s not the case with Young Living.

There are actually 10 ways to earn with Young Living:

  1. You get paid a percentage of the sales in your team. When you enroll somebody you make 8% on all their purchases forever.  This is residual income, passive income that makes money while you sleep, and enables you to take time off work and still make the same level of income.
  2. Retail sales: You get 24% back on all retail sales for life.
  3. Starter kit bonus. Every starter kit makes you a fixed bonus of $25 USD or £16.
  4. Fast start bonus. You make 25% on all wholesale orders for the first three months the new person has been a member of Young Living. So every time you introduce someone to a premium starter kit, you get $50, £32 or more if they added even more products to their order. If they enroll somebody within 3 months, you get 10% back on all the new person’s orders too.
  5. Rising star bonus. You can earn up to around $240 by getting six people to begin to build their businesses.
  6. Rank advancement bonuses. Pay greatly increases when you get to silver. You get a 2.5% pay increase so instead of earning 8% on all wholesale orders you earn 10.25%.   When I reached silver my earnings more than doubled.
  7. Trip bonuses. You get to go on retreats, leadership training and to visit farms and harvests.
  8. Generation leadership bonus. When you get higher up the ranks you get paid on shares based on what your rank is and what your team member’s ranks are.
  9. When you get to Diamond you get a diamond sharing pool bonus.
  10. There is also a very popular incentive called Silver in Six. If you get to silver rank within 6 moths of hitting the previous rank, you get a kit of over 120 essential oils worth thousands. This is highly motivating for people as they have fallen in love with the products and really value this kit. 

You have to put in the effort but if you are willing to do that we support you 100% to reach your dreams.
Here is a quick overview of the compensation plan:

order Young Living essential oils premium starter kit now

The ability to give something back

As we’ve been so blessed with Young Living, we also like to give something back.

The Founder of Young Living, Gary Young set up the D Gary Young Foundation. He has built schools in deprived areas of the world providing education and nutrition to children in deprived areas. It feels pretty good to be able to support charities when you have a lot more spare money.

How to get started

Are you ready to transform your mind, your finances and your purpose?

If you would love to share this message with the world, Young Living is right for you.

There are three options to get started: 

  • Premium Starter kit containing the everyday oils kit
  • Premium starter kit with Thieves
  • Premium starter kit with Ningxia

Last two are only available in the US.

Most people start with the premium starter kit including the everyday oils kit.

Get your premium kit here and choose from an essential oils, Ningxia or Thieves starter kit.  Make sure you choose wholesale member and purchase a starter kit. 

order Young Living essential oils premium starter kit now

Optional autoship program with benefits

Start earning 10 to 20% back in points today by enrolling with Young Living’s autoship program called essential rewards. You have to spend a minimum of about $50 or £32 per month. You can cancel any time.  Those on essential rewards also get the option of receiving free product for spending over a certain amount, and they get reduced shipping.

What I recommend

For optimum levels of health and to gain experience of the best products to share with others, I recommend you begin with the every day oils Premium Starter kit and if you want to get started on essential rewards, I recommend either the Ningxia Red Essential rewards kit or the Wellness essential rewards kit.  You can join essential rewards at a later date, change the contents of your basket, change your shipping date and cancel any time.  You have to spend at least 50PV (around $50) a month to remain on ER.

*Those in Canada can’t enroll with essential rewards immediately.   Australia only have the basic kit so I would recommend buying that and adding the diffuser and the everyday oils kit to your order, along with some Ningxia Red.

order Young Living essential oils premium starter kit now

Earn back your investment

How much money can I earn with Young Living? Monthly rank Averages

Although these are averages, everyone who is active in the business generally receives an income more towards the higher end of these amounts.


Most businesses cost thousands of pounds to start, create massive amounts of debt and people are lucky to break even.  The only investment needed for a Young Living business is the price of your premium starter kit which is $150.00.  That’s it!  

Then all you need to do is introduce the premium starter kit to just 3 people and get your investment back immediately.

We have a very simple system you can use to help people get started.  All you need to do is identify those with health problems or financial trouble and offer to send them a video that will help them.  You then send them the video, ask them what they liked about it, and help them to get started.  Anyone can do this – and it works!  We will give you more details about this when you start.  Please email me at greenthickies@gmail.com and ask me for either the product or business video (or both) to watch.  Then you can see how easy this business is. You don’t need a website in fact we don’t recommend it.  All you need to do is have normal conversations in person or with friends over Facebook or email and just have normal conversations.  Before long your friends will either mention a complaint with their health or their job, and now you have a solution that can help them.  

You don’t need to be an expert in either the business or the product.  You simply have to be willing to share this message with other people.  Our mentor teaches us everything we need to know.  He is leading an amazing life, living financially free at a very young age.  He has a fantastic training course that will take your business to new levels but also help you grow in confidence which helps you to enjoy every single aspect of your life a lot more.  He has created some fantastic videos that we share with others to help him on his mission to restore the health of many families and get thousands of people out of debt.  Please email me at greenthickies@gmail.com if you would like to see the product or the business video that you can share with people you talk to.   This is what I share with people that I talk to who identify a need.  I never annoy my friends and family by sharing something they are not interested in.  

It is such a nice feeling knowing that we are able to:

  • Help our friends to improve their lives beyond measure
  • We get to work with our friends and people we like which is so much fun especially when we get to go on luxurious trips with them.  We can be free to work when and where we choose and travel when we like.
  • Earn as much as we like from a few hundred dollars extra a month right up to complete financial freedom with unlimited earning potential.  
  • We also offer you some very useful tracking tools to help you analyse your growth and find out how you can improve your income potential. 

Select the kit that’s right for you and let the transformation begin!

If you are feeling tired, weak, run down or struggling with your finances, Young Living has come into it at exactly the right time.

If you want to transform your health, if you want to transform your finances or if you want to help others to transform their lives, we’re here for you.

order Young Living essential oils premium starter kit now

Young Living’s popularity continues to soar

Our world is so full of toxins that despite our best efforts to eat healthy food and exercise, it’s not enough. Young Living products are so powerful, they are essential for providing amazing health to our stressed out bodies.

Because the products are in such high demand, there has never been a better time to get started with this business. 

Did you know that Young Living has been experiencing record breaking growth this last year? They are a 20 year company and grew by about 10% every year. Two years ago their growth was double that of what it was the year before at about 20%. …But last year, wait until you hear this… they grew by over 140% – in one year! That is practically unheard of for a 20 year old company.  They are now almost a billion dollar company.

That is because the word is finally getting out about these amazing products. Did you know if you go on to Google Trends website and type in essential oils, that the popularity of essential oils have taken a massive leap recently. And interestingly the no.2 set of keywords that are associated with ‘essential oils’ are the words Young Living! So that just shows how popular Young Living are.

Check out the growth in 2014.  Talk about mind blowing!

Young Living Growth 2014 - predicted growth for 2015 is 200%!

Young Living now has over 500,000 wholesale members and over 2 million customers. Pretty amazing! 75,000 people joined Young Living just last month! The world is waking up!

Did you also know that although Young Living employees get free points towards products, 90% of them choose to buy more products out of their own pocket.  Once you use these products, you will understand why everyone wants them.

The number of top level leaders that have emerged the last couple of years is also indicative of Young Living’s new popularity.

Young Living’s growth is expected to be over 200% for next year! It isn’t slowing! Essential oils are the next big thing! Will you be joining us?

You have the opportunity to impact thousands of lives.

order Young Living essential oils premium starter kit now

What our team provides for you

The person you enroll with has a vested interest in making you successful and so does all their leaders, so you will never be lacking in support.

We won’t do the work for you but if you are serious about success we will help you at every step of the way. Are you serious about getting your health back? Are you serious about increasing your wealth? Do you want to create complete financial independence? Are you ready for your new purpose in life?  

The Young Living compensation plan will help you achieve your goals.

oung Living Compensation Plan

When you enroll with us you get access to our leader’s training portal, a 30 steps to silver 30 day e-course to guide you through the basics. You will also receive an invitation to join a group of others on our 8 week intensive bootcamp run monthly. This will teach you everything you need to know to be successful at this business and you will make so many new friends.

You will also get access to our secret leaders support group.

Our team prides itself on it’s support, training and friendly culture.  

We regularly have incentives, competitions and challenges that help to propel you to the next level.

There are access to webinars and training meetings on a regular basis.    

I also give everyone a goody bag when they enroll their first member with a premium starter kit.  Young Living will also send you a minimum of $50 (or the equivalent in your currency) for enrolling your first member.  You will then receive a good commission for life every single time your customer places another order.  This is residual income which is completely passive.  Share once, get paid for life!  You can’t beat that!

I offer mentorship for those I enroll which is based on a simple system that you can easily use when you share the business opportunity with others.  My leaders have become my closest friends because we work together to achieve our dreams and have fun along the way. 

As you advance up the leadership ranks you will also have the chance to attend training in exotic locations of the world.  I have just earned a luxury cruise based on my own results.  It is amazing to be rewarded so well for the effort that I put into this business.  I also have an annual Young Living convention ticket paid for with accommodation in a luxurious conference center in Texas in August.  Will you be joining us?   

People all over the world are feeling healthier, more positive, losing weight and getting their energy back, thanks to Young Living products.

Many are creating a residual income with a home based business and high level achievers are receiving bonus trips and creating complete financial freedom. Many of my friend who started their businesses six months earlier than I did are already in this position and are a big inspiration for me to achieve the same.

order Young Living essential oils premium starter kit now

What are your dreams?

Mission and Vision

Young Living’s vision is to get their essential oils into every home in the world and I share this vision 100%. We are on a mission to help people with their health, develop a purpose for their lives and create as much wealth as they strive for.   We want to give something back to others to help them improve their lives.

For me if I’m not striving for more in my life, that means I have given up. Before Young Living I didn’t see a future for my life, I felt really stuck in a rut and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine what my life would look like now. 

It all starts by changing your own life. It’s intense, it’s not easy, but if you’re willing to do the work, we’re willing to help you get there. Then you can help others to change their lives. We are changing lives here.

I’m curious – What do you want from your life ? If you won the lottery today, what is the first thing you would do with the money?  Email me and let me know at greenthickies@gmail.com This is something you should hold on to – your reason for doing this business.  You really can achieve it if you are willing to work with me.

order Young Living essential oils premium starter kit now

Are you ready to join us?

Please email me at greenthickies@gmail.com, add me as a friend on Facebook and send me a message there: https://www.facebook.com/KatherineNKyle  .  You can let me know when you are free to chat and I will give you a call.  Or just get started with the product, see how much you love it, and I guarantee you won’t be able to keep it to yourself – share it with your friends and watch as they bite your hand off to get hold of more of these products!  

And – would you like to earn extra cash but don’t want to enroll people yourself?  That’s no problem – I give you $25 for each person you refer to me who purchases a premium starter kit.  Just email me with the name of the person and I will send you the money to your PayPal account. 

Get started now

Read more here, or if you’ve read enough, complete this form by choosing a wholesale member and a premium starter kit. I will be in touch soon after you enroll with your premium kit.  

order Young Living essential oils premium starter kit now

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