Welcome to the very first Lean Green Smoothie Challenge.  

Congratulations on taking a big step towards incredible health, unbelievable energy and that lean body you deserve.

I am thrilled that you are here because you are going to look and feel amazing after this week is over.

I hear so many testimonials from people who follow this challenge, who have lost weight and improved their health in so many different ways.

These kind of testimonials are what you can expect when you follow this challenge:

Thanks for sharing your experience & all of the GREAT Green Thickies recipes.... I am down 6.8 lbs since Monday!!! It's hard to believe, because I have been working hard all summer & was only losing around 4 lbs a month. Again, MANY THANKS!!!!


The Lean Green Smoothie Challenge is completely different to all the other green smoothie challenges you see out there.

Most green smoothie challenges get you to add a green smoothie to your existing diet. This is good because you are getting more healthy leafy goodness in your diet, but sometimes this can actually lead to weight gain because you are adding even more calories to your diet.

Despite what the gurus may tell you, when you change your diet to a healthier one, add more greens, fruit and veg to your diet, the weight doesn’t always just drop off.

Yes it can do for some lucky people, those people who don’t get tempted by that chocolate, the smell of fresh bread, or the lure of french fries.

But for most of us, me included – we need an extra helping hand.

Even though it’s true that you are more likely to lose weight when you ditch the processed food and just eat real food, there are no guarantees.

You can still make real food so tasty that it’s hard to resist eating more than you need.So that’s why a lot of people still struggle to lose weight, despite being on a very healthy diet.

So believe me when I say, this is the challenge I wish I had access to years ago.Not only is this diet plan based on extremely healthy, nourishing food that will make your body come alive and the energy rush through veins, but you will also lose weight. Woo hoo!

If you stick to it exactly….

The Lean Green Smoothie Challenge is based on drinking Green Thickies instead of your meals. Green Thickies are filling, delicious meal replacement green smoothies.

Drinking Green Thickies is the easiest way I know to detox, and if you continue to drink them you will continue to feel good every day.

This is how you will benefit from this challenge.

  • You will only have to spend 2 minutes PER DAY in the kitchen… seriously!
  • Your meals will be pre-prepared so you can grab and go, you don’t have to think
  • Your food is going to be tasty, like eating dessert
  • Your meals will be filling. There is no starving on this diet
  • Green Thickies are based on the principle of being a whole meal so they will be completely balanced containing everything you need
  • You will get a decent amount of protein which sustains you and gives you energy
  • Your energy will shoot through the roof
  • Your health will improve more than you can ever imagine
  • You will be able to think clearly and productively
  • You will lose weight, most people drop a dress size
  • By the end of the week your cravings will be a thing of the past and you’ll be raring to stick to a long lasting healthy eating diet for life
  • You will be so proud of yourself for completing this massive achievement by finishing this challenge

Sound good?

Great!  All I need you to do now is choose one of 3 options for taking part in The Lean Green Smoothie Challenge.

3 Options on The Lean Green Smoothie Challenge

​Which option is right for you?

If you are new to Green Thickies and detoxing, and generally have a less than desirable diet, I suggest you stick to option 1.

If you often drink green smoothies, but your diet could still use some improvement I would stick to option 2.

If you generally have a healthy diet and regularly make green smoothies, I would choose option 3 for a full detox.

This diet plan has been calorie counted with weight loss in mind. So for those who choose option 3, they will be very likely to lose weight.

Weight loss is harder to predict with option 1 and option 2 because it depends what you eat for the rest of the day, but you are still going to get all of the health benefits and most people still lose weight just by starting their day in the right way with a Green Thickie.

​Are snacks allowed?

This plan doesn’t contain any snacks as it is designed for busy people who need to lose weight, get healthy and don’t have any spare time.

If you know you will struggle to last from one meal to another, I suggest you split each meal in half and drink them a couple of hours apart to sustain your blood sugar levels. And if you get too hungry and you really need to snack, I would suggest sticking to fruit only.

​What drinks are allowed during the challenge?

You can drink water and herbal/fruit teas throughout this challenge. No fruit juices or extra drinks other than water or herbal tea.

If you regularly drink a lot of coffee and tea each day you might want to consider gradually cutting down rather than cutting out the coffee cold turkey as this will feel a lot harder.

​How do I extend the detox?

For those who prefer a more gentle but longer detox. I recommend stretching this challenge out to 3 weeks. The first week do option 1, the second week do option 2 and the third week do option 3. Your body will thank you for it and you’ll be much more likely to carry on eating wholesome food after you finish the challenge. Plus you’ll be more than likely to lose a lot more weight.

​Ready to get started?

So have a think about which option you would like to choose for the week.

Here are the recipes for the full week so you can plan and shop for your challenge ahead of time.  

Just choose one recipe to replace one meal.  

If you are doing option 3, I suggest to make things easy for yourself that you drink the same Green Thickie all day, so choose one of these recipes for one day and make 3 times the quantity so you have a big batch for the whole day.  You'll be so glad that you only have to spend a few minutes in the kitchen each day. ​

So, now to the most exciting part, all of the recipes and shopping list for the for the entire challenge. ​

Lean Green Smoothie Challenge Recipes and Shopping list