Aromatherapy Tissues




  1. Open up a box of tissues from the bottom (my boxes opened at the sides) and drop in 1-2 drops of essential oil in each corner of the box. Seal the box back up. Leave to infuse for a day. Now you have aromatherapy tissues.
  2. You can use whatever oils you like. I chose to make 3 different boxes, one box with R.C. blend which will be good to support a healthy immune and respiratory system. 
  3. I added Peppermint to one of my other boxes for those who need an energy boost. You can also breathe in the oil from the tissue which helps to support a healthy respiratory system.
  4. I added Lavender to my third box as it is kind to the skin. Of course you could put R.C. and lavender in one box. 
  5. To be on the safe side I would avoid these tissues if you are crying. You need to keep essential oils out of the eyes, and while they aren’t as strong as the actual oil, you probably don’t want to test this out.

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