Clean Eating In A Hurry Challenge

Use My 7 Step Cheat To Clean In A Week Method To Drop The Junk From Your Plate So You Can Drop The Junk From Your Body

The Clean Eating In A Hurry Challenge Is Starting Soon…

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Get a glowing, radiant body in just one week by getting more clean, colourful food onto your dinner plate….

Without you sacrificing your favourite foods…

Without having to follow any complicated recipes with ingredients you’ve never heard of, or hover over a simmering hob for hours cooking up disgusting detox food 6 times a day…

Without killing yourself sweating out those toxins at the gym every day, feeling exhausted and embarrassed because you don’t know how to use the equipment and you’re ready to collapse in a heap after 5 seconds...

Forget the expensive gym membership this year....

Seriously, there is an easier, and cheaper way…

Join my FREE Clean Eating In A Hurry Challenge so you can:

    • Shed those pounds you piled over the holidays (and the previous year too!) so you can go back to your skinnier jeans and avoid having to buy yet another pair of oversized jeans so you can start to be proud of yourself again…
    • Start getting compliments from your friends telling you how beautiful you are and asking whether you changed your face cream or your foundation. You will feel and look stunning...
    • Get your husband and kids asking you how you’re managing to reduce those niggling health problems you’ve always had, so quickly, just by making a few simple tweaks to your plate, so you can finally start to enjoy spending time with your family again…
    • Ditch just one thing that has a massive impact on your health, mindset, confidence, waistline, so you will feel on top of the world - full of excitement and ready to take on the world… seriously removing just one thing is going to be a total gamechanger for your life!

Join my FREE Clean Eating In A Hurry Challenge

“I'm on day one but already have more mental clarity. I feel like most of my brain fog is lifting which is HUGE for just day one!! So excited to keep it up!” Andrea

“I have lost inches and I can feel that. …..The thing I notice most is my skin looks brighter. I am enthused now to keep going with this challenge!” Maree

What do you get with The Clean Eating In A Hurry Challenge?

Every day I will be having a live video show where you can ask me your questions in real time, with a 24 hour replay. You will also get a week’s worth of downloads, resources, recipes and tips straight to your inbox.

Here is a breakdown of my 7 Step Cheat To Clean In A Week Method that I will be sharing with you in the challenge.


Day 1: Mindful Munching

Sunday 15/1/17

Discover why TV munching is cancelling out all your hard work, and get unique mindful munching technique so you can keep your screen snacking and still have a speedy slim down.

Day 2: Delectable Drinking

Monday 16/1/17

Find out the truth about your drinks, do they really matter when it comes to health and weight loss? The answer might surprise you. Get my delicious clean drink substitutions so you can drop pound after pound without even changing your food!

Day 3: Breathtaking Breakfasts

Tuesday 17/1/17

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Find out the answer (you’ll not have heard this before), plus I share my signature breakfast - The Green Thickie and teach you exactly how to make it with everyday ingredients in just 2 minutes, and why my clients never stop making these once they start.

Day 4: Vibrant Veggies

Wednesday 18/1/17

We all know that veggies are key that unlocks good health, great digestion, prevents disease, makes you slim and beautiful - so why aren’t we eating them? Most people have come to dislike veggies and find they take too long to prepare. I am going to share my hide and seek veggies preparation method for the pickiest veggie eaters out there - and it will take just minutes to prepare.

Day 5: Clean Cloning

Thursday 19/1/17

Never go without your favourite food again… I teach you how to find clean clones of your favourite foods so you can continue to eat what you love while watching the pounds melt away…

Day 6: Processed Package Purge

Friday 20/1/17

Today we’re going to ditch the junk together so we can move towards a new you, a new kitchen, new food and a new life in 2017.

Day 7: Adios Addictions

Saturday 21/1/17

This is going to be the hardest day but most worthwhile day by far. I’m sharing my own struggles, a test you can take to see if you have any food addictions and my exact steps for saying adios to your addictions forever.

When you join you will immediately receive a welcome email letting you know that you have successfully joined.

You will get your first challenge, day 1 resources and live video viewing on Sunday 15th January, and a further day to watch the video on replay.

Join my FREE Clean Eating In A Hurry Challenge

I help busy people to make tasty, complete meal smoothies so they can ...

    • Drop a dress Size
    • Boost their energy to levels they’ve never experienced...
    • Feel more confident and more alive than they’ve ever felt...
    • Spend less time in the kitchen, without ever feeling hungry or deprived.

"My life was transformed after losing 56 pounds in just a few months, and recovering from soul destroying health problems by replacing 1-2 meals a day with complete meal smoothies." Katherine Kyle

I am now passionate to help YOU change your life in the same way.

Katherine Kyle before and after weight loss with green smoothies

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Katherine Kyle

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Katherine Kyle before and after weight loss with green smoothies

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This challenge is a LIVE challenge, and if you’re not signed up before it starts - there will be no access for latecomers. So make sure you join now before you forget!

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Join my FREE Clean Eating In A Hurry Challenge

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