How Guided Meditation Changed My Negativity Into Positivity


How Guided Meditation Changed My Negativity Into Positivity 1A few years ago I recovered from a horrendous depression that had taken me to the depths of despair for 2 years.

I had been so so depressed and had long since stopped calling my friends seeing as I just couldn’t seem to stop boring them with my tales of woe every time they visited me.

I knew I was THAT friend that would bring you down just by being in the same room as me. The world was against me and I was against the world.  I could see no hope or joy in anything.

The doctors offered me medication as they always did, but after talking with numerous friends who were on antidepressants and said they felt empty and flat after taking them – and they struggled to get off them, I decided I didn’t want to go down that path.

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I was already eating a good healthy diet, so I wasn’t sure what else to do to recover, but I desperately wanted to.

Somehow I stumbled into the world of positive thinking, power of the subconscious mind, visualisation and guided meditation.

I started out writing my own affirmations and repeating them every day. But as I was someone with a negative mind, I even struggled to write positive affirmations, so I knew I needed some outside help with this.

And that’s when I found David McGraw

He has a pretty amazing positive affirmations video which I will insert below.  

You have to set aside 40 minutes every day to listen to this – either while you are drifting off to sleep or when you wake in the morning is usually the best time to do this as your brain is half asleep and more receptive to the suggestions.

If you have a partner, they might not appreciate listening to this, especially if they don’t need any help whatsoever to get to sleep.  

So what I do is use some sleeping headphones like this, to listen to these guided meditations.  

They really are very comfortable for sleeping with, even if you’re a side sleeper.

Using sleep headphones is actually a better way to listen to these meditations as they often have been recorded in stereo and have different voices in each ear to reach a different part of your brain.

I started listening to this video (below) every day and that very same day I felt different – much more positive. My husband started noticing the very dramatic change in me too.

I was hooked!

Here is another comment about how this video has helped…

This really is amazing! I honestly didn’t expect it to help with my negative internal dialogue but it’s working. I agree with the comment below that this is a masterpiece. The messages are so well balanced in terms of being uplifting yet believable & humble and it’s all blended together so beautifully. Thank you so much for this David!”

~ Nu Bodi

Here is the video so you can experience these amazing changes in yourself:


How Does Guided Meditation Work?

Instead of me trying to explain this myself and fumbling over my words – because let’s face it, I’m not an expert in this.  I’m simply sharing how well this works… so I thought it better to take this from the horse’s mouth. This is how David McGraw explains guided meditations and visualizations:

If I was to ask you, “Do you really want to be free, wealthy and happy?”

Of course, you’ll answer ‘yes’ without even giving it a second thought.

And while you know that taking action is the cornerstone for achieving what you want. It’s what you might not know, that is actually blocking your desires.

I’m speaking about your subconscious blueprint.

The driving force behind your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours! You see, from the time you were born until now it has taken shape.

Whether for better or worse, your parents, teachers, authority figures and experiences in the world around have all played a hand in what that blueprint looks like.

And how LIMITED it is.

Like a digital recording it holds every perception and experience you’ve had, this in turn has formed beliefs which drive your response and in turn creates your experience.

Then, continues to play on a loop… That is YOUR reality!

And that’s why you haven’t been able to get ahead.

Your behaviours or belief in your ability to do, have or be something is driven or blocked by your subconscious blueprint

The actions you take are just that, actions.

Unless you deal with the blueprint behind your behaviours, things won’t change or last for long.

And unfortunately those behaviours are rooted in hidden limited beliefs which may be driven by ego, fear or survival to protect yourself from the present or future.

While at times that may serve you, it can also limit you.

And prevent you from having the confidence to do, be or have what you desire.

This means, unless your conscious mind is on the same page with your subconscious mind they are going to be at odds with one another.

While your logical CONSCIOUS mind may desire something… (Greater wealth, health, relationships or freedom), you’re subconscious blueprint decides whether you really want it, can have it or achieve it…

You may be wondering why?

It’s simple. Your conscious logical mind is not running the show… Your subconscious mind is!

Like an unseen hand inside a glove.

Like the great OZ hidden behind the curtain.

It’s the reason why a person may want to lose weight, break an addiction and be more confident but find they revert back to the old habits of over-eating, smoking and self-doubt after trying to regain control.

It’s important that this is clear…

All permanent change MUST and can ONLY occur when you change your internal representation, because this is what drives you.

Let that sink in.

All permanent change MUST and can ONLY occur when you change your internal representation, because this is what drives you.

Unfortunately, that’s the problem but it’s also the answer.

How you think and how you correctly use the power of your mind determines how easily you can make changes in your life, but more importantly how long those changes will be SUSTAINED for…

So even though you may be WILLING to consciously create change in your life and achieve new levels of human potential.

Few will get started.

And even fewer will be able to experience lasting change.

That’s because you are STUCK in a blueprint that is designed with walls of self-limiting, self- imposed and self-destructive beliefs about yourself, others and the world.

It’s also the reason why two people with equal opportunities, with equal mental capabilities, end up so differently.

One experiences wealth, freedom and happiness, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, while the other tries one thing after another but never succeeds.

This leads to blame and a victim mentality! We assume that if we are in full control, we must be at fault, yes? Or life must have dealt us a bad hand, because no matter what we do, we fail, make mistakes, lose money, and never get what we desire — so that’s just the way life is always going to be for us!

But it’s not your fault.

And it isn’t luck — there’s no such thing in the long run — it’s a different subconscious blueprint, that’s all.

Anyone Can Unlock Freedom, Wealth and Happiness

You just need to change the digital recording that is looping inside your mind.

The mental blueprint you have about you, others and the world you live in will continue to keep you stuck and held back in a limited reality; a reality where you spend the rest of your life as a victim, bobbing around in an ocean of doubt, fear and uncertainty.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

It’s long been known that the subconscious mind can be changed through guided visualization and meditation sessions.

A method that can AUTOMATICALLY engage the record button instead of the play button and will replace your limited subconscious recording and allow your conscious and subconscious mind to be on the same wave length.

How To Take Guided Meditation To The Next Level

As this meditation was working so well, I decided I wanted more of the same – so I joined David McGraw’s membership and got access to over 100 of his guided meditations.  

I was thrilled with the selection of different meditations, all at different lengths so you can squeeze one in even if you don’t have time for a 40 minute meditation every day.

I listened to at least one different meditation every day and very quickly saw so many improvements in my life – I was like a new person!  Here’s what happened:

  • My depression completely went away
  • I became one of these annoyingly positive people who see the good in everybody and everything
  • I actually started teaching positive thinking
  • I got the confidence to start creating my own videos
  • I reached my ideal weight
  • My chronic fatigue went away
  • I joined a gym and became fit and healthy
  • My panic attacks went away
  • I travelled on my own for the first time in a few years (I was too nervous before that)
  • My business went from strength to strength, so good that I could even hire a team of people to help
  • We moved into a house twice the size and had the space we’d been dreaming of and were able to take several trips abroad each year
  • All of my relationships improved and I became the friend who was always positive and uplifting instead of negative and moany.
  • I managed to forgive people who had hurt me and let go of anger that had been holding me back
  • I managed to achieve a work life balance and learned how to enjoy relaxing (something I never used to be able to do)

It was truly life changing!

And I’m not the only person who thought so. Check this out:

“The verdict is in…it has been 30 days and I have to say that my mine has been transformed. I have lost 15 lbs in 30 days and I love the way these sessions have changed my way of thinking. I have been eating right and exercising for the past 30 days and I can’t ever see going back. David McGraw, thank you. I love this program so much that I want to continue listening to it every night, it helps me sleep.”  

~ Danita

Although this isn’t where my story ends unfortunately…

Soon after I started listening to these meditations, we moved into a bigger house, and unfortunately, a lot of my healthy habits stopped.

For some reason I totally forgot about these magical guided meditations and I stopped listening to them completely.

2 years later, things started going downhill. I found myself getting more and more negative, having less work life balance, worrying about my business, not focusing on my healthy habits and not making time for relaxation each day, and my confidence was decreasing rapidly.  

A few months ago I developed chronic fatigue syndrome again which has forced me to stop, rest and recover, and this has led me to a path of self exploration again.  

I was reading a book about the power of the mind recently and I suddenly remembered about David McGraw again and how much it helped me last time.  

So I signed up again, and sure enough things have started to turn around rapidly again for me.

It’s early days but so far I have felt amazingly positive, calm and chilled, happy and hopeful for the future. I am able to concentrate for longer and my energy feels like it is returning to me again.  

So I’m making a pact with myself to never go a single day without listening to these guided meditations, as they are honestly life changing.

And I don’t ever want my life to go backwards rather than forwards again.  

Would you like to join me and experience how life changing these meditations are?

Click the link below to get started completely FREE:

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