Green Thickie’s Raw granola bar recipe: The filling Green Smoothie in a bar!

No bake Chocolate and Cherry Granola Bars with hidden greens

Raw Granola Bar Recipe With Hidden Greens

Green thickies have just got even more portable.  Enter the Green Granola Bar Recipe!  You can now have your green smoothie in bar form!

I have wanted to make a green smoothie bar for such a long time and I’ve only recently got around to it.  So after testing various recipes, I finally have a granola bar recipe that I am happy with and I’m sure you’re going to love it.

Green thickies are already fairly portable.  You throw your big filling smoothie into a massive container and drink it wherever you are. It’s a meal on the run.  But, what if you want something even more portable, smaller, more compact, longer lasting but still want your fresh dose of daily raw energising greens, nutritious fruit, protein packed nuts/seeds, and filling oats.  You’ve come to the right place today as this recipe ticks all the boxes.  Did I mention it also tastes sweet, gorgeous and not a hint of any taste of greens?  This bar doesn’t taste healthy, but it is.  You can give it to your kids, friends and family and they’ll be none the wiser that this moreish granola bar contains anything even remotely healthy.  You can rest assured there are no nasties lurking in this bar, and it comes together pretty quickly.

No bake chocolate and cherry granola bar recipe with sneaky spinach

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Raw Granola Bar Recipe with sneaky greens

This granola bar recipe is chocolate and cherry flavoured which is one of my favourite combinations, but it’s a very flexible bar.  You can substitute the cherries for any other fruit and leave out the chocolate completely.  It will still work.  You can also replace the seeds with nuts or oats, add in any mild greens you want or leave them out altogether.  The choices are endless.

You also have a choice about how raw you want this bar to be.  To retain all the nutrition, leave it raw, you can eat it from frozen, or from the refrigerator.  Or dehydrate it to keep the nutrition but maximize the longevity.  You can also bake it in the oven which will kill some of the nutrients but make it last longer and be more flexible for travelling.

The consistency of the raw bar is fairly soft, but it holds together fairly well if it’s wrapped up.  The best way to eat it raw from the fridge is to break chunks off with your fingers as it can flop a little bit if you tried to bite into it.  It is harder eaten from frozen.  If you want to harden it up and make it more of a substantial and portable bar, either dehydrate it or bake it.

The only thing this ‘green smoothie bar’ is missing is the water, so if you are using this as a meal replacement make sure you pack some water to take with you.

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I have tried to keep the ratios of ingredients very similar to a green thickie, so that when I calculated the calories it turns out that half of this entire recipe is about 500 calories, the same as an average green thickie.  So these bars can be used as a complete meal but you need to eat about half of them, or as many as it takes to fill yourself up!

The green smoothie in a bar: The meal replacement Green Granola Bar

UPDATE: I was just telling my husband about my green smoothie bars and he suggested I call them Green Brickies.  I love that name!  So the GREEN  BRICKIE is born.  I’m going to get to work creating some different flavoured bars so I can have a series of Green Brickies!

The Green Brickie


Green Thickie’s Raw granola bar recipe: The filling Green Smoothie in a bar!

  • Author: Katherine Kyle



  • 2 cups Spinach ( Or other mild greens)
  • 1/4 teaspoon Sea Salt


  1. Add the date paste, carob powder, ground flax, HALF of the cherries (1/8 Cup), greens, salt and dried coconut to a food processor and process for a couple of minutes or until well mixed and the greens have been well broken down.
  2. Stir in the oats and the other half of the cherries (1/8) until well mixed.
  3. Press down into a non stick or greased baking pan and you can either:
    1) Freeze for 1-3 hours and eat from frozen. Can be stored for up to 3 months. (RAW)
    2) Refrigerate for 3 hours and eat within 3 days. (RAW)
    3) Dehydrate in a dehydrator for 24 hours or until firm. (RAW)
    4) Dehydrate in an oven on the lowest setting with the door open until firm. (Raw if less than 115F)
    5) Bake in the oven at 180 C/ 355 F/ Gas Mark 4 (Baked)


  • The RECIPE for DATE PASTE can be found here.
  • This granola bar recipe is suitable for Special Diets: Gluten free (Use GF Oats or Quinoa), raw (Use raw oats/quinoa), vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, egg free, refined sugar free, wheat free, soya free, salt free (don’t add salt), nut free (This doesn’t include coconuts)

Green Granola Bar Recipe Nutrition

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  1. These look delicious Katherine! Love the cherries, and how you actually put whole greens in! I’ve seen powdered greens and algae in bars before, but never the greens themselves. very cool!

    • Thanks Gabby. Yes I did search the Internet to see if I could find a recipe that included whole greens but couldn’t find anything so just had to experiment. I was so glad they worked (after a couple of attempts) I just realised my oven goes down really low almost to 115degrees F so am currently ‘dehydrating’ some and they are working very well. I’m excited to try other dehydrated recipes now but it takes forever!

  2. YUM! These sound and look delicious!! Very impressive – may be a great way to try to sneak some more green veggies into my son! I hope to give these a try.

    Thanks again for your kind words over at Have a wonderful week, and see you at this week’s Healthy Vegan Friday!!

  3. Oh so glad you thought of this! I have 2 young picky oys (4 & 1) cannot get the oldest to eat any salad. He has Autism so his picky eating is super super picky! But he loves chocolate and sweets (what kid doesn’t!) Going to make these this week! Get some goodness into them. Thank you!! Love your site by the way. An inspiration!

    • Thank you Maria, that’s so kind of you. I know the feeling, my toddler has become very picky and the foods she will eat are very limited now. Thankfully she still drinks the green thickies but rarely touches any cake or sweet treat like this. It’s hard when they won’t touch your healthy foods. I really hope your boys enjoy them!

  4. These bars look great! A perfect breakfast on the go :) The green addition is an awesome idea, and I guess you could use any dried fruit instead of cherries?

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a great idea for healthy snack! I always carry something in my bag and this one would be a great alternative to any fruit bar from store!!! Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe

  6. Hi Katharine! How long do you recommend baking them for if I decide to bake? Thanks!

  7. I love no-bake bars! This would make a perfect pre-work out snack for me, thanks for sharing.

  8. I just made this recipe and love it! It’s not too sweet, which is fantastic for my taste. But beware that when I put all the ingredients into a calorie counter, I get about 1200 calories for the total recipe, not 546 as is listed. My only change to the recipe was to use dried cherries rather than fresh, so that may account for 100 calories. The oats alone are 300 calories, and the coconut is 260-300 calories depending on which calorie website you use. That’s not even counting the date paste (which is a high calorie item!) or the flax or the cherries or the cocoa. Fantastic recipe–but just know you’re getting way more calories than listed.

    • Hi Pam, thank you so much for your comment. I’m so glad you liked it! I had mentioned in my blog post that half of this recipe is around 500 calories so that would match up fairly well with your calculations. Sorry if this wasn’t clear on the actual recipe.

      • OH!! That makes total sense… Now I get it!, but I didn’t see it before. (I was just going by the nutrition facts label under the recipe.) Thank you for clarifying–and thank you for this great website. :-)

  9. I significantly take pleasure in your posts. Many thanks

  10. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe! If I want to use frozen spinach, how much of the whole pack should I use? Do I need to squeeze the water out first?

  11. 20 mins in a fan oven burns this so I would say 10 mins should suffice!

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