3 Steps To Change Your Life With Essential Oils

Have you heard about the life changing benefits of essential oils but you don't know where to start?

I'm going to show you how to get started with essential oils in just 3 easy steps...


Here's how to become an expert in essential oils in just 14 days and never feel out of control with your health again!

What do you get with 14 Days To Essential Oils Confidence?

    • 14 day email e-course with one new life changing email every day...
    • Essential Oils recipes so you can experiment creating natural cost effective home remedies for your whole family…
    • Never again feel out of control with your health.  After going through this course you will have a toolkit of solutions for everyday health and first aid problems - plus beauty solutions to knock decades off your age!...

You will immediately receive a welcome email and daily emails for 14 days, so you can start getting confident in essential oils straight away.

In 14 days you’ll have changed your life!

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“I used to think essential oils just added a nice fragrance to recipes.  If only I knew just how powerful they were I could have prevented so much pain in my life.  I'm just grateful I finally found out eventually .” Katherine

STEP 2: Discover how easy it is to make your own essential oils recipe at home...

This video gives you a taste of the kind of natural non-toxic recipe you can make very easily with essential oils.  

Essential oils have changed my life in so many different ways!

I am SO passionate to help YOU change your life with essential oils like I have.

That's why I wrote a book containing all of the recipes that I actually use in my own home on a daily basis...   

Katherine Kyle before and after weight loss with green smoothies

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Katherine Kyle

Founder and CEO


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30 days to a toxic free you

Grab a copy of my book, 30 Days To A Toxic Free You and get: 

  • 30 DIY Recipes designed to help get the toxins out of your body and home and give you the best health of your life
  • Contains all the recipes you need to completely replace all beauty, personal care, home cleaning and first aid remedies you are currently using. 
  • Feel the difference and become an expert in natural living in just 30 days!

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STEP 3: Order your first essential oils kit with a 24% discount...


I am giving you my 24% wholesale discount AND a goodie back of free gifts delivered straight to your door to help you get started with essential oils the right way.  

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