Green Thickies Products

Here are our tried and tested products to help you feel amazing, look amazing and finally give your body the treat that it deserves.  Spend less time in the kitchen, have more energy for the things you love and get your life back.

Green Thickies 7 Day Detox With Background
The Leaf System Bundle With Background
Green Thickies 7 Day Detox

Get the exact meal plan Katherine used to lose 56 pounds following a diet incorporating filling green smoothies (Green Thickies) and quick simple and very tasty evening meals. 

You certainly won't be going hungry on this plan.

Read more to find out how many others have successfully dropped a dress size in a week and felt full of energy in the process.  


The Leaf System´╗┐: The Complete Weight Loss System

Follow Green Thickies proven system to lose weight naturally in 30 days, gain more energy than you've ever had, without spending hours in the kitchen!  Now includes 28 Day Leaf System challenge with daily videos.  Get Lifetime access here.  

80 Green Thickies Recipe Book with background
80 Green Thickies Recipe Book

Do you want to get healthy and lose weight but you have no time for cooking?  Green Thickies are perfect for you!  Katherine invented them so she could have enough energy to look after her baby, lose her baby weight and save time in the kitchen.  2 minutes a day is all you need to completely transform your body and your health.  

This full colour 200 page recipe book will ensure you never run out of Green Thickies Recipes again.  It also teaches you everything you know to get started with Green Thickies.


Drink Me Shrink Me Bundle
Drink Me Shrink Me Bundle

Instantly save $122.89 when you buy this bundle of 18 of Green Thickies products.   Priced at a low cost of $46 for everything... limited time offer.

Everything you need to lose weight, and feel amazing eating food you love. This is the fast track to saving time and money while improving your health and losing weight the easy way.


And if you're interested in learning which tools, resources and ingredients I use to get the best health, at the best price saving the most time making your Green Thickies and other healthy food, check out my resources page.