20 Of The Most Unusual Yet Extremely Healthy Smoothie Ingredients

We all know about the usual spinach and bananas in our smoothies but how about some of these really unusual super-foods? How many would you have thought of?

100 Best Green Smoothie Recipes for unbelievable energy and weight loss

Here is a list of 100 of my favourite green smoothie recipes to help you increase your energy and lose weight today. You are never going to run out of green smoothie recipes again!

How to make a quinoa smoothie: Honeydew and peach quinoa smoothie recipe

If you’re looking for a filling healthy green smoothie, but can’t tolerate gluten, this quinoa smoothie is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. I also share how to prepare your quinoa to add to this delicious quinoa smoothie recipe.

Healthy Green Smoothies: 10 reasons why you should be drinking Green Thickies

Green Thickies are a new revolution in health. This is the first healthy green smoothie to include all elements of a typical healthy meal which truly make them a complete meal in a glass. Not only do you get your full range of nutrients but they taste absolutely delicious. They will give you an amazing burst of energy first thing in the morning, and help you lose weight.

Healthy Muesli Smoothie Recipe: Healthy Hair

This is a great healthy muesli recipe. It is a bowl of cereal in a glass with all your added extra ingredients for a healthy balanced meal.

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie: 6 Essential ingredients in a Green Thickie

Imagine being able to get everything you need in one healthy meal in a drink. The great news is not only can you get all your nutrients in this healthy breakfast smoothie but you can make it yourself very easily so you know exactly what is in it. Green Thickies are made from wholesome healthy foods. There are so many benefits to drinking a glass of green thickie in the morning.

Doctors In This French Town Prescribe Surfing Instead Of Pills

Can surfing really beat prescription drugs for fixing common illnesses? This pilot scheme in the South of France certainly looks like it is leading the way into a new, holistic way of fixing patients’ health.

7 Reasons to Eat More Saturated Fat

Humans need saturated fat. After years of being told to avoid them, we now know saturated fats can actually improve your immune system, strengthen your bones and even help your heart as well as a whole host of other benefits.

Anti-Cancer Benefits of Avocado

What is full of vitamins, fiber and potassium, has loads of healthy fat but actually may help you lose weight and can fight cancer? The amazing avocado! Read on to find out more as well as some delicious recipes.

4 Amazing Skincare Products To Make Using Essential Oils

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