Are you constantly hungry while trying to lose weight? Are your cravings out of control? Are you feeling too tired to follow a diet?

In my free course, you'll learn how to make Green Thickies - my healthy homemade whole food meal replacement shakes.

The solution to beating hunger and conquering cravings while making weight loss easy. 

Green Thickies contain ALL the nutrients you need - protein, essential fats and fiber - and exactly the right calories so you'll lose weight easily and consistently.

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Drop The Fat Without Dropping The Ball!

My name is Katherine and I'm here to help you lose fat without losing your precious time!

Replacing your breakfast and lunch with Green Thickies can change your life! Just ask the thousands of others who have done just that!

Drop 1 Dress Size This Week With Green Thickies 7 Day Detox

I Iost 56 pounds by following a diet including Green Thickies - filling green smoothies meals - and quick, simple and super tasty vegan dinners.

Now you can get it too…

Green Thickies work while you're working.

It works like magic even if you don't have time to stop for meals.

This is the perfect detox solution for busy people.
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Immediately get access to the detox so you can start right away. This time next week you'll be so glad you did!

Hi Katherine,

I just wanted to tell you I completed the 7 day detox and I feel so great. I have lost 6lbs, do not feel like I need my morning coffee, the flushing of my facial skin from rosacea has dramatically reduced and I am so excited to wake up each morning and make a Green Thickie for breakfast!!
I am a stay at-home, homeschooling momma of 3 littles and at times so busy I would forget to feed myself! I would go most of the day without eating and then snack on random things. I gained 60 pounds the last 6 years during pregnancy. I have lost 30lbs but recently plateaued and have felt so frustrated. I've tried everything from paleo and keto to the point where I didn't know what to eat or how much and felt like even eating fruit was bad for me which thankfully it's not! What a game changer for me. Thank you for sharing a simple but effective program. I'm so excited to continue another week with this plan!



How To Make Meal Replacement Green Smoothies

Our best resources to help you make complete meal replacement protein shakes are all here.
Every one of my recipes is vegan, dairy free, gluten free, and uses only whole foods natural ingredients.
All are delicious, filling and easy!
Who said changing your diet, improving your health and losing weight has to be hard? It doesn't!

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