Katherine Natalia drinking a Green ThickieHi, I’m Katherine, the founder of Green Thickies, and if you’ve ever wondered:

  • “How can I get healthy?”
  • “How can I lose weight in a healthy way?”
  • “How can I keep my weight off by changing my lifestyle”
  • “How can I feel full of energy every single day”
  • “How can I feel better about myself and increase my confidence?”

And if you’re wondering how it’s possible to do all this quickly, easily AND manage to fit it into your busy lifestyle…

…You’re in the RIGHT place! 

Here’s How Green Thickies Helps You Effortlessly Drop Weight And Feel On Top Of The World

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Sometimes getting healthy seems too overwhelming and time consuming.  I’m here to show you how easily you can revamp your lifestyle.

Here’s how it works:

I believe people who want to stay healthy in today’s fast paced and overly tempting society MUST become focused on their health goal while making it as easy for themselves as possible.

How can you find the time to lose weight and improve your health while working a full-time job… while raising a family…while studying full time?

Instead of trying all the latest faddy diets, digging through hundreds of books, and wasting time and money on time consuming and expensive strategies …

…subscribe to Green Thickies (it’s free), and you’ll get strategies, insights, recipes and eating plans to help you regain your health and reach your target weight.
And what’s more? I’ll be showing you exactly what works so you can start doing it to feel more alive, more confident and all at a healthy weight. This is because I like to share my AMAZINGLY USEFUL TIPS and LESSONS that you can start benefiting from them TODAY.

Introducing Green Thickies

 (The Blog, The Recipes, and e-course)

Get FREE complete meal green smoothies at GreenThickies.com

Green Thickies is a thriving (and fast growing) community of health seekers and green smoothie lovers who want to become more healthy…more fit…more slim…and… more confident.

There are three main features of Green Thickies.  

There’s the blog, the recipes and the e-course.   When you subscribe for free email updates you’ll get access to all three plus exclusive “email only” material. Here’s what each “feature” is all about:

Green Thickies, the blog, is where you’ll get articles which will help you make the perfect healthy smoothie, how to lose weight and keep it off and case studies showing how others (including myself) have lost weight and recovered from debilitating health conditions.

Green Thickies, the recipes, are where I share hundreds of Green Thickie recipes with you.  These recipes are delicious complete meal green smoothies with added natural protein to keep you going until your next meal and reduce your cravings.  There are plenty of options for allergies and special diets.  What’s more, they are all calorie counted to fit into a weight loss diet and to top it off, they taste absolutely delicious.  Click here to read more about Green Thickies recipes. 

Green Thickies, the e-course, is where I share weekly lessons to take your health and weight loss to the next level.  Each lesson gives you one action that you can take to get results TODAY. What’s the best way to get ALL of the BEST free Green Thickies health and weight loss material on the web?

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About Katherine Kyle

Katherine's before and after photos on the green smoothie diet

Green Thickies was founded by Katherine Kyle.  Katherine is an expert in green smoothies for weight management and healthy lifestyles.

After losing over 110 pounds in total through green smoothie diets, overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome and many more health problems, she is committed to helping you have the same success.

She is a busy Mum of 2 young children, runs a business, and has time to lose excess weight and feel full of energy for her children by eating a healthy natural diet which includes complete meal green smoothies (Green Thickies).

complete meal green smoothies

Katherine’s approach to diet and lifestyle helps many people to lose weight and feel better than they’ve ever felt in their life. 

More specifically, she has developed a range of free products that she shares with her readers to help them achieve amazing results.

If you are ready to learn more about green smoothies and how they can change your life – choose from one of the free products below.  

You can contact Katherine here

Green Thickies Free Products

The Lean Green Smoothie Challenge

The Lean Green Smoothie ChallengeAre you ready to lose a dress size in a week and triple your energy levels?  

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12 Day Green Smoothie E-Course

12 week green smoothie ecourseGet started with green smoothies, learn how to make smooth, delicious green smoothies quickly and easily fit them into your busy life.  As part of this course we also give you 3 FREE meal plans to enable you to lose weight with green smoothies. 

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Weight Loss Recipe Card

FREE Green smoothie recipe cardDo you want to burn fat while you sleep?  This healthy, meal replacement green smoothie (Green Thickie) is specifically designed to burn fat.  All ingredients are selected for their fat burning properties and can be sourced locally. 

Click here to get your FREE fat burning green smoothie recipe. 

Dessert Smoothie CheatsheetDessert Smoothie Cheatsheet

Are you ready to trick your taste buds and learn to create smoothies that taste exactly like your favourite desserts?  You are going to be blown away by how delicious your smoothie are going to taste using my secret 6 step formula.  Plus I give you my FREE delicious and healthy lemon meringue pie recipe.  What’s more – these dessert tasting recipes can actually get rid of your dessert cravings completely!  Are you ready to put them to the test?

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5 Steps Mini Reboot

green smoothie rebootAre you ready for significantly better health?  If you are ready to learn how to re-vamp your diet, the principals of clean eating, how to rid yourself of your health problems and lead a happier life, you will love this reboot. 

Feel better immediately by following the 5 Steps to Optimal Health Mini Reboot.  The reboot includes a delicious detox green smoothie recipe you are going to adore. 

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