Green Smoothies For Weight Loss – Why It Actually Works

Green Smoothies For Weight Loss - Why It Actually Works

Do you know what one of the biggest reasons for weight gain and obesity are?

An increase in serving size…

Have you seen “Super Size Me?  

This is a Morgan Spurlock movie covering 30 days during which he consumed only food from McDonald’s.

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The film takes a hard look at Spurlock‘s physical and mental health on this limited diet.

Just as importantly, it reveals the influence the fast food industry has on Americans and the methods the industry uses  to encourage poor nutrition for profit.

Over the past twenty years or so, Americans have gotten in the habit of eating larger and larger portions of food.

We have developed an addiction both to the sight of lots of food on the table and the consumption of greater quantities of food at every sitting.

Not to mention all the snacking in between meals…

Now for the good news…

There is one important food group that you should increase and consume in larger quantities…

Green leafy vegetables!

Studies have proven that consuming green leafy vegetables on a daily basis helps you lose more weight, reduce sickness, boost your energy and many other health benefits.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to get all these benefits by adding leafy greens to your daily diet.  It really is easier than you think!

When you decide to change your habits, lose weight, and get healthier, you need to do the following:

  • reduce your calorie intake,
  • eat healthy foods,
  • Reduce junk food snacking, and
  • eat more healthy greens.

Surround yourself with a good support system as well and you have just taken the biggest step toward weight loss.

There are several processes at work here. The first is the reduction of caloric intake and eating enough healthy food to feel full.

However, we also know that many plant compounds have a positive influence by providing you with enzymes that regulate your appetite, insulin levels, and hormones that are involved in weight control.

One study showed that women who took a spinach extract, compared to a control group who took a placebo, experienced 50% more weight loss while also eating a healthy diet, exercising, and avoiding snacks.

The consumption of spinach extract also reduced both total and LDL cholesterol levels and reduced cravings for sweets and chocolate.

Here’s why it works…

Leafy greens contain a little known compound called Thylakoid which is what decreases your appetite and helps you feel fuller for longer.

This study used spinach extract, but there is ample evidence that eating or juicing more green leafy vegetables accomplishes the same goals.

And, remember, green smoothies are one of the best, easiest, and tastiest ways to consume more leafy greens.

You can drink far more juiced spinach, kale, chard, collards, mustard and other greens than you could ever eat in one day.

Here are a few tips to make your green smoothies as nutritious as possible, and lose more weight while getting healthy:

  • Don’t use conventional pasteurized dairy or other fattening liquids in your smoothies;
  • Avoid putting too much fat of any kind in your smoothies, even good fats;
  • Don’t use honey, agave, or any sugar in your smoothies;
  • Do not use packaged and purchased fruit juice or plant milks;
  • Avoid using canned fruit, as it is full of sugar and preservatives;
  • Use only one serving of superfood powder in your smoothies, along with your whole food greens and fruit.

Our goals here are to reduce calories and the quantity of food we consume, yet still feel full and satisfied.

We want to change our eating habits and consume whole, fresh foods and lots of green leafy vegetables.

Don’t rely solely on green smoothies to facilitate your weight loss — drink green smoothies every day as part of a life-changing healthy lifestyle which includes exercise and a support system.  

A good recipe for smoothies that increase weight loss is 2 cups of fruit to 4 cups of packed greens, plus one cup of water or fresh fruit juice. Add even more veggies if desired.

You might also be thinking, “The reason why I don’t eat leafy greens is because I don’t like the taste of them!”  

I totally get it and I have been there myself.

There are some fantastic techniques you can use for making sure the green smoothie is completely sweet and you can’t taste the greens at all.

This is why I created a book full of recipes to give you the sweetest tasting green smoothies you’ll ever try, and all full of whole healthy ingredients.

Secondly all of my recipes are complete meals which means they fill you up until your next meal – no more hunger or cravings.

My green smoothies are called Green Thickies because they are thick and filling.

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