1 Minute Blender Mint & Choc Vegan Hot Chocolate

1 Minute Blender Mint & Choc Vegan Hot Chocolate

I have a treat for you today!  This Mint & Choc Vegan Hot Chocolate  is one of the most gorgeous drinks I’ve ever made and it couldn’t be easier!  In fact it only takes 1 minute from start to finish!  

1 Minute Blender Mint and Choc Hot Chocolate

This Mint & Choc Hot Chocolate is healthy, free from dairy, refined sugar and you can also make it caffeine free!  What more do you want from a hot chocolate?  You want to be able to make it in your blender?  Done!

1 Minute Blender Mint and Choc Hot Chocolate

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The beauty of making this delicious vegan hot chocolate straight in your blender is that it gets blended so well, which means no clumps!

Another bonus is you can completely control the temperature of this recipe.  If you follow the recipe exactly as it is, the temperature of the hot chocolate will be perfect, warm and safe for kids to drink (but check it first).  But if you want it warmer, just keep your blender running and the heat from the blender will heat this drink up to your perfect temperature!

I love to add good quality peppermint essential oils to my hot chocolate. Peppermint will help improve concentration and alertness as well as helping you keep your energy levels up.   

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If you only make one drink this winter – make this decadent Mint and Choc Vegan Hot Chocolate!

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1 Minute Blender Mint & Choc Vegan Hot Chocolate



1 Minute Blender Mint & Choc Vegan Hot Chocolate

Luxurious Creamy Hot Chocolate – if you’ve got a spare minute you won’t regret making this minty chocolaty treat!

  • Author: Katherine Kyle
  • Prep Time: 1 minute
  • Total Time: 1 minute



  1. Blend until smooth (between 10 seconds and 1 minute for most blenders) This will make a hot chocolate usually safe enough for kids to drink (but still test it first)
  2. Keep blending it until it reaches your desired temperature

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  1. I do something similar, just mix coconut milk, cocoa powder, a splash of vanilla and a dash of salt. Pour into a jar and store in the fridge. For hot chocolate, put a couple of spoonsful in a mug and add hot water and sweetener of choice.

    I’m going to have to try the peppermint extract. Sounds lovely.

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