$1000 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway – December 2013

December Giveaway 1000 Amazon Gift Card at Green Thickies

This giveaway has now ended.  The winner is Michelle Y (michelley _ _ _ @ gmail.com).  Please email  Lindsey at homemademommy dot net to claim your prize.  Thank you so much to everyone for entering.  Hopefully these giveaways will become a monthly thing – so try your luck again next month!

I’m so excited about this giveaway.  It’s a really big giveaway, a $1000 just in time for Christmas to say thank you to you.  Because without you I wouldn’t be doing what I love to be doing, and that is blogging and writing and helping people to recover their health and feel great about themselves.  

I’m teaming up with some other bloggers to offer you this fantastic giveaway.  Just follow the instructions below to enter:

How to Enter for Your Chance to Win: 

1.  CLICK HERE to check out the prize and find something you would love to spend the gift card on. (Come back and after reading to finish steps 2 & 3).

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3. Leave a comment letting us know what you would spend the $1000 gift card on.

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December Giveaway 1000 Amazon Gift Card at Green Thickies

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  1. Use it for Christmas for my husband and myself.

  2. This is a great! Thanks! I have no clue what i would buy, but would be some sort of healthy products

  3. WHAT would I do with $1K to Amazon.com?! It’s going to sound awful boring to some . . . I’d go supplement shopping. I have one boy with Autism, and another we suspect has it, and all four of our kids have varying digestive issues, so $1K would go far. Good quality multivitamins, pastured beef gelatin, dried elderberries, probiotics, some good sensory therapy toys . . . that would be completely and totally awesome. :D

  4. An Amazon giftcard could be so helpful for Christmas shopping. I have 5 children so I know it wouldn’t be hard finding what to spend the money on. Maybe I’d even have a little left over for myself; I could really use some new slippers. :)

  5. Thank you! I would get so much jewelry for me and toys for my Sophie cat!!!

  6. Lots of good healthy food stuff you can’t buy in town, like yummy coconut oil!! Also a nice gift for my mother-in-law that watches our kids whenever we ask.

  7. I would get a dining room set so we can start having family dinners at the the table and not the couch. We have a baby girl due in March 2014 and I would start purchasing things to get ready for her arrival. I would get her a crib, dresser, breast pump, nursing pads, and crib bedding set. I would start stocking up on diapers and wipes. I would buy my 15 month old son news books and toys. There is so much lol!! I would get a new camera and a kitchaid stand mixer to make baking a lot easier for me. I would also get new pots and pans.

  8. Star-Shine Cheng says

    I would buy a new refrigerator and use the remaining amount to stock up on mason jars and pantry supplies.

  9. I don’t ‘really’ need anything for myself (though I do have some wants), but I would love to give my kids a couple of great gifts and then make sure that more Angels from the Angel Tree have a great Christmas… thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  10. I just started making the homemade items and am giving this stuff away to my family at Christmas. If I won the gift card, I’d probably get more items to create product for an Etsy shop. I’m really enjoying tweaking recipes into my own creations! Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. I would use the $1000 to buy gifts for all my friends and family. If any money was left I would buy myself the list of things I have in my amazon wishlist, most items are what I buy in order to feed my Paleo cooking needs.

  12. CharisYoder says

    If I won the $1,000 gift card I would first tithe $100 to church. Then, I’d buy my hubby some bagpipes, because he’s always wanted to learn them. Next, I’d stock up on coconut oil, flour, and manna!! Then, buy a thing or two for the kiddos!

  13. Alice Dilts says

    I have a 7 month old granddaughter so I know I can find lots of things to buy on Amazon for her!

  14. Most likely a new Vitamix as my old one bit the dust finally after almost twenty years, the rest would be for various gifts…

  15. Christmas is going to be slim this year. I would spend the 1,000 on my family for Christmas. Just found out my oldest daughter is pregnant!! Even though she isn’t due until July…I want to buy something for my grand-baby! :)

  16. My blender is about to die so this prize would be perfect for me to be able to buy myself the Vitamix I am coveting on Amazon at the moment.

  17. rayraycartucci says

    I want to buy a swing for my kiddo!

  18. I have been unemployed for a bit and I am expecting my first grandchild….so, the gift card would be well used and very appreciated. :)

  19. michelle mccarthy says

    I have NO Christmas budget this year. A win like this would certainly change our Christmas plans. We might be able to have that Christmas feast and tree afterall. AND maybe even bless some others along the way. Thanks for the opportunity even if only to dream! Merry Christmas.

  20. I would purchase some fun items to give away to my visitors on my blog. I would also purchase a Kindle HD for me. The rest I would spend on Christmas presents for my family and friends. Thank you for this opportunity!

    Maria Therese

  21. I’d buy gifts for friends and family, a few things for the house to replace old tattered ones, and the supplements I need. :)

  22. I’d donate it or what I bought with it to someone truly in need.

  23. I would buy a vitamix !

  24. Since it’s nearly christmas I would love to buy gifts for my friends, family, pets and well of course for myself :) For myself I would buy some cd’s and clothes I think :D

  25. Would use it for Christmas shopping…

  26. Hi…Couldn’t subscribe to Cheeseslave for entry…when I tried it said subscribe by email was deactivated by site…

  27. From what I’ve seen on the blogs, a VitaMix would be a great addition to a vegan kitchen. For someone new to cooking, I’m learning that the right tool (or toys) make all the difference in making it quick and easy – and therefore something you want to do again. Renovating the house, so there’s a long list there. Thanks for the chance and HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone.

  28. I would add it to my account and use it as needed. Groceries, homeschool curriculum, etc… We buy almost everything on amazon.

  29. My husband and I are trying to get healthy enough to have our first baby soon. I would love to spend $1000 on amazon on baby gear like a crib, stroller, car seat, pump, and organic cotton diapers. It’s expensive to start out! Thanks for offering this giveaway, and extra thanks for providing the information on this website!

  30. I would use the prize to buy really wonderful gifts for my family and I would also use it to buy products I need for my healthy lifestyle such as dry roasted unsalted almonds to make my own almond butter, and dates that I use as my only sweetener. Thank you Katherine for this opportunity!

  31. I would buy a few kitchen items I need and I would buy the products I need to make non toxic homemade personal care and cleaning products for my family and friends. Thank you for having this giveaway! :) merry christmas

  32. Tamra Bottoms says

    spoil my grand daughter

  33. DRAWING AND ART MATERIALS like.. graphite pencil set and copic markers set. THANNNNNNNNKS~!

  34. I would get a vitamix!

  35. Electronics and essential oils would be my choice

  36. Christine Wadleigh says

    I would like to spend the money on an Excalibur dehydrator. :-)

  37. I would immediately purchase a few books that I’ve wanted plus the Little House Books and Anne of Green Gables Books for my little girls and the rest would go towards birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, and other needs throughout the year. We are on a very tight budget so this would help tremendously.

  38. I would love to win a $1000.00 gift card for Amazon. There are so many things I see you suggest using from Amazon that I would love to try.

  39. If I won I’d be able to buy all kinds of neat kitchen stuff and Christmas presents too!

  40. I would spend it on the kids of course!

  41. Need a Vitamix for suuuure!

  42. I don’t even know what I would so with it yet but it would be awesome and I would help someone in need :)

  43. Ipads for my children!

  44. I would get a vitamix, a nut milk bag, a few oils for the oil cleansing method and a bunch of healthy goodies.

  45. I would use this Amazon gift card to purchase a high quality juicer along with as many recipe books as I can find. I know that juicing can have a major impact on my health, I just don’t have the financial ability to persue it. Thank you for this opportunity.

  46. Jessica Kirk says

    I have to agree with another commenter, I would use it buy supplements and other healthy living items. My 3 year old son has eczema and it’s mainly due to gut issues as it get worse with gluten consumption. I’d buy coconut oil and butter as well and raw honey. I’d also get a pressure canner :)

  47. Bake ware and a dehydrator

  48. i could get a great blender AND mixer!

  49. I shop at amazon a LOT, especially for basic pantry staples…so this would definitely help me out!

  50. Was unable to sign up for your newsletter. It says that it’s waiting for confirmation but I did not receive your confirmation e-mail in either my inbox or my spam folder.

  51. I would use the money to pay bills.

  52. With 1000 dollars on Amazon i would use it on school supplies for nursing school and health supplements

  53. I would stock my pantry with healthy staples — and keep it stocked.

  54. I will buy my mother a new laptop to replace her current one which is almost dead.

  55. Lesa McMillan says

    I would use it to buy some organic foods and a lot of green thickie ingredients!

  56. I have no idea what I would spend it on, but I know it wouldn’t take me long to figure it out!!!

  57. If I were to be the winner of the $1000.00, it would take awhile to decide just what the best things would be, but 10% would be to God’s work. Then, I’d love being able to give some items to others who so deserve them….many hard times for people these days. And we, ourselves, have had a very difficult year (actually longer) and would feel we could replace a few items that have worn out without the guilt. I make everything we eat and spend much time in the kitchen preparing, so it would be nice to select some practical aids to help.

    Thanks for offering this opportunity and Merry Christmas to all………………

    PS – I’m pretty new at this giveaway thing, and unsure on how to about filling out all the blanks. I clicked to subscribe to several sites, but never received anything from them. I hope it will be alright to just go to their sites and sign up but can’t at the moment, so will have to be later. As it is, this page has been sitting here for quite awhile as I couldn’t get back here. Thanks.

  58. Organic herbs and spices. A zester. Maybe a food processor. The organic conditioner I like and can only find on Amazon…..

  59. New computer or vitamix blender

  60. I would buy a new camera / camcorder as ours just broke!

  61. can you say garden and canning!!!

  62. Besides helping with my family Christmas, I would use it in my special needs classroom. I spend so much of my own money, especially for a couple of kids who are homeless, and also for classroom supplies. Have a wonderful holiday yourself!

  63. If I won, I would buy some bedding for my precious little boy (we are switching him to his own bed soon). And some books, and I would like to buy hubby something special because of how amazing he is. And I would stock up on coconut oil, baby boys favorite organic snacks, soap nuts, and other staples we could really use.

  64. I would use this gift card to get essential oils, books, and coconut oil to improve the quality of life for me and my husband – we have numerous health issues.

  65. My juicer just broke and I would love to replace it! I love having green juices and green smoothies each day! :)

  66. Christy Morgan says

    I would use this awesome gift to buy ingredients for the homemade gifts I’m giving this year – homemade marshmallows, candles, chai tea, face cream, chapstick…etc. etc.! :) Thank you for being involved in this!

  67. 1K would be so helpful! I would buy some books I’ve been wanting to read!

  68. I would get a whole bunch of kitchen appliances! A Juicer, a blender, a food processor -fun!!!!

  69. Books and cookware.

  70. I would use these for presents for my family, and getting affordable and healthy food and supplies.

  71. My 18 year old son is going on a mission to Argentina for 2 years this February, so I need to buy him a nice suit & coat. I also have 4 other children & a husband to shop for, so toy, clothes, &/or gadgets would be fun! The kids always enjoy new books. And my 11 year old daughter wants to start sewing clothes for her doll, so a sewing machine would be great for her as well!!

  72. Kelly Goode says

    Baby items; due with my first in Feb, and we have no clue as to what we need.

  73. I would use it for Xmas shopping!

  74. I’ve been eying that instant pot crockpot/ pressure cooker and I’d get a stand mixer and nice food processor or blender to make more stuff homemade!

  75. Dawn Rearick says

    This would go along way towards switching my cupboards from ‘processed’ to organic :D

  76. What a great giveaway! I love amazon.com. I would use the gift card to buy items that would help me be more healthy, such as a vitamix blender, juicer, etc.

  77. Christmas gifts for kids

  78. I would use it for a few splurges like a new rug and some kitchen gadgets we need, then I would buy healthy food items that I have been excited to get. as well as a few gifts for my family. I would make excellent use of it!

  79. Kristine Drumm says

    Rain gear! I would buy good rain gear for the family our old ones get us wet and we are very much outdoor folks. Backs would be a good match to. We are super green smoothie drinkers, even my year old grandson loves them.

  80. I would use a portion of the gift card to purchase supplies for a couple animal rescue shelters (including the one where we just got our amazing pup!) and the rest would go toward my Christmas shopping for family and friends!

  81. I would divide it up among the family, so everyone could pick a great gift for Christmas!

  82. Shellie Moore says

    Kindle Fires for my husband, children, and myself and BOOKS!

  83. I would use it for so many things! If I win I will get a vitamix!

  84. I would buy gifts for my two kids, my husband and a little something for myself!

  85. 25% to charity and the rest toward a nutritionist’s help in getting my diet on track for specific health issues.

  86. Anne Butler says

    I would buy an array of smoothie books, a juicer, and some exercise equipment.

  87. Wow! Thank you for the great giveaway! Someone will be a happy camper this Holiday! For us, it would definitely be a Vitamix for my family! We love green smoothies and drink them everyday! (An easy way to get the daily fruits/veggies into the kids!)

  88. Heather Smith says

    I would spend this on healthy foods we can’t get in the small town I live in! Amazon always has everything I need to eat paleo!!

  89. I would buy all the healthy foods and supplements my family needs that we are unable to afford by ourselves. Thank you for the chance to win this amazing giveaway!

  90. Marcea Frazier says

    There is lots of things I will buy for my family.

  91. I would give it to my mom. Ever since her second bout of cancer she hasn’t had any money for herself, anything I give her goes to bills. I would love to give her some money she would have to spend on herself so she can finally feel special.

  92. I’m already subscribed and I’d use it to buy this: KitchenAid KP26M1PSL Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer, Silver.

  93. I would use the gift card to purchase Christmas gifts for my two grandchildren. Thanks!

  94. I would order a good blender with my card. And some protein for my smoothies

  95. Thank you so much for this opportunity~
    I would like to be able to purchase a Vita Mix and some essential oils and supplies to help me start my holistic path of wellness~ Blessings to all of you who share information to help those of us in this transition~

  96. I would use the money to fund my smoothie tastings that I do at my house every quarter. I think that $1,000 would just about get me through next year!!

  97. Jessica Lenarth says

    Christmas gifts for sure!

  98. I would purchase a kindle for my mother in law and also use the money to help purchase homeschool curriculum.

  99. Erica Cohen says

    I’m a brand new subscriber and I’m so excited that I found your website! I would buy a few new books and cookbooks and possibly a new immersion blender or chopper – the possibilities are (not really but seemingly) endless!

  100. I would purchase some simple gifts for my family, then use the rest to bless some of the needier families in my community.

  101. Since I am on a fixed income, I would love to use this gift card to buy the gifts for my family that I would not be able to buy otherwise. I also could buy gifts for our program at church which is the Angle tree at the Salvation Army. Giving to others warms my heart.

  102. I’d like to buy a Big Berkey water filter!

  103. I would buy a Vitamix and a juicer with the money… it would be a great help to start me on my journey for the Paleo life I’m trying to start for my family.

  104. I lost my job (and I’m the breadwinner) back in September and things are super tight here so we’re doing a handmade holiday. I’d probably check out the grocery section and get a few things for the pantry.

  105. Wow, what an excellent contest.
    I discovered your blog over a year ago and your work has been instrumental in helping me find my way back to good health. I am in my 50s, so the weight is coming of very slowly–about 3-5 pounds per month but I have not seen my previously disordered eating rear its ugly head and it has been practically pain free to boot.
    I’ve signed up for the e-course and can’t wait to get started learning more.
    Thank you for a beautiful, encouraging blog full of great ideas.
    Merry Christmas!

  106. I’d start with a Vitamix or Blendtec and some new vegan cookbooks.

  107. Kimberly Deacon says

    What would I spend it on? so much, a Kindle, tablets for my Granddaughter’s, a new blender.

  108. I’d use it for christmas gifts for the kids – not quite sure how else we’ll pay for it this year ;-(

  109. Gosh what would I buy with $1000 on Amazon?! Probably a really great blender, an outdoor climbing dome for my kids, and books for my lending library. Awesome giveaway…thanks!

  110. I would give this gift card to my parents, who both adore reading on the Kindle Fires. I can’t even count the times my mom has told me about a book she can’t wait to read, but she has to “Wait until payday to buy it”; even though between then and payday, she buys countless things for me, my three brothers, and the rest of the family. She could buy all the books she wanted with this!

  111. After paying tithes and taxes, I would buy Christmas presents and save the rest, as I have a raise in rent coming and that and other necessities will soon pretty much max out my retirement income.

  112. Sharon marnell says

    I would love to spend the money on the healthy items I cannot find here in Slovakia, and as I am soon to be out of work, I would stock up on supplements etc for the next few months. :-)

  113. Raydell Hymon says

    This card would be a miracle for us at this time! Gifts for two kiddos would be bought and supplements could be bought for ages!!

  114. I’d use it to stock up on healthy oils and staples for our family as I get into making more and more of our own healing foods :)

  115. Wendi Gratrix says

    Amazon is a best friend in Alaska! So many great products, and usually free shipping, which is fabulous! Looking to continue improving our healthy lifestyle so would use gift card toward education and tools toward that goal.

  116. I would spend it on an ice cream maker to make healthy ice cream and a food processor to start making my own sauces…This would be a dream!!

  117. I would get an Excalibur dehydrator, and Berkey water filter. I would do a little Christmas shopping :-)

  118. I would definitely use the money to purchase my daughter the Viola that she wants and also pick out something nice for my mom and husband.

  119. Caroline Peacock says

    I would buy a new sewing machine and a juicer so I can make some smoothies.

  120. I would love to win $1,000 toward Amazon! I live in a rural area where I can’t buy a lot of things to eat with my multiple food allergies. I am an Amazon frequent shopper! I also want to buy the grinder/ sausage stuffer attachment for my kitchen aid so that I can make my own safe sausage and I’d love to get a food processor to help with that too and things like making cashew cream and soups and shredded veggies. If you want to see my Amazon wish list you can, lol :) I also really love baking for others who have food allergies/restrictions/limitations, because it is a challenge, but it ultimately makes everyone feel included.
    Cheers :)

  121. I’d spend it on items to complete my newly remodeled kitchen.

  122. I could do ALL of my Christmas shopping and buy all those things on my wish list to help us eat even healthier – vitamix, grain free flours, healthy oils, etc… This would be amazing to win and would certainly help us to start 2014 the way that we want :-).

  123. Jennifer W. says

    $1000 would be extremely helpful right now. I love that amazon.com is selling things like food and nutritional supplements, because that’s what most of it would go toward! With 7 children to feed and multiple food allergies, these things can get pricey.

  124. Gifts that I think my family will want and need.

  125. Between our anniversary, birthdays and Christmas I could easily spend this on loved ones!!

  126. April McBride says

    I would use the gift card to buy my supplements for the next couple of years! I would buy Great Lakes Gelatin and some probiotics. I would also buy supplies to make skincare products, like clays, activated charcoal, shea & cocoa butter, and oils. An amazon giftcard would be such a blessing to my health right now. Being a college student, some of these items are a real luxury to be able to purchase!

  127. If I won, I’d use the money to pay off a bill we have and buy health products.

  128. There are some families in need of diapers and other essentials here. I’d buy a huge box of items for those people in my area.

  129. I would use it toward cloth diapers, a PS4, and a Vitamix or Blendtec!

  130. I would use half of it to buy things we need and 1/4 for things we want and the other 1/4 for things that someone else needs!!

  131. I would spend it all on family this holiday.

  132. some gifts for family, ingredients for baking Paleo, and toys coats hats and gloves to give to kids in need.

  133. Russ shaffer says

    I’d like buy my family some gifts.

  134. Too buy lots of ingredients to make Paleo goodies and Green Thickies.

  135. I’d like a dehydrator and a few other gadgets for my kitchen

  136. I would buy a few big ticket items I’m currently saving for, like a deep and tall shelf to extend my tiny kitchen into the dining room and a juicer, a dehydrator, a water purifier (Big Berkey) to provide better meals for my family, and Christmas gifts for my family.

  137. I would definitely buy a good blender to make my smoothies much more appealing. Right now I’m using a ninja and it doesn’t quite pulverize as much as I would like, so a great blender would be awesome.

  138. Raven McKenzie says

    I would use it to buy health products, perhaps a blendtec blender. Books, mabe an ereader or tablet.

  139. Christmas gifts a mixer for me

  140. David J. Carrier says

    @ Amazon, the sky is the limit, a juicer for sure and books I need also a nice gift for my Lady.

  141. Would use for Holiday shopping

  142. Hi,

    I posted yesterday and have just been able to finish getting signed up for all the newsletters I entered for the entries. However, it’s still saying at the top of my posts that my comment is awaiting moderation. I’m interested in knowing if I’ve been accepted for the giveaway or not, as I’ve spent so much time having to sign up by going to each site individually. If you could please let me know, I’d appreciate it.

    Thank you.

  143. I need a new blender. I would probably buy one of those or get Christmas gifts.

  144. Julie Randall says

    I would buy books, organic goodies, shoes, xmas gifts…….

  145. So many fun things to buy! Christmas is the time to buy for friends and family. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  146. It would make a Awesome Birthday Gift for me!!! not sure what I would buy though :)

  147. Kindle Paperwhite!

  148. I would use my gift card to get nice things for my relatives, teachers, and people who have been so generous to me. (Returning to favor) With the extra money, I would get something I would need later. Maybe I’ll have extra money for the next holiday!

  149. Megan Houston says

    I would buy protien powder-want to try vega vanilla :) a vitamix! And the galaxy note tablet!

  150. I’d love $1000 to spend on BABY STUFF and KITCHEN STUFF! A Boba carrier would make it a lot easier for mama to get things done in the kitchen. (Wow, this sounds way too domestic. I think I’ll also buy a mountain bike for good measure.)

  151. I would use some of the gift card on people who really, and absolutely need it. Just like the poor with no home, family, or good clothes. I would donate to help people. I would use some of the money on my grandmother, who has been serving a feast for the whole family every Sunday. Using the money to support a school sounds like another thing I will do. Anything that will do people good!

  152. If I won, I would use the $$ to buy a new Vitamix or Blendtec and stock up on organic nuts, seeds, and other products for my smoothies/thickies!

  153. I’m going to have fun choosing

  154. I shop on Amazon all the time…my son & husband are in school so I get their textbooks from Amazon. I bought a spin bike from Amazon. I would probably use this gift card to buy textbooks, workout videos, marriage books, & all the items in my wish list. Thanks!

  155. Michele Gouveia Allen says

    I would buy everything on my Wish List! Hooray!

  156. I would join the farmer’s market delivery service, order my medicinal herbs and supplements that will help me heal and walk again.

  157. Looking Out for Others says

    Help this one special family have a very Merry Christmas. Help this mother of 3 who works hard to take care of her family but is struggling to make ends meet.

  158. Just found your site via PINTEREST and I love it! Looking forward to viewing it more.

    I’ve had my eye on a rowing machine for awhile now that I’d love to give hubs for Christmas.

  159. I would definitely buy gifts for my son, my 2 nieces and my 2 nephews, my mother and then an iPad for me :)

  160. If I won the Amazon gift card, I would stock up on some natural staples to help me in making my homemade gifts for the entire family. I also may consider a Vitamix!!!

  161. I would use my $1000 to buy a new food processor for me, some gifts for my kids, and some blankets for the homeless people living in my neighborhood. It’s getting cold now. Christmas is the season of giving!! Just paying it forward!

  162. I would use the $1000 to buy myself a new food processor, I’d buy my kids some gifts for Christmas, and I’d buy some blankets and gloves for the homeless people living in my neighborhood. Christmas is the season of giving! Just paying it forward.

  163. I love Amazon! Order from there all the time. I would get plenty of music and items for the home :)

  164. Lana Gail Zechner says

    I would pay off some bills and splurge a little on Christmas!!!!

  165. Thank you and I would use some of the gift for my ministry Celebration of Life and my grandchildren, creating a bedroom space for them.

  166. New to smoothies, I’m just starting with a nutribullet :) I need more cookbooks :)

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

  167. I would use the money to buy new items for our kitchen at home, or some new things for the camper…possibly both. ;)

  168. If I was to win…I would use my gift card to purchase feed for the rescued birds we care for…and to purchase the natural remedies I have been taking to fight Pulmonary Fibrosis so I can keep working with the birds and being here for my family. this was the rational behind setting up my art gallery online so sales of prints would provide for the Wild Bird and Surrendered Pet Bird Sanctuary we made out of our home. I’ve only sold 2 prints in 2 years so if anyone takes a fancy to any of my artwork…please know that the purchase helps feed and house the orphaned and injured birds here. we have ducks and geese, various pigeons and doves, small to big parrots, jays, crows, starlings, finches, shorebirds, marsh birds, songbirds and the occasional raptor who after arriving via local vets or shelters…await their ride by a permitted transport person…to the Birds of Prey Center in SC.

  169. A $1000 Amazon gift card is definitely a dream-come-true wish! I’d love to use it to finally get myself that camera that I’ve been eyeing for so many months now but is waaaay out of my budget no matter how much I keep saving for it.

  170. I’d buy your Diet Plan and Vitamix Blender.

  171. I would buy a sous vide supreme and kitchenaid mixer.

  172. Laura Ponder says

    I would use the money to stock up on essential oils and bulk organic foods for my husband and I. We’re a young military couple stationed in Hawaii and the organic/health food situation here is quite disappointing. Getting this money would be a huge blessing!

  173. I would love to win this to use for stocking up on things I use during the year.:)

  174. I’d probably buy equipment for my kitchen and things for my kids.

  175. I would bless my children (10 and 6) and a family from my church. Both families have had a hard two years barely keeping a roof over our heads and the surprise would be uplifting. …….

  176. Christmas for my children! Hoping to win.

  177. Lanita Anglin says

    I’d buy every Button Collecting book Amazon had.

  178. We work at eating healthy and we homeschool so I would spend it on supplements or whole foods and books or curriculum for my kids. :)

  179. annamarie Bland says

    cook books, kitchen gadgets, supplements, etc etc. good luck everyone!!!

  180. It’s great for a Christmas present for my children of my reading club on my community. Some toys, educational gadget, art supplies and super lovely books will brighten up the day.

  181. megan grace says

    is this open for australia? i have never used amazon before so I’m a bit lost how it works lol but if I’m eligible to enter i would most likely get a vitamix ;)

  182. I would definitely finish up my Christmas shopping!

  183. what would I do with an Amazon gift card like this? it would give me the perfect opportunity to do what I most love to do every Christmas
    I go around the malls and stores and look for strangers who really look like they need a lift and give them a gift and card… wow this would make that a thousand times easier
    I would get gifts just for this purpose
    yay :)

  184. If I were to win the gift card, I would snag some real food cooking supplies – a set of cast iron cookwear, a vitamix, oodles of coconut oil, etc. Essentially would all go into things to help nourish our growing family.

  185. This would be SO exciting! Santa! I want a pressure canner and maybe a new colorful Kitchenaid Mixer… and…. and….

  186. I’d like to buy a lot of books, Christmas gifts for my family and a graduation gift for myself and for my brother also.

  187. I’d invest in materials for our greenhouse/chicken coop renovation. And buy some chicks :)

  188. I know it’s not possible to use an Amazon card for this but I would use it to help pay for my electric, gas and phone bill, etc. So, instead, I would buy a gift for each of my kids.

  189. I would spend it on health products.
    Thank you Katherine!

  190. I love Amazon! I would buy books, a few gifts and lots of pantry items!

  191. I would buy a Vitamix Blender but not sure what I would do with the other half of the $ except that it would be something healthy or possibly new computer parts….

  192. This would be the ULTIMATE present for Christmas! I buy most of my presents online anyways (because finding organic/fairtrade is not easy in a small town), and being in college definitely doesn’t make spending money easy. This would be such a blessing.

  193. Dani Richardson says

    I would use it to make sure we have the things we need until I find a new job.

  194. I’m thinking I’d finally have the garden that I dream of!

  195. Ashley Hoto says

    If I won I would buy a Vitamix, Dehydrator and a food processor to complete my raw kitchen! I just bought a secondhand greenstar juicer and have been saving all the pulp to dehydrate! I would be able to share the healthy food with my friends and family and spread the word!

  196. Definitely would get a Kitchenaid mixer and an Irobot!

  197. This is so nice of you to share a gift certificate when you already are helping so many people become/stay healthy. I want to start by saying that I have been smoothing since last spring. Since last year, I have lost over 110 pounds! I teach Kindergarten, and smooth every day at lunch for myself and three other teachers. With the money, I would like to see if we could get another Vitamix for the teachers’ room. Then, I would buy books for my classroom, and gifts for my family. Thank you for the news letters with all the encouragement for healthy eating. Smoothing has changed my life, given me more energy and a more positive outlook.

  198. For sure a vitamix!!!

  199. to buy a vitamix for my family and one for my sister!

  200. maria villarreal says

    I would use the gift card to buy cookbooks.

  201. I would buy a vitamix.

  202. Thank you for your generous giveaway! I would spend it on Christmas gifts, the next size of cloth diapers for my little one, and some supplements!

  203. Rhea Springle says

    I would buy books, kitchen appliances and buy gifts for my mom!

  204. constantine says

    I’ve just resigned from my job and started to open my own business so i have no money left in my pocket. this giveaway will be a great sum to buy Christmas gifts for my family \(^o^)/ and maybe something for myself… yay!! thank you :) wish me luck :p

  205. Liz ferguson says

    I’d most likely use it to buy a Polytunnel! I’ve been after one for a while, but something always manages to creep up and bust the budget!!

  206. Some healthy food, book and christmas gifts for family and friends.

  207. jamie miller says

    I would use the card to buy all my organic fruits and veggies for the winter

  208. Steffanie DeFrates says

    I would use part of it for things we nseed for the house, the use the rest to give back.

  209. Christmas gifts for the whole family!

  210. I would finally get myself a Vitamix blender and then stock up on some other household items we’ve been needing!

  211. I homeschool, make most of our household cleaning products, medicinals and beauty products AND we are all avid readers….the $1000 would go really, really fast. :) Hmmm…stocking up my herbal supplies, container stock and base oils would be the first thing on the list. :)

  212. Christmas presents and a vitamix!

  213. I would use the $1000 Amazon Card to buy:
    1.) A Vitamix Blender
    2.) A Food Dehydrator
    3.) A Food Processor
    4.) Exercise Bike
    5.) Organic Seeds (For a Garden)
    6.) Books

  214. Wow, 1000$!
    I would buy a Vitamix, colourful measuring cups and a couple of gifts for my friends and family.

  215. I would buy lots of probiotics to support my healing of my gut on the GAPS-diet

  216. I’m not sure what I would use it for. It would be something for my husband and children and maybe a good vacuum(:

  217. I would probably spend the money on more Christmas gifts and items for our business (needed equipment). Thank you for the giveaway!

  218. We would spend this on Christmas and a little something for everyone in the family. Dehydrator for mom, drill for Dad and books for the kiddos!

  219. I would buy a new winter coat. The Chicago winter is pretty severe already and I think having a longer, warmer coat would be helpful.

  220. Dawn M Miner says

    wow !!! not sure but I would think of something

  221. I would buy Books , books, and more books, and a kindle to read them all on.. also all the healthy food items that I cant find local..

  222. I would buy a vitamix and other kitchen stuff. :)

  223. I’d buy lots of healthy things and things to make healthy stuff with!

  224. xmas gifts

  225. Missy Lowery says

    I’d get a pressure cooker and a keurig. I might even find another thing or two ;)

  226. I would buy ingredients that I cannot find locally, cookbooks and an iPad

  227. I’d use it on my family. Christmas is extremely lean this year. I’d also use some for emergency prepping and donate some to my church.

  228. I would use it on Christmas presents for all of my family and friends!

  229. books books and more books!

  230. Books it would be for everyone.

  231. I would buy some update things for my kitchen.

  232. I would use the gift cards on purchasing organic food items from Amazon that I am unable to get here in the small town I live in,

  233. i would love to get the twins some warmer outfits (matching ofcourse) and some new Warmer uniforms for my oldest. then a new twin stroller.

  234. 1000 would disappear pretty quickly into the house. rugs. bathroom fixtures. lampshades. …

  235. I would buy crafting supplies and books, books on sustainability, and a few allergy-friendly foods! :)

  236. I just want a sous vide.

  237. With a $1000 gift card, I would buy a very nice blender and food processor and all of those other kitchen gadgets that make paleo cooking so much easier. I would also stock up on almond flour, gelatin, ghee, and bulletproof coffee! (And probably buy some goodies for myself and my doggies, I won’t lie.)

  238. would use it to purchase Christmas presents for my family and to help my son pay for his college books

  239. I would use it to purchase all my healthy baking/cooking products.

  240. I’d use it on Christmas presents for my family. Last year I spent about $700 on my sister alone, so add in presents for my parents and grandparents, and it really adds up!

  241. So many things on my list…would really like a vitamix though

  242. Winning $1000 from Amazon would mean I could get gifts for my 5 children that they would really enjoy & use, like smart phones & nice-quality toys. I bet I could get smart phones for my husband & myself too!

  243. Brian Stephens says

    With a huge Amazon gift card…I would get gifts for the wife and kids, maybe a cycling gift for myself, and then probably a couple cycling gifts I could giveaway on my blog, to say thanks to good folks out there.

  244. There are SO many things on my Amazon wishlist that I would LOVE to have….this would go a LONG LONG way at my house. :)

  245. Lisa Gibson says

    Wow, fingers crossed. I would totally buy a Vitamix, a mandoline, and some awesome books I’ve had my eye on. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  246. I would buy a Tribest Wolfgang Grain Mill, as well as a spice grinder and a stick blender. Hubby and I grind our own wheat for bread with a hand mill at present, but with an electric one it will be so much easier to make real food!

  247. I would use the gift card on cast iron cookware, and stocking up on much needed food essentials. Coconut oil, pastured chicken…expensive items :-)

  248. I would use the gift card to buy items my family needs to free up cash that I can use to pay off debt. I would LOVE to start the new year debt free!!!!! We had a rough year with hospital visits and plumbing disasters. It would be great to put this year behind us financially.

  249. Well, I would love to get a decent Craft Table I saw on Amazon for my ALL of my beading…lol Plus, I would get a Kitchen-Aid machine that would make things a little bit easier for me, as I do have a physical limitation that sometimes makes it very hard on my muscles to co-operate when I want them to….lol But, I just go w/ the flow….if I can do it, I do….if I can’t, it’s gotta wait for another day :) I wish everyone well in the draw & have a wonderfully blessed Christmas :)

  250. We’d use it for healthy groceries, like coconut oil, coconut sugar, ghee, etc. (and to help cover all the random stuff my husband seems to keep ordering. :+)

  251. Healthy gifts–and a better juicer and blender.

  252. Books and gluten free items

  253. I would pay for the Amazon Prime membership and then finally get all those specialty grocery items that I’ve been dying to buy that are hard to get where I live!! I’ve been wanting to transition to grocery shopping on Amazon for awhile but this would help me give me that opportunity to buy things like Coconut Flour, Aarowroot, real Cacao Nibs, all those cool items I want to cook with!

  254. Lots and lots of coconut oil!

  255. Ashley Niemela says

    I’d start with a dehydrator and some sort of water filtration system!!

  256. Ooh! I can’t even imagine having that much to spend! Maybe a new couch? Ours are in sorry shape! There is SO MUCH I could buy off amazon!

  257. I would buy a LG Electronics 50LN5200 50-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV and a pressure cooker.

  258. I would love to buy anything for my kitchen.

  259. I would buy gadgets for my kitchen

  260. A food processor. (:

  261. Lacey Miller says

    I would do some extra Christmas shopping, get a better blender, buy some smoothie supplies, and some kindle books for starters.

  262. We just started homeschooling and the budget has been pretty tight with 3 kids. This would cover their textbooks, supplies and the reference books I’ve been saving up for! I would probably spring for an Ipad as well so they get some technology exposure and access to the learning apps on there.

  263. I would give each of my six children $50 to spend for Christmas, get a dehydrator, and buy school books. :)

  264. In the Christmas spirit of giving, I would use the gift card to buy toys and clothes for my neighbors little girls. These past couple of months have been hard on our families and unfortunately none of us have the money for gifts this year. They are upset that they can’t get the girls anything so I would use the gift card so that Santa could make a stop by their house this year.

  265. We have 3 girls, 5 nieces and a nephew to get presents for, plus a new house to decorate! Momma also needs some new kitchen stuff for her Paleo cooking adventures :-D

  266. All my supplements and health foods as the cost of getting well has been staggering and a serious financial drain on my family

  267. I would start off with a BlandTec to make blended drinks….possibly two….one for the family……then healthy staples, i.e., coconut oil, etc…

  268. If I won the gift card, I would be able to get a few of the kitchen tools I’ve been needing, buy a wooden play kitchen and a few more presents for my kids, probiotics, supplements, and if I had any left over maybe I would get myself a new pair of shoes which are much needed. The gift card would help out so much!

  269. What an awesome giveaway! I hate to be selfish but I would buy a vitamix! Other than that I would buy Christmas presents for my family! Thank you for this giveaway!

  270. I’d buy a Vitamix, coconut oil and stuff to make more of my own lotions, lip balm, etc! Merry Christmas!

  271. I would help take the load off of my husband and help with bills and then do something nice with my family over the holidays.

  272. Gifts for the family and a vegetable spiralizer! :)

  273. I would use it for Christmas gifts, some coconut oil and other bulk food items!

  274. I would use the gift card to stock my cupboards with healthy staples. My hubby resently was diagnosed with a bowel perforation and may need surgery to remove part of it, so needs a high fibre diet (including green thickies!). So I would use it to help my family be healthier :) Thanks!

  275. Alisha White says

    With a $1000 Amazon gift card, I would buy some awesome baking supplies and ingredients like coconut aminos, coconut milk, etc. I would also buy some books, a globe, and other homeschool supplies for my 3 wonderful boys.

  276. I would get a Vitamix, a mini food processor, a spiralizer, some awesome mason jars, tons of healthy nuts and seeds!

  277. Oh man. I’d buy books! Lots and lots of books for my son, for homeschooling, for cooking, for woodworking, for gardening, art, everything!

  278. Hello, I would get some awesome gifts for my mom, husband and son and then I would love a 50 mm f1.4 lens for my camera. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  279. I would clear out my wishlist on Amazon! Okay, I’m a mom… I’d probably spend it all on the kids. :)

  280. I would get Fitbits for me and my mom!

  281. For starts this https://www.amazon.com/ dp/B008SH86VC/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=2BZZNTS7PDR9&coliid=I2GF3ZD4TZQXCS and will follow with other items on my list.

  282. Crystal Martinez says

    Christmas shopping… and all the good stuff ive found on your blog that I just havent gotten around to buying

  283. Christmas shopping for the family, and we just bought our first home: so home improvement!

  284. There are so many possibilities! First thing that comes to mind is homeschooling supplies, and perhaps some prenatal supplements…

  285. Wow! What wouldn’t I spend it on? I buy everything through Amazon! I think I’d purchase some art supplies, books, journals, and groceries. Eating healthy costs a lot! I could get almost a year’s worth of food with the gift certificate. Thank you for the incredible giveaway!

  286. Gifts.

  287. I would buy the newest vitamix and more kitchen accessories/books!

  288. A vitamix or a new kitchen aid! Plus a whole lot of healthy pantry staples and a few books! :)

  289. MARY WOOLLARD says

    WoW!! This would be so amazing for me! Im Celiac and my daughter has Crohns and I have been dying to get us an omega vert hd juicer and a vitamix blender!!! with the left over, I would let my daughter pick out some games for herself. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  290. Laptop and a present for my son!

  291. I would get a new Kindle, since mine just died :)
    Also, stock up on some supplements, health foods, and maybe get a new immersion blender!
    And a tower garden for my balcony. I want to grow my own produce, even in my tiny apartment.
    I don’t really know what else yet. That’s a lot of money to spend!

  292. I would use the 1000$ gift card for my college textbooks for the upcoming semester!

  293. Not sure what i would buy , probably give it to my boys , they live in Scotland , im in US, surprise them with something nice !

  294. Jill Gehring says

    I would use it to get a few kitchen tools that would really help with time management and for a tablet of some kind to help with homeschooling!

  295. I would love to get some nice gifts for my family for Christmas. And a backup hard drive, badly needed for our business. We need coconut oil badly as well. I’m sure we could find something to spend the rest on, or I could give the rest to a friend in need.

  296. I have an Amazon ‘Wishlist’ where I’ve collected many ‘wishes’ and hopes since we started our Real Food journey. Replacing teflon pans, grass-fed gelatin, cookbooks…all sorts of items! I would use this card for our Wishlist. :-D

  297. Hi there. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. I’d buy a refrigerator and a microwave oven if I get lucky enough to win this $1000 Amazon gift card giveaway.

  298. I think I would us a gift card to amazon for getting some essential oils: I’ve been wanting to use them more, but they’re quite expensive, plus a diffuser. I would also get gifts for my family (although the essential oils are for the health of my family, they’re really for me). ;)

  299. i would like to buy kitchen stuff: utensils, a wok, salad bowl..

  300. I would spend the money on appliances and gadgets for my kitchen to promote an even more healthy lifestyle, not to mention make my life easier :)

  301. I would spend the Amazon gift card on kitchen knives, cool containers for my thickness, and cookbooks.

  302. Christmas gifts we otherwise will not have.

  303. I would pay some bills and also splurge on a Ninja Kitchen system and a gift card for Azure Standard!!! Bring it on!!

  304. Gonna get a new juicer, blender and of Christmas for the family!

  305. I love so many products through Amazon. That is where my husband and I buy a majority of our books. I really would like to also purchase some more food items from here.

  306. Love your recipes! And it would be fun to win a gift card to buy ingredients to make cool green thickies! Oh, and some books.

  307. Healthy kitchen supplies, that I can’t buy where I live – bulk ACV, cast iron pans, etc.

  308. I’m still drooling over all those cook books on my wish list.

  309. I would buy kindles for myself and as gifts and then ebooks

  310. I would probably buy a new juicer since I only have a blender and have to strain my smoothies most of the time:)

  311. Kirsty Macdonald says

    I would spend it on gifts for the family (an maybe for myself) plus lots of inspiring books and cooking gadgets!

  312. I would use the gift card to purchase my husband some much needed dog-training equipment :)

  313. Matt Stringham says

    I would buy my wife a new macbook air

  314. Melissa Olson says

    I would be myself a kindle wanted one for a few years and dutch oven le creuset and spend the rest on xmas for hubby and 3 kids.

  315. I would get a lot of raw materials for homemade bath products and medicines. I don’t have a lot of options locally so Amazon is my go to store for that stuff.

  316. Juana Esparza says

    I would use the gc to buy a tv.

  317. If I won this giveaway, the first thing that I would buy would be the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor. I need to get quite buying juices full of sugar and calories and make healthier food choices for the 2014 year.

  318. I’d treat myself to something really nice.

  319. I would use it for so many kitchen tools, since real food has suddenly made me start cooking like mad!

  320. I would get
    Lenovo G500 59385443 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black)
    Maybe two.. one for my husband.

  321. Some nice exercise equipment, and some kitchen supplies – I’d love to have a vitaminx.

  322. I would buy Christmas presents for everyone and then splurge on some higher priced health food supplies I’ve been eying!

  323. I would buy some of the dream gifts my kids want that I cannot afford right now.

  324. I would buy new blender. Or juicer, or books, lots of books. Or knitting supplies, yarns and stuff :D

  325. I would spend it on buying things in my kitchen to be able to cook more frequently at home and healthier. I would get a set of mixing bowls and a Vitamix to start with.

  326. I’ve been eye-ing the La Crusette (sp.?) bakeware for a long time, so some of that. Then an exercise set for hubby (and me), and from there… the sky is the limit. Things on my list are organic spices, teas, a kombucha kit, etc….

  327. Marsha Hendricks says

    I am fairly new with the idea of Green shakes and natural foods, but I am convinced and consider myself to be a new convert! I am 59 years old and realized that I have been eating wrong all of my life. Now, I want to teach my children, and yes, even my three grandkids all about this way of eating. I NEED the gift card, because as a single woman, I can’t afford to feed myself even the wrong foods. I want to be able to purchase the fresh foods and other healthy herbal things, that are just quite expensive, especially for me on a very tight, fixed income. Thank you for this opportunity.

  328. I’d use it to buy a great computer for my boyfriend. His computers are all ancient. C:

  329. Starla Bates says

    I would use it to buy several things for my Nana for Christmas. She deserves it more than anyone I know!


  330. Starla Bates says

    I can’t get the widget to work, when I click the link to go to it, it shows the kitchenaid mixer that has already ended. Can someone please provide me with the link?

    THank you!

  331. I’ve been the solo caregiver to my elderly, disabled parents for about 5 years. I’d love to be able to purchase a Kindle for my visually-impaired mother, so she can read her beloved books again. I’d also like to be able to pick up some supplies from Amazon, I’ve recently started a journey to try and lose weight, and with all the dietary requirements of the household, it’s been a lot tougher than I thought to make time to eat properly. (ESRD, Diabetic, gluten-limited, sulfur-limited. It excludes a lot of veggies, fruits, salt, sugar, gluten, eggs, and all Alliums.) Would be nice to stock up on stuff the whole family could enjoy!

  332. I would order some new clothes since I am in the process of losing weight.

  333. I would use the amazon gift card to purchase Christmas gifts for my family!

  334. Oh it would be a blessing to win 1k! I would buy Christmas presents for kids and washer&drye.

  335. I would get a Kitchen Aid Mixer, a Vitamix, and some Paleo Cookbooks! :-D

  336. Oh man… so many things but mostly supplement shopping and a tablet for the hubby and some toys for the kids… and personal development books too.

  337. I’d use it for my home.

  338. I would buy lots of books for myself and my family.

  339. I would buy shoes, supplements, kitchen gadgets, and maybe some books :)

  340. $1000 on amazon would be huge…it could go so far! but, I would probably use it all up in one shot with a vitamix for myself & one for my mom

  341. That would probably be a dehydrator, something that I still don’t have after 7 1/2 years of being raw! Oh and some raw gourmet stuff and supplements that are not available in my neck of the woods.

  342. Eliptical machine.

  343. Christine LaValle says

    With having 6 adult kids,5 kids-in-law and 11 grandkids, this gift card would give each of them an extra gift for their birthdays…and a little something for me-n-hubby :)

  344. I would buy fun Christmas presents and probably some new foods that I’d like to try. :-)

  345. I would use the gift card to buy organic foods I can only get from Amazon (I don’t have good grocery access where I live!) along with foot-friendly shoes for my 2 year old!!

  346. This is wonderful! I would use the Amazon gift card to focus entirely on natural health solutions for my loved ones.

  347. Textbooks and gluten free food!

  348. I would spend it on more real food and grass fed beef for our meal planning and would use the rest to benefit Project Linus and some other well deserving people

  349. Victoria Sinclair says

    I would use it to buy some books for my kids and hubby — maybe even a new e-reader for my son! And a new blender for me!

  350. I would be THRILLED to win this and would use it for provide Christmas for my 4 kids.

  351. I really have wanted an Excaliber food dehydrator for a long time.

  352. I would probably buy a nice blender. I would also probably buy some essential oils.

  353. chris armstrong says

    a little christmas shopping, a new kitchen aid, dehydrator, and food saver

  354. Vitamix for starters, then some other great kitchen gadgets for my husband :D

  355. Becca Griffith says

    I’d buy a couple of new cooking pans, and a full size cello…a few books, too!

  356. i have no idea, but money is really really tight right now so i know it would come in handy! probably healthy food for me and the cats. and wax for my candlemaking. :)

  357. Oh my!! Where do I start…A spiraliser, a dehydrator, superfoods and supplements…all the things I’ve missed while living overseas on a small island…

  358. My Amazon wish list is getting quite long, as I am trying hard to be frugal while unemployed. If I win the gift card, I’ll review my wish list first for “necessity” items. If none seem urgent at that moment, I’ll just go crazy & buy whatever I want instead; perhaps I’d start with a food dehydrator & a pressure canner!

  359. I would buy grip tape. Lots and lots of grip tape :D

  360. I’m going through a major weight loss and would use some of this card to get myself some clothes that actually fit! I would also purchase some items to donate to Operation Kindness, the oldest nonkill shelter in Texas, and right down the road from us!

  361. Christmas gifts :)

  362. I would spend the whole $1000 on books! And mostly on books about food, green living, nutrition and fitness!!!

  363. I would get gifts for all my family and then buy gluten free books and ingredients with what’s left. I have only been gluten and dairy free for a month. Thank you for the oportunity. I love your website. :)

  364. I would purchase the Vitamix I have been lusting after for so long.

  365. Oh my. A blend tec? Gifts for a year? Probiotics and EOs. Groceries? Thinks for my new baby? Hard to choose!

  366. I’d start with a new computer then I’d buy a kiln for the business we want to start.

  367. I had trouble subscribing to all the sites.

  368. I’ll spend it on ooh soo many books for my Kindle!

  369. I would totally get a kitchenaid mixer or something higher quality, buy a bunch of cookbooks, and then buy TONS of cooking supplies/ingredients that are hard to find in stores, along with some gifts for my husband.

  370. I would buy a new Tablet, since my computer is ancient and I use it frequently.

  371. I would finish my shopping and then help a few friends that are having a hard time right now. If I had some money left id buy myself some kitchen gadgets like a food processor.

  372. A kindle

  373. I’d use the giftcard for a dehydrator or a juicer, and lots of healthy food.

  374. We’re moving our kids room, and I’d love to use it for that. Also for the many babies arriving next year! Wonderful baby gifts!

  375. Christmas (Get Gift Cards) [Someecards]

  376. I would buy some furniture for my kids room.

  377. cheryl barton says

    I would buy a good knife for myself, a cool toy for my some, and whatever money is left over-my husband can get something :)

  378. I’d spend it on a new set of knives and pots & pans. Mine are all old and in need of replacing.

  379. Coconut oil, essential oils, soooo many things on my amazon wish list! Would be a dream come true!

  380. I am keen to buy some new cookbooks and health books, I can’t keep up with all the ones I need to buy.

  381. I’d definitely purchase my partner and I a new smoothie/soup making blender, and some last minute Christmas gifts for the family if I won!

  382. I would buy my kids textbooks for Spring semester.

  383. I would use it towards a tread stepper, something that would benefit my boyfriend and I in our quest to stay healthy in our 50’s and it is something that would be low impact for his knees.

  384. I would buy healthy groceries and some presents with the gift card

  385. I want a Vitamix to make green smoothies with!!!

  386. I would buy things for my new wellness lifestyle!! Thanks guys! Your blogs sure are helping me be a more happy healthy me!!

  387. Kimberly D. Ballard says

    A $1K Amazon gift card would be a gift for my son AJ, my brother, Marty. My son AJ has developmental disabilities and recently graduated from high school. He had had to move to KY with my brother because my work schedule was conflicting 2 days a week and his father wouldn’t help 2 days a week so that AJ could cease the oppurtunity of attending a transitional program at UofM for free, where he’d be able to learn life and job skills, grow socially, as well as educationally, so that he’d be able to maybe one day have as much of an independent adult life as possible. It hurts to have had to allow him to move away, but in KY he is surrounded by family and will hopefully be able to enter into school there. I’m so blessed to have a brother who loves his nephew so much and thankful for him helping when we had no one else to help me help my son advance in life with disabilities beyond his control. The gift card would truly help with supplie.

  388. Help my family with last minute Christmas shopping

  389. I would spend it on….SO many things all healthy of course!

  390. Joshua Afianto says

    I will buy my two best friends something special for Christmas. Perhaps something not too expensive, but has a lot of use. I just wanted to make them feel really happy this Christmas

  391. I would buy a Blendtec blender for me and an Apple Ipad for my husband!!

  392. Oh, wow $1,000 on Amazon! There’s so many possibilities. I would first buy an Excalibur dehydrator (my dream), a La Coche stone for making bread, awesome veg cookbooks, several Amy’s no-cheese pizza, healthy/natural gifts for family, and items that my favorite local charities are in need of (i.e. office supplies, toys).

  393. I would buy a orthopedic dog bed, and kitchen appliances.

  394. I’d use it on a new macbook Air

  395. I would use it to buy things to benefit my attempt to become more healthy.

  396. I would love to buy my brother a vitamix and I would love a full set of Le cruset cookware!

  397. kristin Moriarty says

    Christmas presents for my son and family and an RO water filter.

  398. Rebecca Blackwell says

    I would buy a Vitamix!

  399. I have relocated to Florida because of health issues. I am alone without my husband for the first time in 20 years! I would use it to purchase healthy Paleo foods, Paleo cookbooks, some furniture items for my apartment. And, some Christmas items for my family members. I will use the money very carefully as I am on a tight budget. Winning this would be a “miracle” Christmas for me! Thanks for your wonderful website! If amazon has plane tickets, then I will buy one for my husband to come and visit me.

  400. Mellisa Louise says

    I would buy toys for my baby and my Fiance, maybe a Playstation 4 or something.

  401. I would donate $600 worth of school related accessories to the children charity and the other $500, I would spend it on buying pet accessories.

  402. Seeing as we just spent all our Christmas money at the vets on our sick cat !!! We would totally be buying Christmas presents :-) Well we do have our cat for Christmas :-)

  403. I would buy lots of hair products and straighteners and a pair of beats headphones

  404. Heather Taylor says

    a vitamix.

  405. If I won the $1,000 gift card, I would buy a trap bar & exercise accessories for our ghetto home gym and a Vitamix blender! Our blender is going downhill fast…

  406. I would probably stock up on stuff I normally order from Amazon, like Charlie’s Soap, purchased in bulk quantities. With definitely some books thrown in. :)

  407. Deborah Peacock says

    If I won the gift card my kids would actually get Christmas presents this year.

  408. I would buy books to read aloud to my children and their own favorite books for them to read for themselves.

  409. I’d buy a Kindle DX and a VitaMix Blender for smoothies!

  410. Mom’s needs a great blender for all the smoothies :)

  411. I would buy a Vitamix. I would also buy gifts for my family, and vegan food supplies.

  412. A kitchen aid mixer

  413. I would purchase organic, non-GMO products to keep up a healthy diet!

  414. If I won the 1k to Amazon we would be rolling in organic ingredients for various recipes that I’ve been waiting to try after the holidays because of money, and I really want to start fermenting too!

  415. Jennifer Swanson says

    I’d purchase gelatin, a nursing necklace, and many other items that we need! :)

  416. I would use it to buy my grandmother and mother something special so they know I appreciate them.

  417. I would use it on Gifts for my kids ( Birthdays bf and after Christmas) and for my momma who is next in Feb. And having no job, this would be a God send!

  418. MARY WOOLLARD says

    anxiously waiting to see if im going to be able to get a vitamix!!! :) thanks

  419. I would buy a toaster/convection oven to replace our microwave, a pressure canner, an excalibur dehydrator and a vitamix :)

  420. I would spent $1000 on new components for my computer.

  421. I would start with a Blendtec..

  422. paula peterson says

    I would really like to get the piccolo kids couch and a new dinning table from amazon.

  423. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    I would love to get somenew books and some Dr Who goodies!

  424. I would use it to buy last minute gifts for my entire family since we’re having trouble with Christmas shopping this year

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