11 Food Pairings That Effectively Accelerate Weight Loss

11 Food Pairings That Effectively Accelerate Weight Loss

By Andrew Jonasson

We all know that healthy whole foods contain some nutrients or vitamins. Sometimes both. Sometimes more, like flavonoids, phytoproteins, or chemical compounds that help digestion or decrease inflammation. But these don’t work exclusively.Sometimes these processes work on their own: eat eggs for healthy fats, eat oranges for vitamin C, you know the benefits. But in a study from Purdue, people who ate a salad topped with three eggs absorbed 3-9 times more carotenoids – antioxidants that reduce the risk of many cancers.
Eggs & Salad
Eggs, or any fat source, and salad is a good mix for accelerating weight loss. “In general, eating vegetables with added fats helps improve the absorption of beta-carotene in the vegetables,” says Rosanne Rust, founder of Rust Nutrition Services.

Roasted Vegetables & Oil

Healthy oils like extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil on roasted vegetables helps your body absorb the most nutrients, like beta-carotene. These nutrients give your body energy using fats your body needs and uses.

Steak & Broccoli
Red meat has a healthy dose of iron and broccoli helps your body digest it. Iron-rich foods are absorbed into the blood more readily when a food that’s high in vitamin C is eaten at the same time,” explains Sarah Krieger, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
Garlic, Onions & Wild Rice
Researchers with the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry added garlic and onion to whole grains and noted that the zinc and iron found in the grains became easier to absorb. This increased bioavailability is a great idea for dinner tonight.
Kale & Salmon
“We need vitamin D to better absorb calcium,” notes Rust. Cheese contains both, but calcium-rich greens like kale need help. Oily fish like salmon are rich in vitamin D, same with sardines or trout – and they all make great salads.
Avocado & Tomatoes
Slip some avocado in your next BLT: it helps absorb the healthy carotenoids in tomatoes, but it also delivers vitamin A. According to research in the Journal of Nutrition avocado with tomato delivers nutrients for your vision, immunity, and fighting inflammation.
Turmeric & Pepper
The yellow spice that makes you feel nice, research shows turmeric is linked to everything from reduced pain and inflammation to happier moods. Adding pepper drastically improves the bioavailability of the curcumin – the active ingredient found in turmeric.
Cayenne & Chicken
Protein-rich poultry can increase post-meal calorie burn by 35 percent. Add chili pepper to get rid of belly fat naturally – the capsaicin works to fight inflammation and help you effectively lose weight.
Bell Peppers & Eggs
Choline in eggs and vitamin C in peppers get your immune system working and your body shedding pounds. What does vitamin C have to do with weight loss? Having enough vitamin C blocks reduces cortisol, the “stress hormone”. Peppers and eggs are another fat/salad combo that helps your body drop belly fat.
Honeydew & Red Grapes
This fruit combo gets rid of fat and bloating thanks to the melon’s natural diuretic properties. An antioxidant called anthocyanin in the red grapes reduces your body’s exposure to fat. Not only is this a super-healthy duo – it’s super-tasty too.

Pistachios & Almonds

Get rid of starchy carbs and grab a handful of pistachios and almonds. This nut combo help speeds up weight loss thanks to their mix of proteins and fat, along with having no carbs. An amino acid called L-arginine found in almonds helps the body burn fat and carbs, so grab this snack before working out.SOURCE: http://www.shape.com/healthy-eating/meal-ideas/10-powerful-healthy-food-pairings


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11 Food Pairings That Effectively Accelerate Weight Loss


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