At last! My new Green Thickies recipe book has arrived!

Green Thickies Recipe book
One of my most popular requests is to create a book containing all of my Green Thickie recipes, and now it is finally here!  

So why did I invent Green Thickies?  
After I had my first baby, I was struggling to find the time to eat a healthy meal, as she needed so much attention. I was tired and didn’t have the energy or time to spend a lot of time preparing and eating food. I was used to drinking green smoothies and eating a bowl of oatmeal for my breakfast every day before I had my baby – so I had an idea. I combined them! The Green Thickies was born!  A green thickie is a filling green smoothie which is a complete healthy meal. It will save you time, energy, and you will feel amazing after drinking these every day. I made a big batch of Green Thickie and had some for breakfast and lunch. I had so much more energy and time to spend with my daughter. 

A complete meal

Green Thickies have evolved, and there are now 20 “fillers” for adding to your smoothie to create a meal replacement smoothie. So there is something for everyone, regardless of the type of special diet you are on. 

What is so good about Green Thickies?
Most of the ingredients in these recipes can be found in regular stores worldwide.  They are based on whole unprocessed foods that are good for your health.  You can make a Green Thickie in just a few minutes and have 1-2 meals to keep you going for an entire day until dinner time.  This is fast food on the go for busy people.  Don’t ruin your health eating fast food when you can easily pack a green thickie and take it to work with you!  These drinks are also perfect for kids.  My kids will rarely eat their vegetables, but they adore Green Thickies so I can relax knowing they have had at least one vitamin rich meal every day. 
Daily life changing stories
Every day I hear stories from people who have turned their health around drinking Green Thickies and dropped loads of excess pounds.  Just this week one of my friends told me he’d been drinking Green Thickies for 5 weeks now and had noticed massive improvements in his energy levels and his overall health.  

I challenge you to better health and weight loss

I would like to really encourage you to make a permanent change in your eating habits. These recipes are not a faddy diet – they are a long-lasting change to improve your health every single day from now on. 

** Please note that this post may contain affiliate links which means that I can receive a small payment if you make a purchase through my links.

I challenge you to replace your breakfast or you lunch (or both) with a green thickie and notice the difference. 

* To consistently lose weight, all you need to do is replace your breakfast and lunch with a Green Thickie and eat a healthy protein rich unprocessed meal for dinner that is around 300-400 calories. (For a more accurate diet plan please enter all your food into a calorie tracker such as My Fitness Pal)

You will never run out of Green Thickie recipes with this book, and I also give you the formula for creating your own Green Thickie creations.  
I would love it if you would hop over to Amazon and leave me a review as it really encourages so many other people to start to make a positive change in their life too.  
Thank you so much! 
My book can be found in kindle format on Amazon worldwide so you can type Green Thickies recipes into Amazon to find it. 
Here is a link to Amazon US.  Click here to grab a copy of Green Thickies recipe book at a reduced rate.  Hurry before the price goes up!  

Green Thickies Recipe book

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