Brighten Up Your Day With This FREE Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe Card

Weight Loss Smoothie RecipeDo you know what day of the week is my favourite day?


I just love eating healthy food, getting back to my routines, my workouts and being able to help you!

But I know most people don’t like Monday’s at all.

So I want to brighten up your day today and give you a special gift…

My Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe!

Weight Loss smoothie Recipe cardFor this recipe I have chosen the 8 best smoothie ingredients for weight loss.  

This recipe won’t taste anything like any smoothie you’ve ever tried.  

It is an unusual taste but personally I adore it.

This smoothie is a complete meal and it will keep the hunger pangs and sugar cravings away all day!

It includes everyday ingredients you can find at your local store…

And if you drink one serving for breakfast, another serving for lunch and a sensible healthy dinner, you will notice the weight falling off…

* Please note this smoothie contains grapefruit which can interact with some medications. If needed you can replace 1 grapefruit with 1 large orange or 2 tangerines.

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