The Complete Meal Green Juice

The Complete Meal Green Juice

Lately I’ve been getting hooked on watching Christa Orecchio who is a Clinical Nutritionist at The Whole Journey Website. 

This video is an example of why I love Christa so much!  Not only does she share nutritious recipes, but she actually can help you with all aspects of your health and I’ve learned so much from her.

This complete meal green juice by Christa is a balanced healthy green drink you can whip up in minutes and will give you a substantial amount of protein.  

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For the last 8 years in her private practice,  Christa Orecchio has helped countless people heal from the root cause, using food as medicine.

If you liked this video you can catch her weekly “Food as Medicine” show on FOX.

Christa’s put together a FREE video training series where she’ll be sharing the following videos that will be emailed to you if you choose to sign up here.

  • “The 4 Changes That Will Have You Feeling Better 30-50% Better In Less Than A Week”
  • “No-Fail Techniques To End Insomnia, Brain Fog, and Chronic Exhaustion “
  • “The Secret To Healing (and Preventing) Cancer Through Food”

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The Complete Meal Green Juice

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