How To Cure Tooth Decay Naturally: What To Eat and Supplements To Take

How To Cure Tooth Decay Naturally What To Eat and Supplements To Take (Blog Post)Did you know that your teeth are alive and they can actually heal? Most people don’t know that their teeth can heal naturally from tooth decay. They just assume they have to go to the dentist and get more drilling done. If only people knew the truth they might be much more likely to take the control over their health back again.

Guess what? Although I have many teeth problems I just realised something – that I actually managed to heal one of my cavities naturally. I was told 2 years ago that I needed a filling for tooth decay and I told him I’d wait and see if I could heal it naturally.

Well 2 years later, many checkups and x rays by different dentists later – I no longer have a cavity in that tooth! Yay!

Watch my video to find out how you can do it too:


Here are some links to resources that I mention in my video:

Cure Tooth Decay Book:

Best Cod Liver Oil Supplements:

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Book:

Nourishing Traditions Recipe Book:

And the diet that I have been following for the last 2 years to heal my cavities naturally has been The Leaf System which is based on all of the principals of Dr Western A Price and Ramiel Nagel.

Get a month’s worth of Leaf System meal plans completely free here:

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