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When I first started with essential oils, I was confused about how to start using the oils to help my specific health problems.  I was very relieved when I finally bought the Essential Oils Pocket Reference book so I could look up my own health problems and work out solutions.   I am sending you a pocket reference book so you can look up all of your health problems in the future.  

While you are waiting for your reference book, I will provide you with a personal plan showing you the best oils for your health conditions and how to use them.  I take this information from The Essential Oils Pocket Reference.  When you fall in love with these oils and want to help others with their health problems, I suggest you use this book to look up their health problems too.  

I had so many health problems when I first began with essential oils that I made the mistake of trying to focus on all of my health problems at the same time.  I got confused about which protocol I was supposed to be following for what.  For that reason I think it’s beneficial to focus on just 3 health problems to start with.  Please remember that essential oils are good for the entire body.  They don’t work like drugs and just mask a symptom – they help to make the body healthier, so more often than not when you start using essential oils for one reason, you start to notice lots of other benefits and just generally feeling better.  

As well as the oils, the only other thing that I suggest everyone do when they first start with essential oils is to start drinking Ningxia Red.  This is the most powerful natural supplement for energy and for just generally making you feel better. I’ve tried this on two dedicated periods of time and both times I noticed massive improvements in my energy and so many other health benefits.  You can add Ningixa Red to your order any time and there are many options to purchase it.  Just log on, choose order (or essential rewards to get free products) click on nutrition and find Ningxia Red in the list. 

What you need to do to get your Personal Plan

Choose 3 of your most problematic health problems from these 3 lists that you’d like to work on first . I recommend trying the suggested oils for at least a month to see what difference they are making to your health.  Hopefully you’ll see an improvement fairly soon after starting to use your oils.  

Email me (Katherine) at with the 3 health problems that you’d like me to address in your personal healing plan and I will send your plan back to you via email within a week.  

Please note, currently this plan is only available FREE to those who signed up to buy a Young Living Premium Starter Kit with my link.  If you haven’t already got your kit, you can read more about it and sign up here. 

Health Conditions from the Essential Oils Pocket Reference 1

Health Conditions from the Essential Oils Pocket Reference 2

Health Conditions from the Essential Oils Pocket Reference 3