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Name Your Price on all Thank Your Body E-Books!

You heard right. From now until March 15th Robin from Thank Your Body is running a special on ALL Thank Your Body e-books that’s unlike any other special: She’s letting you name your price!


 Whether you’re looking to improve your diet, resolve chronic pain issues, de-clutter your life, or rid your home of dangerous chemicals Robin WANTS you to succeed. For some people the price of an e-book is more than they can afford. For some they will pass up an opportunity because they don’t see the value yet. She understands both issues completely. And that’s why she’s giving you guys the chance to name your own price.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! I promise. She has set the minimum price to $1 per book to cover the fees associated with hosting and paypal… but if you’re willing to pay at least one buck you can have your choice of book. Of course you may also choose to pay more. It’s up to you. Pay what you think the books are worth. Nothing more, nothing less. No questions asked.

Thank Your Body E-books

The Clutter Trap

De-clutter your life and starting living the way you really want to with these powerful clutter-free principles. The Clutter Trap is not your typical “how to to organize” book. Rather than organizing the things you don’t need, The Clutter Trap gets to the root cause of why you have clutter in the first place. You’ll learn what your “Clutter Profile” is so you can change habits to change your life for good. And with the Clutter Free Action Plan you’ll learn the secrets to ridding your life from clutter in as little as 15 minutes a day! Learn more.

Toxic Free

Did you know Federal regulation does not require chemicals to be tested or proven safe before manufacturers include them in consumer products? Protect your family from hidden toxins in your cleaning and beauty products with these simple and easy DIY recipes. Toxic Free is the go-to resource for non-toxic beauty, personal care, and cleaning recipes. This book takes the stress out of making your own products and will make your home a safer place to be. Most of the recipies in Toxic Free have been trusted for hundreds of years and use all-natural multi-tasking ingredients that save you money. Imagine simplifying your life, decluttering your cupbords and saying “good bye” to toxic chemicals for good! Learn more.

Pain Free

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Did you know that most chronic pain is a result of our own movement patterns and habits? It’s true! Luckily there are simple ways to feel more “at home” in your body. Learn how to eliminate headaches, backaches, sleep well at night and tone your body through the power of healing somatic movement. This book provides an overview of the principles behind Somatics and 60 exercises. It includes full colored photos, descriptions, and helpful tips to get your going. Plus it includes a handy “Pain Chart” with specific sequences of the 60 exercises tailored for common complaints and issues. Learn more.

Processed Free

There is a lot of debate about the best diet. Many companies are looking to sell expensive supplements, products, or promote an extreme way of eating. Real food does not have to be so complicated! Processed Free is a complete guide to eating healthy in a way that is enjoyable and stress-free. You’ll learn what to look for, what to avoid, why our current food system is the way it is, and most important how to save time and money while nourishing your body. This book also includes useful charts, tools, and resources to make your journey from to healthy eating simple. Learn to enjoy eating again! Learn more.

Hurry, Sale ends March 15th!

Don’t wait to long to get this amazing collection of books!  Sale ends March 15th!  So go on…head on over and get your copies today!

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