What we can learn from birds about healthy eating

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Fly like a bird and soar into a healthy life

The sun was setting and above me I could see starlings, sea gulls and black birds all soaring, dancing and glistening in the sun.  How healthy these birds are and how streamlined their bodies are.  What can we learn from the birds to keep healthy in our own lives?

What can we learn from birds?

Those birds I saw flying above my head weren’t overweight, they weren’t ill or suffering from a disease.  They were healthy, strong and their bodies were working exactly as they were intended to work.

So why are we all suffering from disease and obesity?  Because we don’t eat food that is meant for our bodies.

Birds are at one with nature.  They are part of the cycle of life, eating foods they find in a natural environment that keeps them healthy.  Sometimes when you go into a nature reserve they tell you not to feed the birds as it makes them ill.  Or some places have a list of foods you should never feed birds.  And surprise surprise, these foods include coffee, alcohol, white bread, meat, and any junk food.

A lot of people believe that cats and dogs have started to get the same diseases as us humans as they are eating the same.

Can birds resist an unhealthy snack?  No, they flock down and eat the white bread or the chips.  So if birds can’t resist the junk food how are we supposed to?  I admit it’s very hard, but I believe the key is in the way you look at food.

How to identify foods meant for healthy humans

Tell yourself that food for you is fresh whole food.  Fruits and vegetables are your natural food.  Anything in a packet with a list of ingredients, especially ingredients you don’t recognise as food is not food.  It will often contain chemicals that will interfere with your body, throw it off balance and cause you numerous health problems and cravings.

If a food doesn’t need an ingredients list, such as a pack of tomatoes, potatoes or a bunch of bananas, then that is your natural food.

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[tweetherder]Foods without ingredients lists are foods that will heal you. [/tweetherder]

Study this image carefully.  Now tell me  where the real food is in this photo

Study this image carefully. Now tell me where the real food is in this photo. For me the purple onion, red tomato and green lettuce all provide a colourful and striking contrast to the brown burger.

Have you ever looked closely at food advertising?  The most enticing food always has some fresh fruit or vegetables in the food somewhere even if it’s not part of the meal.  That is because our eye is naturally drawn to the wonderful bright colours of foods that are meant for us.  There is a reason our eyes find them attractive.  Unfortunately our taste buds have been warped by chemicals and foods stripped of their nutrients such as refined sugar.  If you start eating food in it’s natural state your taste buds will return to normal and eventually you’ll be able to pick out the more subtle tastes of fresh food and you will actually start to crave them instead.

I really want to eat this way but…

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a perfectionist about this.  I don’t always make healthy choices but I do plan to eat healthily at every meal which does happen most of the time.  You will feel so much better just by eating whole foods most of the time, and your diet will keep improving as you get more used to a more wholesome diet.  I do find eating a lot of vegetables takes a very long time to chew which is why I drink so many Green Thickies as I don’t always have time to sit down and chew my way through a massive salad for an hour at lunch time.  However you consume your fruit and veg is fine as long as  you make them a priority in your diet.

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How to avoid unhealthy food

So next time you plan your meals for the week or go shopping, don’t go down the packaged aisle at all.  Don’t go down the chocolate or cakes sections.  Plan a meal around a salad, soup, jacket potato, squash or fruit.  Make sure at least half of your meals contain raw uncooked fruit or vegetables and watch your energy levels sky rocket.

Fly like a bird, eat whole natural foods that don’t come in packets and watch your health soar to the highest heights.

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  1. I never really identified birds and eating habits together but you make some fantastic points :D
    Thank you!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Thank you, no I hadn’t ever really thought about it either until the other day funnily enough. I notice birds a lot more now as my baby is obsessed with them and points out every single bird in the sky when we’re out walking. Thank you for visiting Green Thickies.

  2. Very good points Katherine! Being healthy is an much an environmental issue as it is one of personal choice! Really enjoyed this post, I look forward to other posts with your thoughts :)

    • Thank you Gabby. Yes it’s such a shame that adverts and junk food have interfered with our natural ways of eating so much that we see fizzy drinks and sweets as actual food now. We need to be so strong to take back our own lives and health. It should be simple in theory yet hard in practice as we crave so much unhealthy food.

  3. What a beautiful, poetic post.

    I love your point about these items being substances rather than foods. One of the most ironic things about the fact that most people are obese because we live in an age of plenty/excess is the fact that those same people are nearly all suffering from malnutrition :-|

    • Aww thank you Jenny! Yes eating differently really does involved a state of mind shift. It’s a constant process and takes a long time to perfect. I’m still working on it but getting better all the time. It’s taken years for me to change my attitude towards junk and it’s hard as we’re still trying to make our healthy food look and taste like junk food (I’m as guilty as the next person) so it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. Yes I totally agree with you about malnutrition. The body will keep telling you that you’re hungry if you don’t give it any nutrients so overeating on junk food in almost inevitable. When you eat enough calories from natural foods you will be satisfied and your cravings will start to disappear.

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