10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes

10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes

Healthy brownies.

I bet these are two words you don’t hear together very often.

It’s simple, people usually associate brownies with flour, butter, and sugar. Lots of sugar. Definitely doesn’t sound like health food.


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Guess again!

Sure, there are the brownies I talk about above, the kind filled with unhealthy carbs, fats, and sugar, but there are also healthy brownies.

Flourless brownies that are actually good for you and will fill you up with energy and lots of good-for-you nutrients.

I call these the Green Thickies approved brownies.

Sure, these brownie recipes will have a bit of heart-healthy fats and some natural sweeteners added, but we all do need a bit of sweetness here and there, right?

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And some of these brownies recipes even have sneaky healthy ingredients in them like black beans, nuts, and sweet potatoes.

Now, even though these are no flour healthy brownies, they definitely don’t taste the part!

I know some of you find it difficult to eat healthy because sometime you find healthy food taste bland and uninteresting.

Well, I’m sure you’ll be glad to find out that, just like my Green Thickies, these brownies taste absolutely divine. Deliciously sweet and fudgy like regular, unhealthy brownies, but with lots and lots of clean, good-for-you ingredients.

Pretty amazing, right?

So, make sure you bookmark this post for the next time you’re craving a sweet chocolaty brownie because I’ve got you covered!

10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes

1) Date-sweetened Flourless Vegan Brownie Recipe

10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes

This healthy brownie recipe has no added sugar or flour, and is also oil-free. These date-sweetened brownies have the perfect fudgy texture when you make them in a bite-sized mini muffin tin!


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2) Amazing Healthy Flourless Brownies (Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes

Delicious, rich and chocolatey flourless brownies! You’ll be in paleo, gluten free heaven!


3) Vegan Gluten-free Black Bean Brownies

10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes

Black bean brownies (vegan and gluten-free) that require just 1 bowl and about 30 minutes to prepare! Healthy, easy, and delicious – the best kind of dessert.


4) Amazing Flourless Sweet Potato Healthy Brownies

10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes

If you are looking for a delicious treat with no refined sugars, then these Amazing Flourless Sweet Potato Healthy Brownies will make your day.


5) Flourless Fudgy Brownie Recipe (Nut, Dairy, Gluten Free, Paleo)

10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes

How do you make the fudgiest, richest, softest, chewiest brownie without any flour, oil or butter?

The secret is with combining flaxseed meal with the ingredients you will see listed below in this recipe. Flaxseed meal is a rich source of fiber and high in omega-3 fatty acids . It is a great substitute for butter or oil in baking because it gives that perfect buttery texture and flavor.


6) Healthy 3 Ingredient 1 Minute Flourless Brownie

10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this completely guilt-free flourless brownie using just three ingredients AND made in one minute! Made with no butter, flour, oil or sugar, this single serving brownie is naturally gluten free, paleo, grain free, vegan and whole30 friendly recipe!


7) Flourless Double Chocolate Brownies

10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes

These flourless double chocolate brownies are naturally gluten-free and made without beans, avocado, dates, or any other alternative ingredients. Just a double shot of chocolatey goodness!


8) Flourless Paleo Brownies

10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes


9) Easy Flourless Fudge Brownie Bites (Paleo & Dairy Free)

10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes

Quick and Easy Flourless fudge Brownie bites that are gluten free, grain free, soy free, Paleo and dairy free! Ready in 15 minutes and contain just 6 healthy ingredients. The perfect quick healthy chocolate snack to have around when a craving hits!


10) Healthy Flourless Fudge Brownies

10 Best No Flour Brownie Recipes

These rich, fudgy and delicious flourless fudge brownies need just three ingredients for the base and come with several healthy frosting options! Unlike traditional brownies, these contain no butter, oil, flour or sugar and are suitable for those following a vegan, gluten free, paleo, refined sugar free and dairy free lifestyle!


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Which brownie recipe will you be making soon? Let me know in the comments down below…

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