10 Best Sprouts Recipes

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10 Best Sprouts Recipes

Can I tell you a secret?

Sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages.

Did you know that sprouts and microgreens (which are just tiny vegetables and beans that have just sprouted) can have 30 times more nutrients than fully grown vegetables?

And the levels of protein are much higher!

This is because more nutrients are needed when the sprouts are at early stages of growth.

So if you eat sprouts when they are tiny, you are putting massive amounts of nutrients into your body.

Here’s another secret that most people don’t know about sprouts, and a tip that I learned from Anthony William from Medical Medium….

Sprouts or any plants that you grow yourself at home are coated with something called elevated biotics which gives you an essential form of vitamin B12 that you can’t get from any supplement.

That’s why people can heal very quickly if they introduce sprouts or microgreens into their diet on a daily basis.

So how do you grow microgreens?  I suggest starting with a kit like this.  This is what I did and within a week I had a few trays of beautiful microgreens to liven up my salads.

They really are so easy to grow.  I just spread some paper towels inside a tray and sprayed them with water until they were damp. I then scattered 2 teaspoons of seeds over the paper towels.  After that I sprayed them morning and night every day and in a week they were ready to eat.  I started a new tray every day and ate a whole tray of microgreens each day!

And once you have grown your microgreens. You might be wondering what to do with them?

I suggest sprinkling them on your salads and dinner, or trying one of the delicious meals below:

10 Best Sprouts Recipes

1) Spicy Veggie Noodle Bowl 

10 Best Sprouts Recipes

This noodle bowl is a fab easy dinner.


2) Roasted Broccoli And Coconut Salad With Turmeric Dressing

10 Best Sprouts Recipes

A great textural salad with a lot of oomph from the hearty charred broccoli, this salad also delivers a plate of detoxing and healing goodness from a punchy dressing made with turmeric. Red cabbage and coconut make it sing with colour.


3) Vegan Sunflower Wrap

10 Best Sprouts Recipes

Vegan and gluten free wrap made with collard greens, veggies and sunflower hummus. This sunflower wrap is full of healthy flavors!


4) Radish Detox Smoothie

10 Best Sprouts Recipes

Enjoy this delicious smoothie as often as you can. Radishes, sprouts, berries and coconut water work in synergy to provide maximum support for your body.


5) Chickpeas Broccoli Spinach Potato Curry In Coconut Milk

10 Best Sprouts Recipes

We have used sprouted chickpeas, along with spinach, broccoli and potatoes for the vegetables. You can use any combinations of vegetables that you have handy.


6) Green Kale Salad Recipe

10 Best Sprouts Recipes

This salad will please the most avid kale hater and doesn’t get soggy for up to 48 hours. You can use any green vegetables you like. Avocado, snap peas, asparagus, or even a granny smith apple would work. Also feel free to squeeze some fresh lime or lemon juice on top.


7) Cabbage And Pea Sprout Salad With Oriental Dressing

10 Best Sprouts Recipes

A very easy yet delightfully tasty cabbage salad recipe. Perfect for busy weeknights or when you just want a light meal.


8) Garlic Dou Miao In Soup Base Recipe (Pea Shoots)

10 Best Sprouts Recipes

Pea shoots (dou miao) served with golden garlic in a tasty ikan bilis stock is a refreshing twist on the typical stir-fried garlic dou miao you find in zi char stalls!


9) Cabbage, Coriander And Sesame Winter Slaw

10 Best Sprouts Recipes


10) Sprouting Super Salad

10 Best Sprouts Recipes


Have you ever tried growing sprouts or microgreens?  Let me know in the comments below.

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