10 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas (And What I’m Doing About It)

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10 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas (And what I’m doing about it)I’ve got a confession to make.

And I’m pretty ashamed to admit this because it’s not something that I like about myself.

Are you ready?

I don’t like Christmas!

If you are a Christmas fanatic, no doubt you are saying to yourself ‘how can you possibly not like Christmas?’

I don’t like to get too negative, and I’ve tried to love it, I really have… but I still don’t.

Of course I put on a happy face for the kids and I do actually enjoy Christmas day itself as we have a lot of fun.

But the whole Christmas period – I would rather skip altogether.

I especially feel bad saying that because I’m a Christian, so I’m supposed to enjoy Christmas, but in this country, Christmas is very far from a religious event.

It’s more of an occasion to blow lots of money you don’t have and stuff your face with a pile of chocolates.

Here are some of the reasons why me and Christmas just don’t see eye to eye:

  1. From August onwards shops become Christmas shops. Excuse me, but I’m enjoying what’s left of the slightly warmer weather. I don’t want to be reminded of winter when it’s actually summer!
  2. Shops are mobbed with people from October to January. I stay well clear and don’t go shopping at all during this time. Thankfully we have a great shopping delivery service.
  3. We decided not to travel to see family as the roads are often icy, and we’ve had one too many panics driving through snowstorms and fearing for our lives. The roads and cars are just not designed for bad weather in Scotland. So we don’t see our families during the winter.
  4. We spend a fortune on gifts that nobody uses
  5. We spend a fortune on treats that we do use. And we gain about half our body weight in chocolate.
  6. We start the New Year feeling fat, frumpy and frustrated.
  7. Kids have a mandatory 2 weeks off school. What am I supposed to do with a toddler and a young child for 2 weeks when the weather is too bad to go outside? This leads to feeling cooped up in the house and getting on each others nerves. I’d much rather take those 2 weeks during the summer when the weather is nicer and we could go on some fun trips, or even abroad. I’m an outdoorsy person, and I’d rather work through winter and take a lot more time off during summer.
  8. There is so much pressure on the Christmas period as families spend more time with each other, but this pressure ends up with people trying to make everything too perfect, people are in bad moods because they are drinking and eating too much, all on top of each other, so there are actually more rows and breakups than normal during the festive period.
  9. The days are getting shorter and shorter, we only have a few hours of daylight each day which is very depressing for someone with SAD!
  10. Kids only get excited about santa and chocolate. Jesus doesn’t stand a chance?

OK enough of this moaning!

This is very unlike me, but sometimes I just need a good rant.. there – I got it out of my system…

Now I feel the need to counteract all that moaning with a bit of positivity.

This is what I plan to do this Christmas to make it a bit more enjoyable:

  1. We are thinking of looking for a last minute deal and getting abroad if at all possible. A week of sunshine is definitely something to look forward to!
  2. I am going to plan a series of healthy treats and make them with my kids which will be fun and much better for us all.
  3. I am setting a limit on store bought treats to just one day’s worth. That means no massive barrels of chocolates that are still there months later (well my husband’s are, mine are devoured in days, and it shows on my expanding waistline)
  4. I am determined to start the new year feeling good about myself
  5. I am going to keep my workout plan going all through Christmas so I don’t lose all my hard work having to start from scratch with my fitness in January.
  6. I am going to continue to make my Green Thickies on a daily basis apart from Christmas day.
  7. I am going to treat Christmas as a one day celebration, rather than a 2 week long celebration.
  8. I am not going to put any pressure on Christmas. I’m going to be relaxed, have a few treats on the day, and that is that. The other days will be like normal days to me.
  9. I’m going to make sure we get out once every day when it’s light for a walk and bundle everyone up in warm clothes. I might be shivering but I’ll feel much better for having gotten out of the house.
  10. I will be avoiding the shops and make my own homemade gifts which I actually enjoy doing, and people enjoy receiving.

And if you would like to see your loved ones faces light up this Christmas because you put your time, rather than your money into making homemade gifts, I would like to encourage you to grab a copy of my homemade Christmas gifts book.

All of the recipes are made with essential oils, and they will actually save you money this year as they are so cheap to make. Plus they take very little time to make a big batch of gifts too. So you will probably find you save time and avoid traipsing around the stores to find that perfect gift.

The perfect gift is the gift that tells someone ‘I love you enough to invest my time making something for you’.

Here is one of the recipes from the book, salted peppermint cookie bark, so yummy! And very quick to make.

Day 5 Salted Peppermint Cookie BarkThis book is normally priced at $24 but for the next few couple of days I am giving you a special Christmas discount. The discounted rate is just $6.40.


30 Days Of Christmas GiftsThis is such a tiny amount to spend to get everything you need to see your loved ones faces light up, and make them feel so special.

Click HERE to grab your copy before it’s too late.

Katherine ‘Christmas confessions are out’ Kyle

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