20 Unusual Principles Of Healthy Living (And Why I Don’t Follow Any Health Or Diet Experts)

20 Unusual Principles Of Healthy Living (And Why I Don't Follow Any Health Or Diet Experts)

Who made you the person you are today?

Do you have a guru or an expert that completely turned your life around?

A lot of people give credit to just one person for helping them make that shift and they religiously follow everything they do.

Someone asked me who my favourite guru was the other day.

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I wracked my brain for a long time before finally coming up with the answer…

I don’t have a favourite guru.

It’s not that I haven’t learned from anybody because I have.

I have read over 300 health related books and followed many gurus, but I’m afraid there isn’t one that actually stands out as my favourite.

I did used to have favourites but I’ve since changed my mind

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After following strict diets in the past, I have religiously followed people and used to agree with every word they say.  

For example, there are some raw food gurus that I used to follow every word they said, but now I don’t.

That’s because I’ve been on quite a journey with my health and I have experimented with many forms of eating with successes and failures before coming up with my own ideal way of eating.  

And to this day, I cannot find anybody who agrees with my own principles.  

Many gurus would disagree with at least some of my ways of eating, and each to his own.  We are all attracted by different things and that’s perfectly OK.  Otherwise the world would be a very boring place.

But I hesitate to recommend anybody because I know that many of the things I believe in, they don’t.

For example, I find many gurus who agree with my love of real food, but not my love of fruit.

I can find people who agree that smoothies are great for your health, but that meat should be avoided at all costs.  

So I thought I’d share my diet principles with you, in the hope that it helps you to form your own set of beliefs.  

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And if you do know of anybody who shares my beliefs, please reply and let me know – I’d love to check them out.

I am the kind of person who loves lists.  My husband says everything has to be a list in my world. Heck I even have a list of lists!  

You may not agree with all this – and that’s fine, but this is my own preferences when it comes to healthy living and dieting.  Here goes.  Here’s Green Thickies 20 principles of healthy living.  This is what I believe:

  1. Diets should include an abundance of fruit
  2. Leafy greens should be consumed daily – at least 1 cup, preferably more
  3. Green smoothies are an essential part of the diet for people who don’t eat a salad and several pieces of fruit every day
  4. Complete meal smoothies (Green Thickies) are the perfect balanced meal, especially for busy people
  5. Plant based diets are healthy….but
  6. Most people do need to consume animal products for optimal health
  7. Diets should be made up of real unprocessed food made from scratch
  8. Some people can tolerate grains, beans and pulses and other can’t
  9. Processed dairy should be avoided by everyone
  10. Most people should avoid all types of dairy but some can tolerate raw dairy
  11. To lose weight we need to eat real food AND eat the right quantities of food
  12. Healthy diets are a great way to keep on track with healthy eating and losing weight
  13. Calorie counting is a good practice to follow when starting to lose weight, but not forever
  14. Health matters more than weight loss…but
  15. Healthy weight loss can lead to improved health
  16. Detoxing should be a daily occurrence
  17. Meals should be healthy AND tasty
  18. There is no such thing as ‘diet’ food.  Healthy food is good for the whole family
  19. Packaged, processed foods should be avoided most of the time
  20. There is no right way to eat – everybody is different

Is there anything from my list that you agree with?  Anything you don’t agree with?  I’d love to know!

A lot of my beliefs come from the hundreds of books, articles and research that I’ve read on these topics and some come from my own experimentations with food.

For a long time I was blown around by the wind by people convincing me I had to eat a certain way.  I was so confused and didn’t know what to believe when it came to food. I was a raw foodie, then I was a vegan, then a real food fan, then I went to a Paleo diet.  

Now I’m just me.  (And obviously I consume my daily Green Thickies and follow The Leaf System Diet which is based on these principles)

After years of struggling I finally decided to just listen to my own body and what it was telling me.  And sometimes my beliefs differed from what my body could tolerate.  

For example I believe that beans can be a healthy food – but I personally can’t tolerate them.

I believe that certain types of fish can be healthy – but I have a fish phobia – I’m terrified of them.  So I won’t go anywhere near them.

What can your body tolerate?  Have you listened to your body when consuming healthy food?  How do you feel afterwards?  Is this the way you’d like to feel again?  

Hope that helps you to get your own mind straight about what you believe.


And if you do agree with my principles (or at least most of them) then great!  I encourage you to take that belief one step further and join the FREE 7 Day Lean Green Smoothie Challenge.

Have a healthy day

Talk soon,


Katherine ‘all principled out’ Kyle


p.s. If you’re ready for another unusual take on something – tomorrow I’m going to be sharing my honest thoughts about diets.  This one might surprise you.

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