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3 Easy Ways To Remove Toxins From Your Body

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3 easy ways to remove toxins from your body

Did you know that we are we are exposed to more than 700,000 different toxic chemicals on a daily basis?

Pretty staggering isn’t it?

Today I’m going to show you 3 easy ways to remove toxins from your body.


1) Yoga: Lately I’ve been getting right into yoga which is very good for releasing toxins from the body. My favourite type of yoga is kundalini yoga because it’s got a heavy emphasis on breathing. And when we breathe more deeply we remove toxins from the body.

I absolutely love it, I just feel so calm and in control after I’ve done some yoga. Just like meditation, I could never get into yoga, as I always felt it was too slow for me. But as I’m getting older and life is becoming more stressful, I realise I need to build times in my day where I just stop and give myself some ‘me time’ and it really does help me to cope with stress in a much calmer way.

2) Remove harmful toxins from your home and your body: Just take a look at the back of your household cleaner and see all the warning signs. Do you really want something so harmful and toxic in your own home? You and your family are breathing in these toxins from your cleaner every time you spray it, and it lingers on all of your surfaces and in the air. Now look at the ingredients list on the back of your personal care products. Do you really want this absorbed through your skin?

3) Add essential oils to your life: Essential oils naturally remove the toxins from your body and they strengthen the body’s immune system in the process. If you haven’t started using therapeutic essential oils on a daily basis, I urge you to give them a try. You are really going to notice the difference.

So the next question most people ask is “If I remove my personal care products and harmful cleaning products, what will I use instead?”

To answer this question, I wrote a book called 30 Days To A Toxic Free You.

It contains 30 easy toxic free recipes for your body and your home to enable you to completely get the toxins out of your life for good.  

And better yet, these recipes contain essential oils so you can get more of the good stuff into your life while you remove the bad stuff.

So you can remove the toxins from your food, your body and your home in one go.  

Are you ready for a new toxin free you?

3 easy ways to remove toxins from your body








Click the HERE to grab a copy of 30 Days To A Toxin Free You and get the toxins out of your life for good:

Katherine ‘toxin free’ Kyle

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