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3 Natural Remedies For Low Blood Pressure

Basic Green Thickie Recipe

3 Natural Remedies For Low Blood Pressure (Blog Post)There is so much information out there about high blood pressure, but what if, like me you suffer from low blood pressure?

Today I’m sharing what’s working for me to help to remedy my low blood pressure and get my blood pressure normal again.

In today’s video I am sharing:

  • A demonstration of taking your own blood pressure
  • What is normal blood pressure?
  • 3 easy remedies for low blood pressure
  • 5 ways to improve your cardiovascular system for good blood health

Watch the video and get access to all the resources mentioned in the video here:


Hi, Katherine Kyle from GreenThickies.com.

Today I am sharing with you three natural remedies for low blood pressure.

There is so much talk at the moment about high blood pressure.

It seems like so many people are suffering from high blood pressure, but what if you’ve got low blood pressure then what help is there for you?

Some people might not even recognise that low blood pressure is a problem.

Believe me, I know because I am currently suffering from low blood pressure, so I thought I would share a video to tell you what I’m doing to remedy this in the hope that it will help you if you’re also suffering from low blood pressure.

Now I didn’t even realise I was suffering from low blood pressure, I do have lots of health challenges at the moment, and my doctor did a telephone consultation with me.

I went in for blood tests.

He said that he didn’t need to see me.

He spoke to me on the phone.

He didn’t check my blood pressure.

Neither did the nurse who took my blood for the tests.

I went to see my naturopath she queried it and didn’t take my blood pressure.

So I’m using a home blood pressure machine.

Just in case you might not be aware of what it might feel like to have low blood pressure.

If you’ve got any of these symptoms, then you might be suffering from low blood pressure.

You might be feeling … And these are especially when you’re standing.

When you’re moving, doing exercise you’re especially vulnerable to feeling these things.

So if you’re feeling dizzy.

If you’re feeling nauseous, feeling like you’re going to be sick.

Feeling very faint, light-headed.

If you’re very dehydrated all the time, you can’t stop drinking water.

Your vision is blurry.

You might be feeling cold or maybe clammy.

Your temperature is all over the place.

You might be just absolutely exhausted like I am with the chronic fatigue.

You might have brain fog, or you might have rapid pulse or heart palpitations when you’re moving or when you climb the stairs or stand up or anything.

This is what I was getting all the time.

I went on holiday, and I literally had to cling onto my husband’s arm because I was feeling like I was going to pass out.

It was horrible.

This is something that does affect me when I’ve got these health issues.

What you do, if you want to check your blood pressure at home?

You put on the calf around your arm like that.

I think you have to get about two fingers underneath there.

There’s only two buttons on my blood pressure machine.

So you just turn it on first of all and then you press that other button there.

Then that starts the cuff raising. It fills with air, and it’s a little bit painful, I don’t like it at all.

You’ve probably had this done at the doctors.

This is just testing at the moment, so I’ll see if I’ve got low blood pressure right now.

The numbers, if you take your blood pressure using a machine like this, a healthy range is between 120 over 75 to 140 over 85.

If your blood pressure is over 140 over 85, then you’ve probably got high blood pressure which affects more people I guess.

If it says under 120 over 75, then it’s likely that you’ve got low blood pressure.

Mine is currently 131 over 84.

I am happy with that.

That means right now I don’t have any low blood pressure and that is good for me.

That is exactly why I choose to do these videos in the morning because I feel much better in the mornings than I do in the afternoon.

Say like me if you’re suffering from a general fatigue, then the afternoons tend to be worse, like say around 3 p.m. you tend to have a dip.

That’s when you feel worse with your low blood pressure.

I don’t have low blood pressure all the way through the day.

I test this at various times of the day, and it is usually around about 3 o’clock in the afternoon where I tend to see my blood pressure being low.

But saying that, I do feel a bit better now because I’ve been following these strategies that I’m laying out for you.

When I was on holiday I did not follow any strategies, and that’s probably why I was feeling really, really bad, really dizzy all the time, and now I’m looking after myself.

I’m doing lots of things to take care of myself.

I’m resting a lot of the time.

I’m also doing these home remedies which really helps me to recover from low blood pressures.

It’s not half as bad as it was.

This is why I wanted to share these strategies with you.

I have three remedies for you to help you to recover from low blood pressure.

Remedy # 1

Lemon juice water.

Get a large glass of water and get yourself a lemon.

Squeeze either half a lemon or a full lemon into the glass and drink that.

Every single time you drink water, drink it with some lemon juice in it as well.

That’s what I usually do.

I’ll use either a juice from inside the lemon or I will add lemon essential oil, only edible food grade good grade essential oil, I will add that into the glass.

It varies, sometimes I have the essential oil which comes from the rind.

It’s all very good quality stuff, or I’ll have the juice.

That’s what I do with the lemon juice.

I get one of these squeezers that makes it much easier to squeeze the juice into the glass.

Likely you will be thirsty a lot, so you will probably be drinking lots of … I recommend that you drink either water with lemon.

Remedy # 2

Every time you drink water, what you need to do as well is add some salt.

Now not just any old salt.

You need to make sure you are adding good quality salt.

The thing is when you’ve got … You hear a lot about how we need to reduce our salt.

This is often people with high blood pressure might be having too much salt, and they might need to reduce their salt.

Usually, it’s the type of salt that’s the problem as well, like the table salt is so bad for you.

If you switch to a good quality salt that actually has all the minerals and the electrolytes in it, then this will do wonders for your health.

I have been using this pink Himalayan salt.

I bought this in bulk because I’m getting through so much of it.

What you can do, is you can either add a pinch.

Take a good pinch or maybe even a quarter of a teaspoon.

Sometimes I’ll put that in my glass, but sometimes I don’t really like to drink salty water, so sometimes I’ll just add that pinch to my tongue.

I will just drink that down really quickly.

I’ll do that every single time I have a drink.

Every time I get thirsty, I’m drinking so much more than I use to.

I’ll add salt in every single time.

It really seems to be helping to keep me balanced doing that.

Either use the pink Himalayan salt or use a sea salt.

Just make sure you don’t use table salt because that’s going to make things worse and it’s not going to provide all the minerals that your body needs.

You need to keep your electrolytes balanced, and that’s one way to do it.

Every single time you drink something have a pinch of salt, salt on your food with the same good quality salt.

You’re likely be craving saltier things if you have low blood pressure than normal.

Remedy # 3

Include the licorice in your diet.

We’re not talking candies.

We’re not talking sweeties.

The licorice all sorts, they’re just full of sugar and usually doesn’t even contain any licorice in them at all.

What I recommend you do is go to Amazon and get either the licorice root or you can just get some teas.

This is a tea that I’ve been drinking.

This is peppermint and licorice tea.

It is so delicious. I’ve just been drinking … Half of the time I’ve been drinking water and half of the time I’ve been drinking this licorice tea, and it’s just delicious.

Especially as I’ve cut down my sugar intake at the moment, this is so sweet.

It’s like having a dessert after, at the end of every meal.

When you get that sweet craving at the end of the meal you just wanted something sweet, well I have one of these.

That sorts out my sweet cravings as well.

So it’s perfect.

Those are the three natural remedies.

We’ve got lemon juice every time you drink a glass of water.

Make sure your water is also good quality as well, either filter it.

Use bottled water, or if you want to invest in a reverse osmosis machine then you can do that, and that will give you the purest water.

If you do that you definitely need to put minerals back in your water and make sure you’re consuming more salt because it takes everything … It takes all the minerals out of your water.

Strategy number one, lemon juice in your water.

Strategy number two, salt water or salt every time you eat or drink anything.

Strategy number three, licorice root.

Now I also wanted to share something else with you.

I wanted to share ways in which I have been boosting my cardiovascular system because this is a system that helps the blood transport around your body.

I have been using essential oils to improve my cardiovascular system.

What I do is I’ve been putting these on twice a day.

That also seems to be really helping me.

The oils that I have been choosing to use are Rosemary, Thyme, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Black Pepper.

Again that’s Rosemary, Thyme, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Black Pepper.

I have been just putting those on the soles of my feet twice a day.

Sometimes I put the eucalyptus on my chest, on my heart.

Sometimes I put the peppermint on my stomach to help with my digestion.

I also diffuse them.

This is my diffuser in the background.

Whichever room I’m in I diffuse the oils at the same time, and I get a double a whammy of the effects of the oils.

That’s it for today.

I really hope that’s been helpful for you.

If you would like more information about essential oils, I have some freebies for you.

I have a class where you can learn more information.

I have a free course online that you can go through and find out everything you need to know to get started with essential oils.

If you go to greenthickies.com/free as in freebies, then you will get my freebies, my essential oil freebies in there.

I also give you some discounts.

Some wholesale discounts on getting started with your oils there.

I would love for you to follow me on YouTube and if you’re watching this on Facebook, like my Facebook page.

I can’t wait to see you in the next video, so take care.


Resources mentioned in the video

Blood Pressure Monitor:

Himalayan Pink Salt:

Celtic Sea Salt:

Licorice Root:

Licorice and Peppermint Tea:

Essential oils to support the cardiovascular system:






















Black Pepper






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