3 Ways To Avoid Piling On The Pounds This Christmas

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3 Ways To Avoid Piling On The Pounds This ChristmasAfter years of piling on the pounds over Christmas and spending too long trying to lose the weight again, I have finally found a solution…

I now have some great strategies that allow me to indulge a bit while avoiding gaining weight.  I thought you might like them too?  

Watch my short video to get my tips…

If you’re anything like me you use Christmas as a time to indulge in those cute little chocolates, big meals with all the trimmings, tempting desserts and everything else that’s just calling your name.

My name is Katherine Kyle from greenthickies.com and since I transformed my health I’ve been a lot more careful about ever letting my health get in a bad state again.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like to indulge.

I still like my food and I still get tempted just like we all do.

There’s a few things that I do and that I share with my clients to help them avoid gaining weight or gaining a very little amount of weight over Christmas.

I used to able to put on about ten pounds over Christmas easily, but it’s harder taking that all off again.

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Now I have a better solution where I don’t gain anything or I might just gain a couple of pounds that easily comes off again.

3 Ways To Avoid Piling On The Pounds This Christmas

Here are my three tips for avoiding piling on the pounds this Christmas.

1) Don’t feel like you have to eat three meals every single day.

There’s only so many calories that you need every single day.

When we’re eating Christmas foods, they tend to be very rich, very indulgence and very very high in calories.

For that reason, say if you had a really big dinner and you wake up the next morning and you’re just not hungry then just completely skip breakfast.

You don’t need it.

If you’re not hungry then just don’t eat.

This is what I tend to do at the weekends.

I tend to just have two bigger meals because I like to eat big meals.

I love my food. Sometimes when I get the taste of really tempting nice food I cannot stop. I do tend to like big portions and sometimes even go back for seconds.

I don’t eat by the clock.

I don’t say, “Right. It’s breakfast, I have to eat breakfast. It’s lunch, I have to lunch.

It’s dinner, I have to eat dinner.” If I’m not hungry I just don’t eat.

We tend to work that way as a family.

We just tend to have two bigger meals.

2) Base all or most of your meals on vegetables and eat the vegetables first.

Whatever you’re putting on your plate, make sure half of your plate is vegetables and tell yourself that you can eat your vegetables and only when you’ve finished all your vegetables on your plate can you eat the thing that you really want to eat.

You’re saving the treat for last.

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What this does is vegetables are actually really filling.

When you’ve eaten half a plate full of vegetables you won’t be as hungry for the other things on your plate.

You’ll make sure that you’re eating healthy foods but you’re still indulging in what you fancy.

You’re body will be more able to naturally tell yourself that you are full up because you’ve eaten all these fibrous vegetables.

3) Allow yourself one treat meal per day.

When it’s gone it’s gone.

For example I tend to think to myself, “I’m going to have a healthy brunch and maybe I’ll have a Green Thickie for brunch and at dinner time I’m going to indulge in something that I really really want.”

Something that might be slightly more on the unhealthy side at Christmas time. I’ll just really really enjoy my dinner. I’ll have a dessert.

When that has finished, when I’ve eaten my dinner and I’ve finished my dessert, it’s gone.

Then I don’t continue to go back for more and more portions of the same dessert over and over again. That’s another tip that you can do.

If you’re at a buffet or something and there’s just so much food in front of you and you can’t stop eating.

Just fill your plate once and have your plate of savoury stuff and then have your dessert.

Then don’t go back for any more because it’s far too tempting to keep eating and eating and eating when there’s food available and there’s chocolates all the time and there’s desserts and everything is just laying out there in front of you all day long.

You can still indulge in what you fancy but just don’t eat all day long.

That’s my three tips so I would love to know if that has stopped you gaining weight so after Christmas let me know if that really helped you.

Stay tuned because after Christmas I’m going to be bringing you some amazing stuff to help you detox all the junk out of your life.

Feel better than you’ve ever felt in your whole life.

Slim down and lose any weight and any excess weight that you’ve got on you at the moment.

Stay tuned for that and have a lovely Christmas.

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