How to Burn 14.7% More Belly Fat in 4 Minutes Flat

The 4 Minute Fat Burner - How To Burn Significantly More Belly Fat In Just 4 Minutes

If you’re like most people, you probably think you don’t have enough time to exercise.

So, you don’t.

After all, you work hard all day and then have to take care of your family all night.

You probably barely have 4 minutes to use the bathroom in peace.

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You couldn’t possibly justify taking the time away from your responsibilities to do something like exercise.

But let’s face it – you HAVE to do some sort of activity if you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Research shows that doing the right physical activity helps prime your fat burning hormones and keeps them attacking your unwanted body fat.

You want to get rid of your body fat, right?

What if I could show you how to sneak in the necessary exercise to trigger your fat burning hormones to do their thing without you having to take time away from your responsibilities to do it?

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Below, you’ll learn my strategy for burning 14.7% more belly fat in only 4 minutes.

How to Burn More Belly Fat

Before I share my 4 minute fat burner strategy with you, I want to prove to you that working out for this short amount of time, if done correctly, will not only result in weight loss, but it will save you a ton of time that you could be using to be productive at work or take care of your family.

Take a look at this research study led by Steve Boutcher from the School of Medical Sciences at the University of New South Wales:

Forty-five women were randomly assigned to one of three groups:

1. Group A did a long, chronic cardio workout for 20-40 minutes based on their fitness level.

2. Group B did high intensity interval training for 4-20 minutes based on fitness level. The intervals tested were 8 seconds for the exercising interval followed by 12 seconds rest.

3. Group C was the non-training control group.

Both of the training groups significantly increased their cardiovascular fitness but the subjects in group B saw a significant reduction in fat mass, an average of 14.7% over the course of the study, while those in Group A did not.

Moreover, they discovered that high intensity interval training had greater fat loss effects in those that started with a greater amount of body fat. Meaning, women carrying greater amounts of unwanted body fat saw the greatest reductions. That’s not surprising.

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The study concluded that 20 minutes of high intensity interval training for 15 weeks resulted in significant reductions of body fat (especially belly and leg fat).

Not only do you lose a ton more body fat doing cardio in this way, you save a whole lot of extra time you’ve been wasting doing ineffective workouts.

Perhaps you’re one of those people who hasn’t been exercising at all because you “just don’t have enough time” to. Now you know that lack of time is no longer a valid excise not to exercise.

So, now that you have proof that you can burn more fat in less time by doing cardio in this manner, how exactly should you get started?

My 4 Minute Fat Burner Strategy

The “4 minute fat burning strategy” is based on the above research and is my name for incorporating several 4 minute fat burning workouts into your day.

Essentially, you will workout for a total of 4 minutes, alternating periods of all out exercise and periods of rest.

There are several time intervals that will work for this style of workout, none of which have been proven to be “the best”.

You could do the 8/12 split from used in the research above, 15/15, 30/30 or 40/20. You could even use the “rest as needed” split.

Feel free to experiment with each of these to discover which one you like best. You could also vary the intervals each time you do a workout to keep your body from plateauing.

But what type of exercise do you use?

For beginners, using a stationary bike as they did in the study we discussed is the safest way to start. You won’t worry about tripping and hurting yourself.

You could use other cardio equipment, such as the treadmill, elliptical or rower, or you could use bodyweight exercises with or without equipment.

The best part about my 4 minute fat burner strategy is that you do not need to go to a gym or have any fancy or expensive exercise equipment to do them.

You can simply use your own bodyweight right in the privacy of your own home.

Try my favorite 4 minute fat burner right at home the next time you’re short on time:

Bodyweight Squats 4 Minute Fat Burner

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking this is easy just because it only has one exercise. You’ll be sweating and begging me for a break before you can utter the words, “Have mercy….”.

  1. Set your timer for 4 minutes.
  2. Do as many bodyweight squats as you can in this time in a safe and controlled manner.
  3. Rest as needed but as little as possible.

*Count how many squats you achieve within the 4 minutes and record it. The next time you do this workout, aim to beat this number.

Wrapping Things Up

Wondering how you can use my 4 Minute Fat Burner Strategy as part of your overall weight loss exercise plan?

I’ve laid out a complete fitness strategy for you in my Fitness Blueprint, which you can get for FREE by clicking here.

Using my 4 minute fat burner strategy is the most effective way to burn more 14.7% more belly fat in the shortest time possible.

Lack of time cannot be an excuse to miss a workout.

Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments below and I will be happy to answer them for you.

This article was written by Susan Campbell who is a #1 best-selling fitness Author and the Founder of the, where people go to discover her unconventional strategy to losing weight permanently, based on scientific research and self-experimentation.

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The 4 Minute Fat Burner - How To Burn Significantly More Belly Fat In Just 4 Minutes

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  1. I like the article and have been considering adding HIIT training into my regimen. I’m confused about the squats 4 minute fat burner. If the research shows that the benefit comes from intense bursts followed by rest in a repeated pattern, then why as many squats as you can do in 4 minutes with little to no rest? I’m not totally sure, but it seems like the protocol has something to do with reactions in the body as a result of bursts of activity followed by rest and immediately repeated vs. trying to maintain an activity for a set amount of time and resting throughout the day until you do it again. Not trying to be negative, just genuinely do not get what the connection is between the research and the specific 4 minute suggested activity, althought that would be a great thing to do if you are trying to fit exercise in. Just not sure if it will produce the same benefits? It seems like the squats would be a short version of what group A did, versus what group B did. I would think it would be 40 seconds of squats or squat jumps followed by 20 seconds of rest repeated 4x if it was considered a HIIT method.

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