5 Reasons Your Brain Prevents You Losing Weight

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5 Reasons Your Brain Prevents You Losing Weight

If you have struggled with losing weight it may be because you are facing one of these five psychological obstacles.

Once you have conquered the true reason you are struggling all other difficulties will melt away.

Staying on track with a healthy lifestyle can seem daunting and unfortunately we often unknowingly sabotage our own efforts.

Did you know that one or more of these obstacles is the primary reason you’re not losing weight?

5 Reasons Your Brain Prevents You Losing Weight


1) You’re worried your relationships will change

Relationships often need some adjustments when one person makes great stride in their health and wellness.

You may find that you don’t have as much in common with some people, especially if your relationship revolves around food.

If you are worried about relationships changing remember that if you are not healthy then you can’t give your all to creating a successful relationship with others.

Taking care of you is the most important thing. Also, true friends will want to see you succeed and will be with you to support you.

When people in your life are used to you being heavy they can sometimes treat you differently when you lose weight.

If this happens in a close relationship in your life it can be hard to decide which is more important, your own health or the relationship.

Sometimes it’s easy to just worry that the relationship might change even if that’s not the case.

What do you do if someone close to you is not comfortable with you being thin or withholds their attention when you lose weight?

Remember that your health is the most important thing. Sit down with the person and try to express how you feel.

Let them know that you understand that they are uncomfortable and the relationship is important to you.

Always remember that this is more about their issues with their health and weight than about you. Offer to help support them in their own weight loss efforts.


2) You don’t like the lack of freedom in your life

Certain people with particular personality types will always struggle to stick to a strict diet as they perceive they have a lack of freedom in their lives.  

If you struggle to stick to rules or follow authority then this could be your issue.  I must admit that I fall into this category.

If someone tells me I ‘have’ to do something, I immediately want to do the opposite just so I can keep my own freedom.  But when it comes to healthy diets, I am pretty good at sticking to them as I have developed my own way of dealing with this.

I tell myself that ‘you can choose whatever type of food you want and you are choosing healthy food because you love yourself’.  

When you first change your diet you might need to repeat that mantra before every single meal or when offered every single junk food treat.  

When people ask me ‘are you allowed to have this cookie, dairy, gluten etc.’ I tell them ‘yes I can eat whatever I choose to eat, but I just don’t want that right now’.

Next time you find yourself rebelling against your chosen diet, remind yourself this is YOUR choice, not anybody else’s decision.

3) You predict your own failure

If you have failed in losing weight before of been on the diet roller coaster then it’s easy to just assume you will fail again.  

Even if this assumption is subconscious it will sabotage your efforts. Try doing daily affirmations  like “ I can lose weight effortlessly” or I can achieve my ideal weight” and “ I can achieve optimal health”. Or even “I am open to a positive change in my diet and health”.

4) You sabotage your own success

Self sabotage is the number one reason for failure when trying to achieve better health. There are many reasons we do this but it can be very individual.

Whenever you are craving a food you know is not ideal for your weight loss efforts or you decide to skip a workout think about this:

Do you often create drama or stress and then give up your healthy efforts?

People often hit their upper “happiness” limit. This means that when things are going well and we are on track we subconsciously create a reason or drama that sabotages our efforts.

When you find yourself wanting to throw in the towel ask yourself if this is something you can overcome and continue to improve your life.

Just asking yourself this question and acknowledging our upper happiness limit can often get you over the hump and motivate you.

5) You are scared of being thin

If you have never been your ideal weight it can be scary thinking about how people might treat you differently if you are thin.

We often have fears we are unaware of. If this sounds like a possibility for you it’s possible to overcome these fears.

Face them by asking “what is the worst thing that can happen if I am thin” and see what your inner guides tell you.  

Try looking inwards and asking yourself what the true reasons are for your fears or worries around becoming thinner and healthier.

Our brains often get in the way of our success but with a little insight we can overcome these fears.

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