5 Things You Didn’t Know Leafy Greens Could Do

5 Things You Didn’t Know Leafy Greens Could Do

Once you read this, you’re never going to want to go another day without leafy greens again…

This motivates me to keep sneaking in leafy greens into most of my meals…

Leafy greens are so beneficial for your health that I believe they should be a food group in their own right.  

They are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet and it is with good reason that most people see a dramatic improvement in their health once they start regularly consuming more leafy greens in their diet.   

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There are 5 powerful reasons why leafy greens are so crucial for your health and weight loss:

 1. Help you lose weight

Leafy greens are full of fibre which help to fill you up.  They are also extremely low in calories so you can add as many as you want to your diet – and feel full without the calories.  How good is that?

2. Incredible energy boost

Most people notice an immediate and very noticeable energy boost when they start including more leafy greens in their diet.  That is because leafy greens contain magnesium and B Vitamins which most people are severely lacking in their diets.

3. Prevent aging of the skin

Leafy greens are rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin K which prevents ageing of the skin and help it to look youthful and prevent sun damage.  

One cup of leafy greens has at least your daily requirement of Vitamin K, and Kale provides a staggering six times your daily needs.

4. They contain ridiculous amounts of micronutrients

The sheer number of vitamins and minerals contained in leafy greens can rarely be beaten with any other type of food.  The nutrients are natural, perfectly balanced and optimal for our bodies.  Yes – we are designed to eat leaves!

5. Help to digest protein

For those who eat meat or other acid forming foods, greens can help your body to digest the protein much better because greens are very alkaline so they balance out acid forming foods very nicely.  

That is why body builders have started to realise the importance of leafy greens in their diet as it helps them digest a very large amount of protein much more easily.

But despite all these reasons why we should be eating lots of leafy greens in our diet, do you know how many leafy greens most of the population eat?

Zero.  None.

Most people don’t get any leafy greens in their diet at all.  And that is really sad because you are missing out on a level of health where you’re absolutely thriving, not just surviving.

So, now do you see why we are suffering from so many health and weight issues because we’re simply not providing the nutrients our bodies need?

Green Thickies 7 Day Diet Plan is the only diet in the world that specifically focuses on skyrocketing your energy and improving your health naturally by providing the body all of the nutrients it needs for optimal health from an abundance of leafy greens and other healthy food…. while you lose weight in a very systematic and extremely simple way.  

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