5 Ways To Avoid Teeth Problems When You Drink Smoothies

5 Ways To Avoid Teeth Problems When You Drink Smoothies (Blog Post)So many people are scared to drink smoothie in case they get problems with their teeth.  And although I can understand this, there are ways that you can continue to drink healthy fruit based smoothies and keep your teeth nice and healthy!

Today I’m sharing what’s working for me to keep my teeth nice and healthy while I continue to drink fruity smoothies.

In today’s video I am sharing:

  • 5 Ways to keep your teeth healthy while drinking smoothies
  • The right way and the wrong way to ‘chew’ your smoothie
  • 3 Ways to clean the fruit sugar from your teeth without brushing away tooth enamel
  • Why smoothies should never be used as a snack


Today, I am sharing with you five ways to avoid teeth problems when drinking smoothies.

Now, a lot of people are worried about the sugar content in their smoothies, and there are many, many reasons for limiting the sugar in your diet, but sugar that comes from fruit, in my opinion, is healthy type of sugar.

We don’t want to completely limit fruit from our diet, and certainly, there is sugars in other things as well.

It’s good to know these principles.

I don’t believe you have to stop eating the sugar that comes from fruit in order to have healthy teeth.

There is a question of nutrition, and the nutrition that comes from all of your food, all of your diet will protect your teeth.

If you want to know more about how diet prevents tooth decay and teeth problems, then I would suggest reading a book called Cure Tooth Decay, and I will link some more around this video for you.

That is that, but if you are concerned about drinking smoothies or you’re concerned about your kids drinking smoothies, but you really want to get a healthy fruit into your diet, then I have five strategies for you to avoid teeth problems, and this is what I do with my teeth, and I’ve been drinking green smoothies that contain a good amount of fruit and there’s the natural sugar that’s in fruit.

I’ve been drinking these for about eight years now, and I have not had any new cavities.

I have had some problems related to existing dental care, like my implants and were already infected when they were put in, and they continued to be infected, so things like that affected me.

I got implants because I had an accident and chipped my tooth, got a root treatment, and blah-blah-blah, but I’ve not had any new cavities as a result of drinking these green smoothies.

I think it’s because I follow these principles when I drink my smoothies.

Principle number one, use a straw. If you use a straw to drink it, it means that you are less likely to get smoothie covering all of your teeth.

It’s likely just to go straight to the back of your throat and swallow it, which is the place you want it to be.

You don’t want it to be covering your teeth and lingering on your teeth because that is going to be harmful for your teeth.

Strategy number two is to drink your smoothie quickly.

Now, I create these recipes, they’re called Green Thickies, and they are complete meal smoothies, which means they are actually a meal, but I am surprised, even though they are actually a full meal that people tell me that they are taking sometimes an hour to drink their Green Thickies, sometimes all morning long to drink their Green Thickies, and sometimes this is unavoidable.

The reason why I created Green Thickies in the first place was because I had a baby who would not let me sit down and eat a proper meal and she was crying.

I was finding it really easy just to make my meal in a glass, put it down, take a sip, attend to her, take another sip, attend to her, but still, you really want to avoid this taking very long.

You want to treat it like a meal. It is a meal, you want to treat it as such.

Even though green smoothies and Green Thickies, they’re perfect for travelling,they’re perfect for people who don’t have time to sit down and eat a meal, you still want to treat them exactly like a meal, so that means drinking them quickly, as quick as you would drink a normal meal.

It doesn’t mean like chugging down the whole thing down in one go, because that might give you a tummy ache.

It means drinking it at the same rate that you would eat a normal meal.

If it takes you, say, 20 minutes to eat a normal meal, then take 20 minutes to drink your Green Thickies.

If it takes you 30 minutes … Go on what it normally takes you to eat a meal.

That is number two.

Number three is don’t swish it around your mouth.

I will do another video which is about the correct way to drink a smoothie or a Green Thickies, but lots of people will say, “Chew your smoothie,” which I do agree with, but that means people end up swishing it around their whole mouth and covering all of their teeth.

You definitely don’t want to be swishing it and covering all of your teeth with the smoothie.

You want it to just go to the back of your throat and drink it and as quick as possible as you can, because you don’t want that fruit sugar to be lingering on your teeth, because even though it’s still natural, it does still erode the teeth.

You don’t want to have it lingering on your teeth all day long.

When you finish your meal, not super fast but at a reasonable pace and you’ve got right …

Intentionally drinking this meal, and then I stopped, I finished, now, this is a strategy that you can use to get all that fruit sugar off your teeth immediately.

Now, the last thing you want to do is go and brush your teeth, because that might erode the enamel because fruit can be very acidic.

If you start scrubbing away your teeth as soon as your enamel has been weakened, then that might erode the enamel.

You don’t want to brush.

What you need to do is allow the saliva time to get back to normal in your body before you brush.

Say, give it an hour before you brush your teeth, but in the meantime, you definitely want to do something to get that fruit sugar off your teeth.

Here’s three things that I suggest you do.

The first thing is I suggest you get some water.

If you’re out and about, get a bottle of water, and always have a bottle of water on you.

This is the bare minimum strategy that you can do, and just take a sip of water, and swish that water around your mouth, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, and you can even drink it, because it’s just the fruit that’s covered your teeth.

You don’t need to spit it out, but if you want to spit it out somewhere, you can do.

It’s completely up to you.

I recommend spitting first thing in the morning when there’s more bacteria and stuff, but if you’re just swishing out fruit, you can just swallow it again, so swish, swish, swish, no matter where you are.

Do that maybe about three times, because it takes a while to really get in between the teeth and get a good old swish going along.

That’s the first strategy that you can do, especially if you’re out and about, I would suggest you do that strategy.

Second strategy is one that you probably need to be in the house for.

This is what I do whenever I am in the house.

I have got a device called a water flosser, otherwise known as a Waterpik, and this has absolutely changed my life.

Like I said, I’ve had no new cavities or new infections since I started using this water flosser over two years ago, maybe two and a half years ago.

This is amazing, because I used to floss, which is normal floss.

You can still floss.

Floss is good for you, but floss misses so much.

Also, floss will not get off all of the fruit sugar because it’s covered all of the fruit sugar, because it’s covered every single surface of the tooth and all the floss is doing is getting off a tiny little bit of surface.

It loosens a bit of the hard stuck-on food from when you’ve been chewing, which you probably won’t have any of because you’ve been drinking your smoothie anyway.

Normal flossing probably won’t do anything when you’ve been drinking a smoothie, but the water flosser, they not only remove all of these smoothies that’s coated your teeth inside, but it also removes it from the outside of your teeth.

It swishes water around your whole mouth.

Every surface of your mouth gets covered in water, and then spit that out, or you hover over the sink and it just drains out of your mouth while you’re …

I’ll have to create another video showing you how I use the water flosser, but that’s what I would do.

If you’re in the house, I would do it after every single meal.

I use mine two or three times a day.

After meal, I always use my water flosser.

I know that it’s going to be wearing away the enamel, but it’s so good for getting all of the fruit sugars off your teeth.

Then also, another thing that you can do, this, you might need to be in the house for this strategy as well, is I’m going to make a salt rinse.

Now, salt rinse is a great, not only for swishing around your mouth and getting all the fruit sugar off, but they’re also really good at pulling out the toxins from your teeth.

If you’ve got any brewing infections or if you’ve got any nasty viruses or things like that in your mouth that are lingering in there, the salt rinse is going to draw that out of your body, and that is going to be amazing for your general health.

Like I said, I’ve been having these tooth infections and my implant ongoing problems, and I’ve had surgery and I’ve been using salt rinses after every meal,and that has been really, really good for preventing infections.

Thankfully, I haven’t needed to take antibiotics and the dentist said it doesn’t look like the infection is still there, which is great.

These salt rinses are good.

What you do is you get a teaspoon of salt. Put it in a mug.

Fill it half full with boiling water, and then top it up, maybe another third of the mug with cold water so that it’s the kind off temperature that a mug of tea would be when it’s comfortable to drink.

It needs to be warmer than lukewarm, but not so much it’s going to scald your mouth, but it’s just a comfortable warm to hot temperature, and then just take a little bit in your mouth, swish, swish, swish.

Get another mug, an empty mug, and I go through so many mugs because I’ve been doing this so often, and then spit, and then swish, spit, swish, spit, until it’s all gone. That’s a really good strategy of protecting your teeth.

If you’re not in the … Obviously, you need two mugs and you need boiling water and the salt, so it’s good to be in the house to do that strategy, but I have modified this when I’ve been out of the house, so I have taken some kind of portable … It’s best to either use sea salt or pink Himalayan sea salt as well for this.

I have taken one of these or even a small container of salt out of the house with me.

What I do is I get a pinch of salt, a large pinch of salt, put it on my tongue, get my bottle of water, drink a … Not drink, but put a tiny little bit of water in my mouth, and then I swish, swish, swish, swish, swish.

If I can find somewhere to spit that out or take two bottles with you, take an empty bottle and a full bottle, and I’ve certainly done this in airports, and that has worked for me as well.

That’s a really, really quick way to do a salt rinse when you’re out and about.

They are the good strategies for cleaning that fruit sugar off your teeth.

Then finally, number five, my strategy for avoiding teeth problems when you’re drinking smoothies is don’t snack, and that means don’t use your smoothies as a snack.

Don’t eat, say, meal, smoothies, snack, meal, smoothie, snack, meal.

That is just a recipe for disaster when it comes to your teeth, because your teeth are being coated five or six times a day with sugar.

Some people snack all day long and they never stop eating.

Not only is that really bad for your digestion, but it’s really, really bad for your teeth as well.

What you want to do is make sure that you go on a diet … Go on a diet.

Not a funny diet, but change your long-term, lifelong food that you eat, your diet, to a healthy diet.

If you want a healthy diet, you can go to GreenThickies.com/leafsystem, and you can find one month of free meal plans there, and that’s my definition of a healthy diet.

Go on a healthy diet that fills you up so much.

It’s got adequate healthy protein, and also, adequate healthy good fats that keep your blood sugar level stable so that you need to snack.

That is so, so important. It’s so crucial.

Until I started doing that, I … When I was on a raw fruit diet, I was eating constantly.

This is really bad for your teeth, because your teeth have permanently been coated in fruit sugar, and you never feel full up and satisfied so you could keep going from one meal to another. Now, I’m a big believer in lots of healthy fats, healthy proteins at every meal, and some people even just need to eat, say, two times a day, and this has happened to me for a long time.

I only needed to eat twice a day for a very long time when I was eating like this because I was so full from one meal to another.

I just didn’t feel hungry, which is perfect.

You only need to do this whole rigmarole of cleaning your teeth, not with a brush but swishing and getting rid of the fruit sugar, twice a day rather than after every meal and every snack, which is, it’s crazy.

Yeah, so don’t snack, and this is another reason why my smoothies, my green smoothies are not snacks.

They are complete meals, because I don’t think it’s good to snack all day long.

This is what I drink when I wake up in the morning.

I drink, usually, it’s a bit bigger, the glass, and full of Green Thickies, and this keeps me going until lunchtime, and I don’t need to snack.

If you would like some of my delicious, sweet, complete meal smoothie recipes, then you can go to GreenThickies.com/9recipes.

The number 9, not the word nine.

You can go there, GreenThickies.com/9recipes, and there will be a link above or below this video that you can go and grab your free recipes and get started making this delicious, complete, meal drinks which are going to help you lose weight, fill you up, and they are also really, really good for your health.

That is my strategies for five ways to avoid teeth problems when you drink smoothies.

Just to recap, number one, use a straw, number two, drink them fairly quickly, not too quickly but the same, the time that you will take for a meal, be intentional about eating a meal, number three, don’t swish the smoothie around your mouth, number four, clean all the fruit sugar off your teeth not by brushing but by swishing with water by using a water flosser or by using salt rinse or all three, and number five, don’t snack.

I hope you found that helpful, and so that you or your children can continue drinking your lovely healthy green smoothies without worrying about any teeth problems.

I would love for you to follow me on YouTube or like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram. I’m on Snapchat now.

Green Thickies is onSnapchat, so you can follow me there and get your green smoothie freebie at GreenThickies.com/9recipes.

I will look forward to seeing you in the next video.

Take care.


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Healthy Meal Plans For Good Teeth Health

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