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The Actipatch The Natural Pain Relief That Actually Works

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The Actipatch The Natural Pain Relief That Actually Works

I am pretty lucky because I don’t get a lot of pain, and it’s a good job because I have a very low pain threshold so I go well out of my way to avoid it.

But none of us can avoid some kind of pain, and a couple of weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my neck and have been in a lot of pain since.

The pain didn’t seem to be going away so I bought myself an Actipatch which is a natural pain relief method.  

It is pretty unusual and I’ve never seen or used anything like this before but I was absolutely blown away by the results.

Watch my video and see for yourself…

Today I am talking about the ActiPatch which is a natural pain relief that actually works.

Now what is an ActiPatch?

Well, it provides long lasting pain relief, using electromagnetic pulse therapy.

I don’t usually suffer that much pain to be honest with you but I’ve had a lot of digestive pain in my life, but I haven’t really had a lot of joint pain and that kind of thing.

Now I ordered one of these because for the last say two weeks I have had a lot of pain in my neck and my shoulders.

One night I put my neck out, and the next day I couldn’t move neck, it was agonising to just turn my head from side to side.

I used my essential oils, and it did really reduced the pain a lot, but then there was this kind of long last pain that was there every single day.

I kept using my oils, and it wouldn’t get rid of this pain, and because I’ve been suffering fatigue lately this may, sometimes it gives you additional pain.

I also discovered what was causing the pain, and it was actually my bath; because I’ve been having relaxing Epsom salt baths.

Chilling out listening to meditation in the bath, but it’s put my neck at a really funny angle, because I sat there for like 20 to 30 minutes in the same place with my neck pressing against this hard bath, and I didn’t realise but that was what was causing all the pain in the neck.

I’ve now ordered a bath pillow, so I’ll let you know if that’s any good, but that’s what I’m going to do from now on.

I’ve had this pain in my neck, and my shoulders for the last two weeks, and it hasn’t gone away.

I have been eying up these ActiPatch’s for a while now because I have been interested in PEMF, post electromagnetic field therapy.

I’ve been looking at them for just general health and this one is specifically designed for pain. Which, I said I don’t usually get a lot of, so I didn’t buy it.

It’s a good thing to have around the house just in case because sometimes my husband suffers from back pain and things.

I thought, maybe I would have got one anyway, but seeing as I had this pain I thought I’m just going to buy one.

You can buy these on Amazon, and I bought one and I’ve got Prime on Amazon so I get next day delivery.

I was waiting for the parcel to arrive the next day, and thinking as I’m in this pain I really need this device, I can’t wait for it to come, so I can try it out and get rid of this pain.

I got a message from Amazon saying, “Your package has been delivered.” I thought no it hasn’t, you haven’t handed a parcel to me, I don’t where it is, asked my husband he hadn’t seen it.

We looked in the bins, couldn’t find it anywhere and then eventually he found it in our waspinator.

I’ll put a little photo of my waspinator at my front door here so you can see what a waspinator is.

Basically it’s that time of year when the wasps are trying to find a home and they’re trying to make a nest.

Last year we had lots of wasps in back garden and they made nest in our eaves at the back of the house.

We were seeing them all circulating trying to find a place to build a nest.

Then there was lots around the front door and there were little gaps in the brickwork and we could see wasps going in and out, and thought “oh no, they’re not going to build a nest right by our front door!”.

We needed to do something, so we bought these like waspinators, which are like fake nests and you put them up.

It just deters wasps from building a nest in that area because they think, “oh there’s an old dead nest we’re not going to build a nest right there because it’s already got a nest there”.

We put one in the front, one in the back, and believe it or not it actually works.

This is not a review for a waspinator, but I just want to let you know that if you’re having a problem with wasps, and they’re swarming around trying to build a nest, then this actual really does deter them.

We’ve got this waspinator at the front door, and the guy who delivered the parcel shoved the ActiPatch in my parcel inside the waspinator for some reason.

I don’t know he thought it was, whether he thought it was a postbox or what, but anyway that’s where it was.

I was over the moon, so last thing at night I quickly got out the ActiPatch and I gave it a try.

How does the ActiPatch work?

Now the ActiPatch is basically just a little bit of wire.

The circle is the active area and wherever you place that on your body, whatever’s in the circle will get ‘zapped’.

I don’t know whether that’s the right word, but you’ll get zapped by this pulse electromagnetic therapy and it will treat the area that’s inside the circle.

What you do is there’s a little switch at the back, you just push it on and hold it on for two seconds and then a green light comes on.

That means it’s on, and it’s just a battery operated device, and it lasts for 720 hours so that’s quite a long time.

Basically you just place it, and you can place it directly on your skin or you can actually place it over your clothes, wherever you’ve got the pain and it just heals that area of body.

They’re quite cheap; they actually don’t cost too much money so it does feel really affordable.

You can buy different ones for different parts of the body, but basically they all look the same.

They’ve all got this little circle bit and the only thing that’s different is how you strap them onto your skin.

I bought the back pain one, even though I didn’t have back pain, because I thought this strap would be the most useful because I can give it to my husband if he’s got back pain, or I can strap it around different parts of my body.

You just kind of strap it round your body and you put the ActiPatch underneath it and then that will keep it close to your body.

You can strap around your knee, or whatever part of the body you want.

You can also buy like surgical sticky tape and stick it onto your body, so I’ve actually ordered some of that so I can stick it onto my body.

I do actually have a long standing knee pain, it’s not too bad, I don’t usually notice it, but it’s certain actions that I take.

Like when I’m driving and I’m pushing down the clutch because we’ve all got manual cars here.

Pushing down the clutch and especially when you’re stuck in traffic, it can be really exhausting because you constantly pushing down your left foot all the time, up and down, up and down, moving it, driving a little bit further down the road.

I’m going to use it on my knee and I want to get this little sticky tape and stick it onto my knee and just have it there.

It says, basically you can just it wear it continuously all day long, that you can wear it for 24 hours or you can wear while you’re sleeping and it doesn’t interfere with anything at all.

It doesn’t interfere with medication or mobile phones or anything, and you can just wear it continuously until the pain goes.

That’s how you use it.

How does it work?

This is what it says on their website:

“The nervous system keeps sending a pain signal to the body even after an old injury is healed.”

Like that’s a prime example with my body.

I had an injury in my neck and even though I felt like it had healed, I still had this pain related to it there.

“ActiPatch sends an electromagnetic signal to the area and it releases the pain, so it just works on the nervous system.”

I’ve been learning lots about PEMF and devices recently for healing the body, and just general recovery, because I’ve been suffering from this chronic fatigue.

This is one of the things I was looking into, and a lot of these PEMF devices are very expensive.

The ones that you lay down on a mat are very, very expensive, like a 1,000 pounds, a 1,000 dollars, they kind of start at that price.

This is so affordable it’s, I think I paid about 17 pounds, I’m not sure how much they are in dollars maybe about 40 dollars something like that.

They are really, really cheap, you can buy them on Amazon and I’ll leave a link down here for you as well.

What are the benefits of these devices?

It is advertised for pain relief and that’s because they’ve done lots of clinical trials with people who have chronic pain.

Like people with fibromyalgia and arthritis, and all kinds of chronic pain and they’ve had very, very positive, very significant results with the trials that they’ve done.

It does actually reduce the pain for most of the people, and you can go onto Amazon and you see that most of the reviews are positive.

You’ll always get some people who will never respond to anything, so if most of the people, you know it works for them then to me that’s worth trying.

The benefits of this is that one it obviously reduces pain and it improves your general health.

Unlike things like TENS machines they just send a kind of electric shock that can be actually quite painful and it’s not pleasant, and you put these TENS machines on.

Sometimes they do work and they make you feel more relaxed and things, but I never really found any benefit from TENS machines.

They don’t really heal your body whereas the ActiPatch actually heals your body, because it sends a frequency into your body and it heals your body overall, improves your general health, and it’s supposedly improves your sleep and it also improves your energy as well.

What does it feel like when you put it on?

When you put it onto your body you literally cannot feel anything at all.

You really think this is not going to work because I don’t feel anything, any tingling, I don’t feel any pain, no pulsing, nothing.

It is actually doing it’s magic, it is actually pulsing and it’s sending a very low frequency into your body.

It is actually healing your body, so I tried it out and I’m always sceptical.

I mean I always like to go into things believing they’re going to work because I know that the power of mind can cause what they call a placebo effect.

Who cares if it’s a placebo effect then it works, so I always like to go into things kind of optimistic and believing that they’re going to work.

Who wants to waste their money and buy something that hasn’t worked?

I always expect for things to work, but at the same time I try lots of different things and some of them work, and some of them don’t.

In the back of my mind I’m always kind of thinking, well I’ll just see, I’ll just see if it actually works.

I was sat there, and I put it on that side of my shoulder and then the back of my neck.

I just sat there probably only about 5 minutes, and then I took it off, moved my neck around. And guess what, the pain was gone!

It was actually gone, and I just didn’t feel any stiffness, any soreness, no pain, it was all completely gone and I just could believe it.

I jumped straight up and went to tell my husband, and I said, “This is amazing.”

This was just a couple of days ago, and usually I wait for a couple of months to review something that works, but this it worked straight away.

Then last night I used it again, and I felt really good and I started to use it on my knee as well, although I haven’t tested my knee driving yet.

I don’t know if that’s healed yet.

But it did actually work very, very quickly for me.

I mean it might take longer, it might take days of wearing this if you’ve got really long lasting pain, but it definitely worked for me.

The other benefits that I have noticed in the last two days of just wearing this is that I did actually sleep better.

Usually I wake up at 4:00 am every single morning because here in Scotland it gets light at 4:00 am in the morning.

Despite all my blackout stuff that I’ve got going on the light still creeps in there and I wake up without fail.

Go into the bathroom and then that’s it, completely wide awake.

Sometimes I do manage to get back to sleep.

I did wake up, I think it was about 2 o’clock, it was still dark, got back to sleep again and woke up at 6:30.

It actually seemed to adjust my sleeping pattern.

Better yet I do actually feel a big increase in my energy.

Generally I’m feeling better, and better everyday but I do feel a really big shift in my energy since I put this on.

It might be a coincidence, who knows, but it definitely did get rid of my pain.

I just wanted to share that with you because they definitely are very, very affordable and they’re very natural.

They don’t cause any side effects whatsoever which I love about them, because sometimes you’d be taking pain killers.

I mean they’re doing damage to your body and then just actually make you worse, they cause more side effects but this doesn’t.

There are no side effects and it actually heals your body, so I’m going to wear this even though I don’t have any pain, because I just feel like it’s healing my body, so it’s amazing.

I love it!

If you would love to Like this video I would be so grateful.

And if you know anybody at all who has got pain, or if you think anybody could benefit from this, then please share this video.

I really want to get the word out into natural ways to heal the body and help us to have a better quality of life overall.

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I’ll put links to the ActiPatch underneath this and the freebie for getting on my email list.

Resources mentioned in today’s video:

EarthPulse v.5 Sleep On Command Pulsed Electromagnetic Sleep System (Newest Version!) PEMF Therapy Device

Essential Oils:

These are all the oils I initially used.  I adore these and use them for everything!

The Actipatch The Natural Pain Relief That Actually Works

The Actipatch The Natural Pain Relief That Actually Works

The Actipatch The Natural Pain Relief That Actually Works


Natural Healing Weight Loss Diet For Life: The Leaf System

The Actipatch The Natural Pain Relief That Actually Works

Pain is often caused by inflammation in the body.

I think one of the reasons I don’t get much pain in my body is because I follow an anti-inflammation diet which has an abundance of leafy greens and natural wholesome food.

The Leaf System is my unprocessed, gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, fast delicious weight loss system.

All of The Leaf System meals are calorie counted to ensure you lose weight while you shine from the outside in!

Many of our members tell us that their pain completely goes away while they are on this diet, like these ones!

The Actipatch The Natural Pain Relief That Actually Works

The Actipatch The Natural Pain Relief That Actually Works

The Actipatch The Natural Pain Relief That Actually Works

The Actipatch The Natural Pain Relief That Actually Works

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Please leave a comment below and let me know what natural solutions you’ve tried for pain?  Thanks so much!

Katherine xxx

Katherine Kyle @ Green Thickies

Founder at Green Thickies
Katherine lost 56 pounds and recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Green Thickies.
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