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Should We Avoid Restrictive Diets? Or Are They Actually Good For Us?

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Should We Avoid Restrictive Diets?  Or Are They Actually Good For Us?Have you ever seen those diets that tell you can eat a little bit of everything, that moderation is good for us, and that restricting our diets too much or eating faddy foods is never going to work in the long-term?

So should we be avoiding restrictive diets based on this reasoning?


Have you ever seen those diets that tell you can eat a little bit of everything, that moderation is good for us, and that restricting our diets too much or eating faddy foods is never going to work in the long-term?

We’ve all seen them and I have a really interesting take on this today.

I’m Katherine Kyle and after a lifetime of eating what I wanted, when I wanted, I became 56 pounds overweight, and seriously unwell.

After a lot of experimentation and research, I came across a solution that helped me to lose the weight and keep it off, and feel better than I’ve ever felt.

I now share this solution with thousands of people and they transform their health as I did.

So, the question is it ever healthy to restrict our diets?

By restrict, I mean to cut out entire food groups and eat in a more restricted way.

My answer might surprise you and I believe that yes, it is healthier to restrict entire food groups and eat more restricted food, but that doesn’t mean you need to feel restricted.

I restrict my diet but I feel free.

Free to be healthy and live the life that I want to live.

If what you’re doing which is eating a little bit of everything isn’t working for you, then you might be interested in restricting your diet a bit, too.

Let’s look a bit more into restriction.

What do you normally eat for breakfast?

Is it a pancake, toast, cereal, bagel, bacon, and how many years have you been eating this same breakfast?

Have you been eating the same breakfast for most of your adult life or even most of your entire life?

Because most people do this with breakfast.

They eat the same breakfast all the time, every single day?

And, is that not food restriction because they’re completely restricted to only that food.

If they’re eating cereal, they’re only getting that white flour, that refined sugar, and that skimmed milk and that is it.

They’re not getting anything else.

There’s no fruit.

There’s no veggies.

There are no nutrients in that whatsoever.

I don’t believe that entire food groups are generally healthy anymore, so if you class an entire food group as gluten, then no I don’t believe that is a healthy food group to have.

I don’t think that cutting out gluten out of your life…

I don’t think you are getting anything healthy from gluten whatsoever.

I think cutting out gluten you will only notice improvements.

The same with dairy, though there definitely are some nutrients in dairy, but the problem is we can’t absolve them because most of us are intolerant to dairy and we just don’t have the right enzymes when we’re an adult to digest milk anymore.

Not that we ever did have the right enzymes to digest another animal’s milk.

When we’re a baby, we ‘have the right enzymes to digest mother’s milk but that’s about it, so there’s nothing that’s in dairy that you can’t get in abundance in more easily absorbable ways from other food.

So, yes, I think you can cut out those complete food groups and be absolutely fine and actually be a lot better.

What about so-called faddy diets?

Now, this is one where I do kind of agree with the experts and they say that sticking to so-called faddy diets is not a long-term solution and I totally agree with that, but it depends on what your take is of a faddy diet, because to me, a faddy diet might be something like low-carb diet where you’re just eating something because it’s low-carb, not necessarily because it’s healthy.

That is my idea of a faddy diet, and I know I might have offended a few people, but I’m really not into low-carb diets, I’m afraid.

But, for those people who say green smoothies are a fad and that eating a green smoothie diet or replacing some of your meals with green smoothies like green thickies, is a faddy diet, then I would have to completely disagree with that.

I really do not think that green smoothies are a faddy diet because they are made up just of healthy foods, healthy real foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, just things that you would want to be eating every single day of your life.

You can completely change the fruits.

You can eat fruits that are in season.

Even though the green smoothie looks the same every single day, the content of the green smoothie has completely changed, so you’re not just eating the same food every day.

Yes, it’s a green smoothie, but it’s what that green smoothie is made up of that changes.

So, no, green smoothies and green thickies are definitely not faddy diets.

They are here to stay.

I have been drinking green thickies for 7 years now, and I don’t intend to stop because I just do not feel good when I stop drinking my green thickies because I don’t eat as much fruit and veg.

It’s just such an easy way for me to get that fruits and veg in.

So, if you believe that you do actually need some restriction in your diet in order to release your true health potential and be free from all the extra weight that you’re carrying around with you, then you’ll be wanting to join my free brand new challenge called Clean Eating in a Hurry.

Believe me, you won’t be feeling restricted at all especially when you feel as good as you are going to feel.

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Katherine Kyle @ Green Thickies

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Katherine lost 56 pounds and recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Green Thickies.
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