Best Weight Loss Shakes For Health Conscious People

Best weight loss shakes for health conscious people

Today I’m going to share a secret about weight loss shakes that you will want to know if you are a health conscious person…

A few weekends ago I went on a trip with my family to a lovely place called Linlithgow.  

The weather was surprisingly warm for this time of year and we managed to walk around the small loch next to Linlithgow Palace, where Mary, Queen of Scots was born.

I kept spotting blackberries all the way around and then I started picking them for my kids to eat. They adored them and kept asking for “more berries more berries mama”!

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Blackberry picking





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There is something strange that happens when kids see food growing outdoors.

It makes them want to eat it more.

Have you ever noticed that?

My daughter does love fruit generally, but my son isn’t a big fruit fan, and when I put berries on his plate, most of the time he leaves them.

It’s the same with my daughter and kale. When I put raw leafy greens on her plate she is disgusted.  

But when she gets the chance to pick kale from the garden, suddenly she loves it.

It was the same with the wild blackberries. My son couldn’t get enough of them.

Sometimes our bodies just know instinctively what is good for us.

If our eyes can see food growing outdoors then our brains register that this is good food for us to eat.

But when our food comes in a packet, our minds can be suspicious of it, and our bodies do not accept it as readily.

Packaged fruit is one thing, but what about fake food? That’s another thing.

When ‘food’ has been produced in a factory with artificial ingredients, this can have a dreadful effect on our bodies.

Not only does artificial food destroy our health, but it actually causes us to gain weight.

That is because our natural hunger signals are linked directly to nutrients.

When our bodies receive nutrients from fresh, natural produce such as fruit, vegetables, potatoes, rice, nuts and seeds it feels satisfied because it has received the nutrients it needs.

So the hunger signals are shut off.

But when our bodies eat highly processed artificial foods such as weight loss shakes, they don’t receive the nutrients from natural foods and the hunger signal is never turned off.

So you can end up being even more hungry after drinking a weight loss shake and actually end up gaining weight.

Best weight loss shakes for good health

So if we shouldn’t be drinking typical processed weight loss shakes, what can we have as an alternative to help us lose weight?

In my opinion, the best weight loss shakes for good health are shakes that you make at home from scratch.

Did you know you can easily make your own weight loss shakes in just 2 minutes?

I invented a weight loss shake called ‘The Green Thickie’ that you can easily make at home and actually keeps you full, improves your health and is designed for fat loss.  

Thousands of people have been drinking Green Thickies for years and successfully losing a lot of weight, and I would love for you to join them.

The Green Thickie is definitely the best weight loss shake because it contains real food that’s good for your body and WILL actually help you lose weight, and save you a fortune on the price of regular weight loss shakes.

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