Can You Make Smoothies In Advance? Or Do They Lose Too Many Nutrients?

Can You Make Smoothies In Advance? Or Do They Lose Too Many Nutrients?

Today’s topic leads us nicely on to the subject of perfectionism.  

I loved this comment that was left on my blog recently.

It contains some great questions that may help you when you are making your Green Thickies.

Hi, Katherine, I have a couple questions. Don’t you lose some of the nutrition by leaving it overnight? Especially if using the Vitamix that takes the fruit and veggies down to the “molecular level”. I want to get as much of the available nutrition as possible, so I drink mine right away.

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May I ask why you wait until the next day? Is there something I’m missing?

Also, I have tried making some of these green smoothies, I like the flavor, but I do have an issue.

I want to be able to make the meal replacement smoothies for weight loss, drinking one for breakfast and one for lunch. But the solids in the one I don’t drink right away tend to separate, making a very thick clump at the top of the bottle, leaving an almost clear liquid at the bottom.

I end up having to re-blend to make it palatable, otherwise I end up with a “green chunkie”, Any ideas for that? or have you experienced that with yours?

Thanks x

If you weren’t already aware, what I do is I make my batch of Green Thickies in the evening and store it in the fridge overnight so that it’s ready for me to drink the next day.  No excuses!

So because I do this a lot of people do ask about whether we lose nutrients by leaving our smoothies overnight.

So to answer this, I want to start by asking you a question:

If you didn’t have a Green Thickie for breakfast, what would you be eating instead?

What do you normally do?  

If you answered one of the following, pancakes, cereal, toast, energy bars, nothing, or other packaged or unhealthy snacks – then a Green Thickie is a million times healthier.  

And if making it the night before and having it in the fridge in the morning stops you from eating the food above then please carry on doing this.  

Plus – another benefit of leaving your Green Thickies overnight is that the ingredients are allowed to ‘soak’ which means harder to digest ingredients such as nuts or grains are broken down and can be more easily digested in the morning.

But if you answered that for breakfast, before you started making Green Thickies, you would blend a smoothie and drink it straight away, or make freshly squeezed juice and drink it straight away – then I would suggest you also blend your Green Thickie and drink it straight away.

It is true that your Green Thickies do have more nutrients the second they are finished blending.  And if you leave them overnight they will lose some of their nutrients.

But we’ve got to ask ourselves if we are striving for good health here or perfectionism?  

I’ve been there with the perfectionism when it comes to food and it’s no fun I’ve got to tell you.

So now I like to strike a balance between doing absolutely everything I can to eat the healthiest foods I can find, that take the shortest time to prepare so I can avoid eating food that is harmful for my health.  

There are two parts of good health.  One part is cutting out the junk.  Just by cutting out junk you will feel a million times better.  The other part of good health is increasing your nutrients.  And if you lose some of the nutrients by keeping your smoothie in the fridge overnight – it’s still a million times more beneficial than that nutrient-devoid piece of toast (or whatever you usually eat).

Let’s get this in perspective.

I am busy, you are probably busy.  

Let’s aim for good health by making life easier for ourselves.

What makes life easier for me is to know I have a nutrient dense meal that is not junk food waiting for me in the fridge when I’m hungry.  

That makes all the difference to my health and my weight.

That’s why I make my smoothies the night before.  It’s all about healthy habits that we can squeeze into our lives.

Moving on to the second part of this question about the Green Thickies separating.  I loved that this lady called the top of her smoothie a ‘Green Chunkie’ that made me laugh!

To be honest I rarely experience this.

I only tend to experience a separation when I use pineapple.  For some reason pineapple makes Green Thickies want to separate.  I usually find a little bit of liquid at the bottom of the jug.  I simply take out my smoothie and give it a little stir.  Or if I’m out and about, I give my smoothie bottle a little shake.

Problem solved.

I think this problem can occur more when you don’t use any of the Green Thickies Fillers or the natural protein.  Fillers keep the smoothies thick and blended together.  I always use fillers and very rarely do my Green Thickies ever separate so that might be something to think about.

Let me know if you have experienced your Green Thickie separating, and I can brainstorm with you to work out what the issue might be.  But generally when people follow the recipes to a T they don’t experience this.

I hope that’s motivated you to make your Green Thickies the night before, especially if you are too busy to sit down for a meal first thing in the morning.

And if you’d like to take your health to a new level, you might like to join the FREE 7 Day Lean Green Smoothie Challenge and drop a dress size this week.

Have a healthy day


Katherine ‘healthy but not perfect’ Kyle


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