How Can You Tell When You’re Truly Hungry?

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How can you tell when you're truly hungry (Most people don't know this)Today, I am answering the question, how can you tell if you’re actually hungry?

Have you ever stopped to notice that sometimes or all the time, you’re just eating because it’s time to eat or you’re bored or you need to be entertained or you just happen to see food or you’ve got cravings?

And how many of the reasons that you’re eating to do with the fact that you’re actually hungry?

What does true hunger actually feel like?  

I think we’ve all lost sight of what it feels to truly be hungry and some of us don’t even know what true hunger feels like anymore.

This is SO important if you’re trying to lose weight because if you eat when you’re not hungry – you’re bound to gain weight.

I reveal all in today’s video. Watch the video below:


Hi, Katherine Kyle here from

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Today, I am answering the question, how can you tell if you’re actually hungry?

Have you ever stopped to notice that sometimes or all the time, you’re just eating because it’s time to eat or you’re bored or you need to entertain or you’re with people or you just happen to see food or you’ve got cravings?

And how many of the reasons that you’re actually eating to do with the fact that you’re actually hungry?

So many people never ever know what true hunger really, really feels like.

You might feel hungry if you wake up in the morning but some people don’t, some people just get out of bed and eat because it’s breakfast time and they don’t actually feel hungry.

So if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s really important to wait until you’re actually hungry to eat because if you’re eating when you’re not hungry, then it’s sending your body completely the wrong signals and it’s just making your stomach get bigger and bigger and bigger and then you’ll feel more and more hungry most of the time and you’ll just end up eating far too much all the time.

What does true hunger actually feel like?

Well, it feels like a bit of an ache in the back of your chest and I know this is a really funny place to feel hunger, like you would have thought it would be in your stomach but it’s actually, it’s really, really subtle and it’s not unless you really, really observing your body and listening to your body that you’ll even notice this because it does start off a very, very full ache in the back of your chest and it gets a bit stronger and a bit stronger and it’s gradually get stronger and stronger.

It doesn’t just start immediately as soon as you see a cookie.

That’s not actually hunger.

That’s a craving.

It’s completely different.

A lot of bodily symptoms are not actually hunger at all.

They’re actually detox symptoms, believe it or not, because I used to think that I was hungry all the time and I was watching my weight go up and up and up and I piled on five dress sizes and I just felt hungry all the time.

I had low blood sugar all the time.

I would wake up in the morning and I had to immediately eat because I was so hungry that I felt like I was going to faint unless I got calories in my body, unless I got food in my body.

But what I thought was hunger at the time, it wasn’t actually hunger.

It was actually detox symptoms.

My body was detoxing from the previous junk food that I’d eaten and things like refined sugar, refined carbs, anything that’s made in a packet, processed in a factory that’s not whole food, your body will need to detox from that food so they cause things like low blood sugar and that’s actually your body detoxing from the junk food that you just ate.

I used to get agonising stomach aches.

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I used to feel sick.

Sometimes I actually collapse because my blood sugar levels was so low and that was really scary and it wasn’t until I cut all these foods out of my diet that I realised that it wasn’t even hunger at all.

Now that I eat clean, healthy foods, I’ve realised that hunger is actually very subtle and it comes in waves as well.

Even when you think it’s going to get bearable, it never does because when you’re eating clean, healthy foods, you can wait.

Your body learns to adapt to that clean, healthy food and it can just wait a little bit longer.

So that’s why it’s much, much easier to lose weight when you’re eating clean, healthy food because you’re not getting all these crazy signs that your body is telling you to eat quick, quick eat all these cookies and eat all these fries and whatever it is that you’re surrounded by because you’re not getting these intense cravings or these intense pains or these intense sickness or whatever it is that your body is telling you.

That’s why I would really, really like to encourage you to even just try one day of clean eating and see how your body feels the next day when you wake up.

I think you’ll be surprised that you’re not having those intense cravings and you’re not getting that intense pain or sickness or whatever it is that you were feeling because your body will very, very quickly work out that it doesn’t need to detox quite as much because you’ve been eating all these healthy food just for one day.

I would love to encourage you to get started eating clean food.

You might be wondering exactly what is clean food and how do I find it and how much to eat and when should I eat and all these kind of stuff, all these questions you might be having.

This is why I have developed a whole range of meal plans and I would like to give you a set of meal plans this month completely free and it’s called the Leaf System.

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It’s not like an unlimited eat as much as you want because sometimes these kind of diets can be unhelpful because it doesn’t train your body to eat just what it needs.

This is why we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to.

I would love to invite you to come and give it a try for a week and let me know in the dedicated Facebook group exactly how you felt after that week.

If you click on the link or if you go to, then you can get started there and you can see everybody else’s amazing stories on there and transformationals because it is pretty impressive.

I hope that motivates you to get started on the path of clean eating and you will truly learn what hunger actually feels like and it is not as bad as you think.

Take care.


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