Can You Treat Yourself On A Diet?

How To Treat Yourself And Continue To Lose Weight On A DietThere was a period of time over the summer where we spent every single weekend going to children’s parties.

This went on for months.

All of the kids in the nursery seemed to have birthdays over the summer, one after another, and our kids got invited to all of them.

Of course our kids loved it.  

The best party we went to, we all got to hold animals such as snakes, lizards, and spiders.

44 kids partiesBut for most of the parties, the main thing on my mind was all the refined sugar, the e numbers and all kinds of other nasties that they were eating.  

I was always in two minds. On one hand I was thinking, noooooo please don’t eat that stuff.  And on the other hand I was thinking, it’s not happening for every meal.  Every child needs an occasional treat.  

And I do agree, that all children need a treat. But what that treat consists of is another matter. I don’t want to deprive them of having cakes and sweeties. But I’d much rather they had healthier versions of those foods if they are going to eat them.

I feel the same way about myself. I need the occasional treat too.

What about you?

How often do you treat yourself?  

Do you feel deprived on a diet without a regular treat?

I know I do.

Which is why I built weekend treats into The Leaf System meal plans.

On Saturday and Sunday, the calories of the meals are reduced on purpose so that you can either replace one of the meals with a treat meal, or you can eat the smaller meals and add in your own treat of around 250 calories.

Because I don’t want you to feel deprived as this is a long term meal plan.  

It’s a forever eating plan, and that means focusing on healthy clean food most of the time, but never depriving ourselves so we can stick to this way of eating in the long term.

The Leaf System is my weight loss system where you get monthly calorie counted healthy meal plans based on green smoothies for breakfast and an abundance of delicious meals made from real food.  

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The leaf system on a phoneKatherine Kyle

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