How Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Helps You Sleep Deeply All Night

How Apple Cider Vinegar Helps You Sleep Deeply All Night. I put this simple recipe to the test and it worked so well I now don’t go a day without taking this before bed.

13 BEST Resistance Band Workouts: Home Exercise Videos

Here are 13 of the best resistance band workouts that you can do anywhere to help sculpt the perfect body. Number 3 is the most effective because…

5 Months On The Keto Diet: My Final Thoughts

I do love to test different diets…Especially when they promise fast healing from health problems. So I decided to give the ketogenic diet a good 5 months of testing to see if it was going to work for me. So what did I think? Did I lose weight? Did I heal? Did I enjoy the food? Did I find it easy? Why are most people doing keto diets the unhealthy way?
Find out my thoughts on the ketogenic diet in this video where I reveal exactly what I thought of this new trendy diet.

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes

I’ve put together a delicious collection of my 10 best raw dehydrator recipes for you so you can get stuck into dehydrating. I adore dehydrating. It saves me time, money, makes recipes easier, makes my food digest easier, makes portable meals, makes food last longer and I can make yummy treats such as kale chips!

I Went For A Colonic! And THIS is what I found out!

I went for a colonic! And THIS is what I found out! Find out what a colonic is, why I needed to go for a colonic, what happened, what I found out, what I felt like afterwards and if I’d ever do it again!