10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes

I had a dehydrator on my to do list for SUCH a long time.

But I never had the space for one.  So when we moved into a bigger house, it was one of the first things that I bought and I just adore it.

So why on earth should we dehydrate our food?

There are SO many great reasons.  Here are 8 very good reasons for dehydrating your food:

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  1. Preserves food so it lasts longer
  2. Great for your health because it retains the original vitamins, minerals, and enzymes much better than any other type of food preserving.
  3. You can keep food for a long time without using nasty chemicals or preservatives
  4. Saves money because you can buy food in bulk or during a sale and deydrate a batch of food so it lasts for months
  5. Allows you to make healthy homemade treats such as yummy kale chips!
  6. Enables you to make your food more portable, so you can travel with your food without it going bad
  7. Reduces waste because you can dehydrate your food before it goes bad
  8. Helps you cope in a food crisis – if for some reason you are without power or the ability to get to the store – you’ll still have a lot of food in your home to eat

My current favourite thing to do with my dehydrator is to soak a large batch of nuts, and then dehydrate them.  Soaking your nuts releases the phytic acid and makes them much more digestible.  Sometimes I forget to soak a small batch for a recipe – but if they are already soaked and dehydrated, I don’t need to worry about soaking them.  

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes

#1 Raw Vegan Bread (Soft and Spongy!) 

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes
This raw vegan bread recipe resembles bread so much that you will never miss cooked bread ever again.
It is extremely nutritious: it includes both omega 3 fats (from the chia seeds), cruciferous vegetables (the cauliflower), and plant-based protein. A complete package.

#2 Simple Hearty Flax Crackers

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes
This recipe is super easy, what it comes down to is throwing everything into a bowl, placing it on a baking tray and removing all the moisture to create crisp and hearty crackers. These can even be made raw by adding them in the dehydrator for a couple of hours, until they’re completely dry.

#3 Raw Kale Chips 

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes
Kale chips give you that satisfying crunch. This raw kale chip recipe requires a dehydrator.

#4 Cheezy Almond Kale Crackers 

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes
Raw crackers are tasty and nutritious. Best of all, just a few quickly satisfy that craving and are so filling I never over-eat them. I also know that I am getting great nutrients, not just empty calories when I eat them.

#5 Rosemary Almond Crackers

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes
These little almond crackers have a hit of garlic and rosemary. You will love the texture and the taste.

#6 Broccoli Flatbread

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes
There’s nothing really to say about this raw, vegan flatbread except that you have got to make it! The goodness of broccoli teamed up with parsley, a handful of kale, parsnip, peanuts, sunflower seeds and a bit of flax meal. It’s a tasty bread recipe to use for sandwiches or great snack as a crackers.

#7 Raw Zucchini Chips 

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes
Zucchini chips are an awesome/tasty alternative to convention chips, which have few nutrients and are laden with fat and salt. Not only that, but before I was raw, I always overlooked zucchini as a “buy and make it in bulk” vegetable. But, when zucchini is plentiful, this is the perfect recipe to use them up.
~Lisa, RAW ON $10 A DAY (OR LESS)

#8 Raw Paleo Crackers 

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes
The base is made from walnuts so they have a very savory flavor. The healthy fat in the walnuts gives them a great rich texture and flavor. You can make these in your oven if you don’t have a dehydrator, just bake them at the lowest heat offered until golden brown and toasty.

#9 Raw Fusion Bars 

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes
Dates, fresh fruit, and 4 types of seeds blended together and dehydrated to perfection into chewy, crunchy bars. Three flavor variations, one that contains nuts. Which one will be your favorite?

#10 Raw Avocado and Golden Flax Crackers

10 Best Raw Dehydrator Recipes

Which recipe are you going to try next?  
Leave me a comment and let me know.

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