Why A Diet Detox Is Not Enough! Cleanse Book Review

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Why A Diet Detox Is Not Enough! Cleanse Book Review

I recently had a revelation I just HAD to share with you…

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself at the start of this year having chronic fatigue again and comparing myself to other people with junk food diets.

None of them were flat on their backs sick and they ate what they wanted!

I led the healthiest lifestyle out of anyone I knew by far, but yet I appeared to be the sickest…

So what’s really going on here?

It’s only when I read Faith Canter’s book ‘Cleanse’ that I realised I’d only been focusing on half of the equation when it came to good health.

I’d perfected the diet, the non toxic lifestyle, the supplements etc.

But what I hadn’t yet got to grips with was how to detox my mind and my soul.

The mind is so powerful when it comes to getting well and I’d really only scratched the surface with it.

Watch my video to find out what I learned…

Today I am doing a book review and it is called Cleanse by Faith Cantor, The Holistic Detox Programme For Mind, Body, And Soul.

This book is written by Faith Cantor, and she’s actually a friend of mine. She used to live locally to me, which is how I met her in person.

She’s one of these people who is just so inspiring that she just kind of radiates people to her, because you just kind of know that she’s been through it, and she’s talking very genuinely from place of love and really wanting to help people.

Even though she’s moved away from the area now, in fact she’s travelling all over the world and currently in Portugal at the moment, I just still follow her on social media, which is very rare for me because I don’t really follow very many people on social media.

I actually login specifically to see not only what she’s up to, because not only does she post really beautiful photos of all the lovely places that she’s in at the moment, but she also posts almost daily YouTube videos.

And I have been really watching almost all of these videos, because they have made such an impact on my life.

I don’t know whether you know but at the beginning of this year I had chronic fatigue syndrome, and Faith Cantor also had chronic fatigue syndrome, and she recovered from it. Now she helps people with their lifestyle.

When I was feeling really sick with chronic fatigue syndrome, kind of trying everything… first of all I changed my diet.

And a lot of the time I’ve kind of addressed my health issues from a point of what am I doing physically?

What does my lifestyle look like?

Am I eating healthy?

Am I doing exercise?

Am I getting fresh air?

All the kind of physical, healthy stuff that you can do.

When I got sick, I was already doing those things I’ve been learning for years, and years, and years.

So I was really kind of baffled as to why I was sick again, because I was the healthiest person I knew on paper.

You know I was doing everything right, I thought, “Everybody I know is eating junk food, and they’re up and about, living their lives happily and normally. Here’s me, eating all this really healthy food, flat on my back sick!” And I thought, “What on earth is going on?”

I started watching Faith Cantor’s YouTube videos, and she talks a lot about the emotional and the spiritual side of health, which really, really fascinates me.

She talks about loving yourself, accepting yourself, connecting on a spiritual level, and all these kind of things that are so, so critical.

In fact, I would actually go so far as to say, that they’re more important than the diet and everything, because if your mind is in the wrong place, it doesn’t matter what you’re eating, you’re not not going to feel benefits of that healthy food.

She covers everything really, and before I read her book I thought that it was going to be a normal book on detoxing, and cleansing, maybe down to diet, which I’ve kind of read every book under the sun about different kinds of diets and things.

This book really takes it in another direction.

It does talk about diet, but it also talks about the mind stuff, the spiritual stuff, and how to use meditation, and things like EFT, to really reprogram your mind, and to get in a place of acceptance, and love for yourself.

That is absolutely critical to recovering your health and to do things like losing weight.

It’s critical for absolutely everything!

You’ll always be stuck in a place that you don’t want to be in if you don’t accept yourself, and love yourself.

I learned so much from this book, it’s unbelievable.

I started following her advice and watching her YouTube channels, and then I had a coaching session with her on Skype.

I was actually blown away by the strategies that she suggested.

They seemed simple, and sometimes they are things that you’ve heard.

Some of the things are things you’ve heard before, and some of the things you haven’t heard before, but the way she encourages you to do them, and motivate you, and gives you kind of, you know results that other clients have had, that she’s had… It really does motivate you to know exactly what to hone in on, and which kind of practises to start in your life.

At the point where we messaged, I was still having a lot of insomnia, and especially at certain times of the month, depending on my cycle, I would always have insomnia, and it might be every other day.

I just couldn’t work out why I had my whole evening dedicated to a sleeping routine, and I was still getting insomnia.

It was kind of driving me crazy, because with anybody with insomnia, you know that you don’t even want to commit yourself to normal things, because you might be exhausted that day.

So it was really getting in the way of me leading a normal, happy, healthy life. Even though I’ve recovered from chronic fatigue, I was still suffering with some health problems.

There was a strategy that she recommended to me that I’ve tried and dismissed before, and I thought I’m gonna keep going with it.

In fact it happened straight away, that I kind of gave a little time to see if it seemed to be consistently working. But even after a few weeks of doing this strategy that she suggested, I am now sleeping seven to eight, it depends on how long I actually give myself, but seven to eight hours of almost unbroken sleep at night. But since I’ve got an overactive bladder, I usually get up once.

There has been a couple of occasions where I’ve just slept through the whole night, which is completely unheard of for me.

Somebody with an overactive bladder knows that it’s very, very, unusual not to get up in the middle of the night, so I have been having the best rest and I’ve been feeling so much better as a result.

Because a lot of our energy, our willpower, our determination and our health is down to having a good night’s sleep, so that was a complete game changer for me.

I got so much benefit out of that one coaching call with her.

So I just wanted to encourage you to go on to buy Faith Cantor’s book on Amazon, and you can check out her YouTube channel, Faith Cantor, and have a look at all of her videos. They’re absolutely amazing, and there will be something for everybody in these videos.

Just scroll through them, and you’ll see something that will resonate with you straight away. I promise with you.

I think it really will change your life watching her videos.

If you need some health coaching, I truly recommend her as a health coach. I think she is wonderful.

If you are enjoying my daily video, then you can subscribe to GreenThickies YouTube channel for more, and I would love for you to like, comment, and share this video.

Have a great day.

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If you’ve never done a cleanse for the entire body, diet, toxins, mind, soul, emotions, mood and so much more, you are going to be blown away by how different you feel after applying the step by step principals in this book.  It really will change your life!

Click here to get your copy.

Why A Diet Detox Is Not Enough! Cleanse Book Review

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