Does red wine help you lose weight? Too good to be true?

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Does red wine help you lose weight? Too good to be true?Can this be true? Can red wine actually be good for you and help you lose weight?

The answer is yes! In moderation.

Like most things, over indulging can lead to overconsumption of calories and in this case alcohol.

Alcohol in small quantities can help you to relax, improve mood and sex drive.

Too much alcohol can harm your liver and kidneys and bladder. So drink up but keep it to 1-2 glasses a day!

Does red wine help you lose weight?

Red wine contains Resveratrol. A polyphenol found in some fruits including grapes.

Resveratrol is one of the polyphenols that has been shown to help burn fat by turning white fat into brown fat, the fat cells that burn energy and produce heat. This is important not only for weight loss but over-all health.

White fat is stored by our bodies  and causes us to gain weight. It also holds toxins. Once converted to brown fat it helps us to lose weight.

All polyphenols found in fruits and veggies are important for nutrition and can help with this process but resveratrol is the main polyphenol found in wine.

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Drinking a glass or two of wine in the evening can also help to curb those late night cravings for sweet treats.

Instead of reaching for that after dinner or late night dessert try a glass of wine.

Red wine for health

The benefits of drinking red wine are pretty well documented.

The nutrients found in red wine are known for  increasing levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and protecting against artery damage.

This is good news for your heart!

Are there better alternatives than wine for weight loss and health?

Science shows that fruits such as grapes, raspberries,strawberries and apples all contain more polyphenols and specifically resveratrol that wine.

This means that consuming these fruits is and even better idea than drinking wine.

This is great news for those that can’t or don’t want to consume alcohol.  

Do I recommend red wine for weight loss?

Personally, I like a glass of wine a few times a week.

I also like to make smoothies with grapes, raspberries and strawberries.

I would definitely incorporate these fruits into your diet for weight loss whether it’s in the form of wine, eaten by themselves or incorporated into smoothies or other recipes or all of the above.

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Does red wine help you lose weight? Too good to be true?


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