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How Food Can Make You More Open Minded And Spiritual

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How Food Can Make You More Open Minded And Spiritual

Every time I go on a very healthy diet and stick to it strictly I notice something very interesting….

I start getting more spiritual for some reason!

I really believe that the food we eat can help to either open our minds or close our minds, and I just wanted to share my thoughts about this in this video.

Today I want to talk about something a little bit woo, woo, and out there.

I have noticed something very interesting that food can actually open up your mind and make you more spiritual, believe it or not.

I would say that all my life I was not a very spiritual person at all.

I did not like anything weird and wonderful, and woo, woo and out there.

You know even really religious, some times I did become religious when I was a young adult and I struggled with the kind of spiritual side of it.    

Then I changed my diet.

I went on a raw food diet and my body went through a massive detox.

Something very strange happened at that point, like I just, it was like my mind just completely opened up.

It completely blew my mind, I used to be very kind of shallow and I just used to think about the here and now.

I’ve got my little routine, I do this, then I do that, and I do this, I do, do, do, do, do all day long and I don’t really think.

Then I think that what happens when you eat food that’s in a package it’s processed, it’s got chemicals in.   

It literally brings your vibration down in your body and your mind just can’t comprehend the things that it should be able to work out.

I think we are being dumbed down by this packaged, processed food, and we’re not allowed to really explore alternative ways of thinking about things.

Doing things that explore big questions in life, like why are we really here?

What will happen after I die?

Who is God and how do I connect with God?

All these big questions that most people shy away from and they don’t really like to think about.   

I think a lot of the time that diet can even stop you from answering these kind of questions.

On this raw food diet, it was almost like somebody lifted the lid from my brain and all of a sudden I was thinking outside of the world.

I was just thinking about God and spiritual natures and I just felt so free, and so connected to God it’s just so hard to explain.

I just felt amazing and I can totally understand why people stay on a 100% raw food diet because it does give you this amazing feeling.    

This kind of, just sends your brain into a whole new level basically.

Then when I went off that diet and I started eating normal food again, cooked food and stuff then I stopped thinking like this.

I completely stopped caring about spiritual natures and anything out of the box, anything out of the ordinary I stopped caring about completely.

How Food Can Make You More Open Minded And Spiritual

Then recently I have, I mean I have been on a healthy diet and this is the difference between these …

It’s a difference between going on a very extreme diet for a long period of time, that’s what I’ve noticed.   

When I say, “extreme” what I mean is it’s just very strict, so the raw food diet, it’s gluten free, it’s dairy free, it’s got an abundance of nutrients in it coming from the fruit and vegetables.

It’s got literally nothing that’s going to bring down the vibration of your body.

I have been on a healthy diet for the last two years.

Most of the time, I’d say 80% of the time, and there’s this thing going around, a lot of people think be healthy 80% of the time, and just indulged in treats 20% of the time.

I feel if you want to get the biggest benefit out of life and really see what you’re capable of.

Not just your body, but your mind as well, and really open up your mind.

I think for a while it’s good to go 100% strict about a diet and really, really give it a go for at least few months, maybe three to six months.

Yes, I suggest sticking to a 100% really, really clean diet for at least three to six months to give yourself a chance to really experience the world through different eyes.

Because it honestly, honestly does make a difference.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I don’t know maybe a couple of months ago now.   

Before that I had been on a kind of, you know I had to have healthy week, mainly healthy weekend as well.

But I would eat some kind of treat meals, like I would go out and I’d have a burger with a bun.

Or I would order a pizza in the house, and I know for a fact that I’m intolerant to dairy, and also I didn’t know about gluten but I suspected it wasn’t doing me any good.

It doesn’t really do anybody any good.

I was eating dairy and gluten every single weekend and this stuff literally clogs up your body.

It clogs up your brain and you can’t think straight.   

Your body can’t perform optimally, so when I got diagnosed with celiac disease, of course, I went on a very strict diet, so not only did I give up gluten, I gave up dairy, I’ve given up processed foods, packaged foods, no refined sugars, no chemicals…

Everything I eat is completely from scratch healthy, completely full of nutrients.

I eat a lot of raw food, I’m not on a 100% raw food diet because I don’t think you can get … I think there’s maybe too much natural sugars in it and I think there are other things that you need to get from animal products as well.   

Everybody’s got a different opinion, so I do eat some animal products but not very many.

I do eat mainly raw, a lot of raw food, I eat loads of leafy greens, loads of avocados, coconuts etc. and that kind of thing.

And I have noticed the same thing happening again.

Like suddenly, I am interested in spiritual things, I’m interested in the power of the subconscious mind.

If you check out my last video then you will see I posted … how you can completely shape your entire life with your power of your subconscious mind.   

All these kind of woo-woo type things, like I’ve even started learning about crystals, and I don’t know so many things that I have started to learn about now.

It is just blowing my mind, I’m just so fascinated by all this stuff.

Before that I just really wasn’t interested at all. I kind of learned about business, and technical stuff, and how to grow my business in a way, and some health stuff.

A lot about nutrients and food and things, but spiritual stuff no I wasn’t interested in at all and I just think it’s really interesting how when you change your diet all of a sudden you become interested in these things.   

Like I said it’s got be strict for a while, you’ve got to give your body a chance to detox.

Get all the junk out so you can really clear your mind and start thinking on a whole new level.

You might completely disagree with me and you think this is all a pile of junk, but if you have experienced this for yourself then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

I would love to hear your comments whether you agree or disagree underneath this video, and if you want to help more people to open up their minds and improve their life, improve their health then I would love for you to like this video and share this video with them and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I’m posting two or three of these kind of videos every week and if you want to get the exact diet that I’ve been following exactly then you can go to this link 

If you stick to this diet exactly, it’s got a lot of raw food in there and you will experience the same kind of detox and opening up of your mind, if you stick to it for long enough and give your body a chance.

I would love to hear how that has gone for you.

I’ve just had a testimonial the other week that says, “It is day one I literally feel the brain fog has lifted from me.”    

This is what happens even on day one you can feel that these kind of layers that have been holding you back in your brain they do actually lift away from you.

Which, is pretty amazing.

Go to this link and you can actually get started completely free.

You can get the whole month of meal plans completely free and all bonuses, and a special this month.

I can’t wait to see you over there and see in the Facebook group of leaf system.

Resources mentioned in today’s video:

This is the raw food diet that I followed the first time and although this is good for a short detox, I wouldn’t recommend it as a permanent way to eat:

This book really got me to stop future gazing all the time and start to actually enjoy my life by focusing on what is right in front of me right here right now.

This book will really open your mind to your own power and potential that you are not utilizing in your own life.

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How Food Can Make You More Open Minded and Spiritual

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Please leave a comment below and let me know what your experiences have been when you go on a strict natural diet?  Thanks so much!

Katherine xxx

Katherine Kyle @ Green Thickies

Founder at Green Thickies
Katherine lost 56 pounds and recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Green Thickies.
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  1. this is an eye opener. i will be more serious on the kind of food i eat. thank you for this info

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