How To Get Green Smoothies To Taste Nice (Seriously Your Tastebuds Are Going To Thank You)

How to get green smoothies to taste nice (Blog Post)





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How do you get green smoothies to taste nice?

A lot of people are really reluctant to make green smoothies because they think that they’re going to taste disgusting because let’s face it – they kind of look disgusting.

But once you taste my smoothies you will associate the colour of green with delicious dessert!


Hi. My name is Katherine Kyle from, and today, I’m going to be answering the question,

“How do you make green smoothies to taste nice?”

Because a lot of people are really reluctant to make green smoothies because they think that they’re going to taste disgusting because they kind of look disgusting.

A lot of people don’t like green, sloppy food and I can totally understand that because a lot of green food just isn’t so appealing to our taste buds these days and you could be forgiven for thinking that the green smoothie has to be all these green vegetables and it’s just going to taste like a big disgusting raw vegetable soupy kind of smoothie, and some people do make their green smoothies like that but I don’t, and I am going to share with you exactly how to make your green smoothies taste so delicious, you are going to be waking up and longing to have your first green smoothie of the day.

This is what you do.

You need to make sure that there is fruit in your green smoothie and that there’s equal amounts of fruit and leafy greens.

What do I mean by equal amounts?

I mean that you need to have, for each cup of fruit that you include in your smoothie, you need to have a cup of leafy greens.

Don’t have too much leafy greens.

Don’t have two cups of leafy greens and only one cup of fruit.

Have either one or you can have more cups of fruit, one to two cups of fruit in your smoothie and only one cup of leafy greens.

That’s tip number one.

Tip number two for getting your green smoothies to taste delicious is use leafy greens that are mild to the taste.

The leafy greens that are mild are spinach, chard and sometimes kale.

Sometimes, kale can be a bit strong so if you’ve never had a green smoothie before, I would recommend that you start with spinach, because most people can get hold of spinach.

You can find it in most places, fresh or frozen, it doesn’t matter, but spinach is actually, it is actually quite mild tasting.

When you eat it in a salad, you don’t think it’s going to be mild tasting because you associate it with a savoury salad and it’s quite hard to chew all these leafy greens, but when you put it in a smoothie and you’ve got some delicious sweet fruit, then it does actually completely cancel out the taste, so your smoothie is going to taste exactly like the fruit that you put in and you can water it down with some liquids as well.

That’s just simple green smoothie.

What I did is I took it to the next level in terms of taste, because I don’t know about you but our taste buds get a bit warped with refined sugar and especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, and sometimes fruit just doesn’t taste quite sweet enough and it depends on the type of fruit but especially fruit like berries can be quite bitter, sour or apples, sometimes you think, Well, they’re not really that sweet.

They’re a little bit sweet but not really sweet so you wouldn’t really look forward to eating an apple, so you could just make a smoothie with a couple of chopped apples and a cup of spinach, it would just taste of apple and you’re going around, Just an apple. It’s just apple tasting smoothie.

It’s nothing really special.

What I did was I made hundreds and hundreds of really special smoothies, so these smoothies are called Green Thickies and most of them taste exactly like dessert because I thought what was going to motivate me to wake up in the morning and eat something healthy, and it was going to be something that tasted absolutely delicious.

That is why I made all my smoothies taste completely like dessert, and if you don’t believe me, you should try them for yourself because they seriously are good.

That is the final tip is to make them taste even better than fruit and this is make them taste like dessert, and to do that, I’ve got six ingredients that I have in my Green Thickies.

I would love to share a week’s worth of recipes with you for free and not just breakfast but also lunch and dinner, so you can make my Green Thickies.

You can also make the lunches and the dinners.

You can lose weight and you are going to notice your energy soaring.

You are going to feel amazing and your weight is going to start dropping, and this is a diet you can sustain for the rest of your life because it’s so healthy, and this particular diet is called the Leaf System and this is my meal planning system and I would love for you to join me for free.

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Just let me know in there if you’ve got any questions.

Take care.


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